[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* There are two things I have accepted about ''Series/GossipGirl''. One: the overall writing on this show has gradually gotten from bad to worse over time. However, this show's rampant [[ShoutOut shout outs]] to its actors (e.g. references to Ed Westwick's neck and, um, ''[[BiggusDickus focus]],'' [[RomanceOnTheSet Romances on the Set]], etc.), fashionistas like Carla Bruni and labels such as Bottega Veneta go over the heads of at least the fans I see on Tumblr trying to make "picspams" of scenes from the show. So while the scripts themselves are truly ridiculous, some of the individual lines from the show are actually quite clever. Two: as I have noticed in [[http://jezebel.com/5541707/gossip-girl-is-very-confused-about-sex this article from Jezebel]] (as well as other places on the internet), people try to give feminist criticism about the show... but then again, this show (let alone the book series it was based off of) was not created for a feminist audience in the first place.--{{Tropers/heartnibbler}}
** I found [[SoapBoxSadie Vanessa]] to be one of the most sympathetic and relatable characters on ''Series/GossipGirl'' by far, specifically ''because'' she is so different from the petty, [[BeautyIsBad vain]], [[TheFashionista shallow]], [[RichBitch materialistic]], {{manipulative|Bastard}}, AlphaBitch [[VillainProtagonist villainous protagonist]] Blair Waldorf. I was surprised to learn that the bulk of the audience considers Vanessa to be TheScrappy... until I realized that the target audience for the show is ''girls who want to be like Blair''. -{{Tropers/ShaenTheBrain}}
*** For me, the fridge brilliance occurred when I realised that the reason why the vast majority of viewers loathe Vanessa is that she's ''very much like'' Blair in many ways. She's very shallow (has almost no money and spends it on designer clothes), a chronic backstabber, manipulates people all the time, extremely prejudiced (she hates the UES kids simply for having money, never bothering to get to know them before she passes judgment), and generally just screws people over every chance she gets. And unlike Blair she doesn't have nearly enough heart or charm to make up for it. What she does do however is constantly get up on her high horse and preach how Blair and the rest are morally corrupted for doing the exact same things Vanessa herself does on a regular basis. - Pingvin.
* Possibly unintentional, but Blair's favourite movie is Breakfast At Tiffany's and she wants to be like Holly Golightly. Blair's also (in the beginning) desperate to get the all-important Vanderbilt ring from her boyfriend as a sign of commitment, since he's a Vanderbilt which is very important. One of the women Truman Capote based Holly Golightly on is socialite Gloria Vanderbilt - one of Nate's ancestors, perhaps?
** Also, in the book of Breakfast At Tiffany's, the male protagonist is gay, but in the film he's straight and in a relationship with the main female character. In the books of Gossip Girl, Chuck Bass is bi, but in the TV series he's straight and in a relationship with the main female character. Also probably unintentional.


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* ''Series/GossipGirl'' isn't the kind of show you'd think would have many of these, but you'd be surprised. Most of them are to do with actions before we find out about Blair's bulimia. Firstly, in the fourth episode, her mother pretty much orders her not to eat a roll like Serena is and suggests a fat free yoghurt instead, leading to Blair looking crushed and mentioning that she's lost weight. Secondly, in the episode we find out about her eating disorder, we find out because her mother essentially ''ordered'' her to take a dessert and go sit by herself. Ordered. A former bulimic. To eat a whole dessert, by herself. Also, later her mother asks Serena if Blair's condition is coming back, because she's heard her throwing up. This is forgotten because the topic of the episode is that Blair might be pregnant so it's assumed to be morning sickness. Except she's not. So Blair actually does still throw up, which is ''never brought up again''.
** It gets brought up later in season 5, when Blair actually ''is'' pregnant. Dan overhears her throwing up and is concerned that her bulimia's back, and tries to convince her to go get help for it. (She eventually tells him that she's pregnant and that's why she's throwing up.)
* Jenny's ''entire character arc'' becomes both this and FridgeBrillance, if you take the AssPull of Dan being Gossip Girl as actual canon. To elaborate: Dan said that "everything posted on Gossip Girl about her had her approval", however this is rather obviously BlatantLies and complete bullshit , (for example, in season one, Blair and Jenny were having a 'war' over being the Queen B of the school, and were using Gossip Girl blasts to lower the other's social standing- now, tell me, if Jenny were trying to keep her status high enough to surpass Blair for the "throne", then ''why would she "approve" of Dan posting Blair's blasts about her''? There are other examples proving that he was lying, but the point has been proven well enough) the FridgeHorror kicks in when you realize that Dan not once, not twice, but ''four times'' was informed of and did absolutely nothing to prevent/avenge ''his little sister’s impending rape/ rape'' (if you count Statutory for Damien and Chuck- although the “sex” with Chuck wasn’t really consensual) and then, as possibly a MoralEventHorizon, ''posted about it on the internet'' , each of these four times. FridgeBrillance kicks in when, at the end of “The Empire Strikes Jack” we see Jenny, after being saved by Nate from being raped by a random sleaze-ball courtesy of Agnes’s drugging of her, looking over Gossip Girl’s blog and then staring forlornly at a picture of Nate and Serena before the later arc of her trying to steal Nate: Jenny, who the show has continuously placed in positions where she could be/was raped, had just watched ''her own brother'' be incredibly caviler about her being raped for the umpteenth time, of ''course'' she would want to cling to Nate, the only other person who has saved her from that.