!! Fridge Brilliance
* I needed to go over the Lens Arc three times before I understood why Ginji had to leave the Infinite castle. Before, I used to hate this, because it looked like he abandoned them, but he actually protected them from the [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Lightning Emperor]]. Because, remember, the Lightning Emperor destroyed everything that hurt Ginji. And inside the infinite castle he was hurt over and over again, to the point were he felt like IC itself was the reason he was hurt (what probably isn't really wrong anyways). Anyway, if he stayed, his power as the LE would probably grow further, while his control over him would wither more and more, and in the end, he might very well have destroyed the whole IC with all his friends and the other residents with it. But he didn't really understand this himself, so he couldn't explain it to the others and had no other option than to leave without telling them anything.