[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* How come neither the seller nor the buyer knew that whoever buys the house next to Pete's will own half of Pete's house? If Pete knew that, we would have bought the other half of his house back.
* In the episode "Unreal Estate", Pete has to get one of Peg's homes painted and fixed up, so that Peg can show it to a certain buyer. At the end of the episode, it's revealed that the buyer was just going to tear down the house anyway, so why did Pete have to get it painted in the first place, especially with a very specific shade of pink?
* PJ stands for "Pete Jr." However, in at least one episode we find out that Pete Sr's male ancestors for at least two generations back were also named Pete, which should technically make PJ "Pete IV." This one COULD theoretically be explained if the two generations prior to Pete Sr. had different middle names, nullifying the line, but its a bit of a stretch.


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* At some point in time, Goofy was married, and his wife either [[MissingMom died]] or [[ParentalAbandonment left him and their son]]. And, if she died, given Goofy's habits of causing "domestic accidents", one must wonder how exactly she died.
* In "Bringin' on the Rain", when PJ gets dizzy and collapses into the hole after Max stomps on Pete's tackle box, the fact that he could have collapsed out of fear of his punishments would be bad enough. But then, given how he was being treated earlier in the episode, it becomes immediately more horrifying if you consider that sometimes dizziness and fainting are symptomatic of dehydration.