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* The Thermians in human form walk weirdly, with their arms thrust out and down. Seeing their true form makes you realize there's more limbs (tentacles), and they all extend downward naturally.
* Why did the teleporter safely bring Gorignak aboard, when all other nonhuman life forms it tried wound up grossly deformed due to it not being programmed for their anatomy? [[IronicEcho It's a rock!]]
** Fred figured out how to use it better. And there was no biology to get inside-out.
*** And what difference would being inside-out make to a rock?
**** Well, if it's a geode, then the crystals would be on the outside after such a teleporter accident. Assuming that's not the case, though, there could be some form of artificial mechanism inside the Gorignak(like a combination of cybernetics and specially designed magnets) that allows it to move around like a living entity despite externally appearing to be just a bunch of rocks.
** Why? Because Fred Kwan was able to use them safely to beam Jason up (with some confidence from his LoveInterest.) He'd learned the controls.
* The Omega-13 is on the ship, but nobody knows what it does, because the show was canceled too early. The Thermians themselves aren't certain, building it exactly as they could without any certainty as to its purpose, only that it could be used by Sarris for great evil. Sarris doesn't know, but wants it because the Thermians are willing to die to keep it from him. Cast and crew don't know. How is it, then, that it works exactly as a fan describes in his own conjecture? [[spoiler: Nesmith initially believes the Thermians are doing an exceptionally well-done fanvid. He's impressed, but not surprised -- he's seen it before, if not done this well. The Thermians can't tell reality from fiction even on obvious sets, like Gilligan's Island. The fan who described the Omega-13's function wasn't right because he had better insight into the show, since the Thermians took everything at face value. He was right because the Thermians watched fanvids, believed them a continuation of the original "historical document" due to fans' attention to detail, and followed the designs of the fans.]]
** Or else they thought along the same lines as the human fans: the Omega Thirteen is either a [[spoiler: [[DoomsdayDevice bomb that destroys the entire universe in thirteen seconds]]]] or a [[spoiler: [[TimeMachine thirteen-second time jump to the past]].]] And since [[spoiler: the universe isn't destroyed]], it must be the second option.
*** To top it all off, the Thermians detest violence, so the option of the Omega Thirteen being a [[spoiler: bomb that destroys the entire universe in 13 seconds]] would not make sense to them. As said before, they take things at face value, so they would assume that the Omega Thirteen's function would be the [[spoiler: thirteen-second time jump to the past]], because the universe still exists, obviously making the Omega Thirteen's function the latter, '''because they believe the Omega Thirteen was already activated once before, with the crew's "survival" as proof.'''
*** It's also possible that the Omega 13 does destroy the universe. It destroys the universe and creates a new one 13 seconds before the last one ended, overwriting history. It's essentially a tribute to all the Star Trek episodes that involve going back in time to fix a bad future: when the "good" future is made, the bad timelines and its entire universe is destroyed.
* How did the Thermians build an Omega 13 device that does something when they don't know what it does?
** "Go back in time 13 seconds" is pretty specific; it was probably implied on the episode of the show in which it appeared. Like the fans in the movie, the Thermians probably had a theory of what it did, took it as canon (since they think these things are real life, they probably wouldn't fully understand the concept of Fanon), and went with it.
*** Even if the Omega 13's purpose was not fully explained in the show, enough information was obviously presented for hardcore fans to work out its function. Using that information, the Thermian's attention to detail in replicating the technology of the show would therefore produce a device with the correctly speculated effect even if the Thermians themselves had no idea of its intended purpose.
* How did "Laredo" manage to thoroughly scratch the main hull when flying out of the hangar, yet didn't even touch the walls with the ship's wings despite sliding along the wall to the very end of the hangar?
** RuleOfFunny.
* I was wondering what the Thermians thought of shows that had canned laughter, or even a live studio audience. Then it hit me: they must think it's the documentary makers laughing. Wow. The people filming Gilligan and co are bastards.
** Perhaps the sound got garbled when being converted from light into a format the Thermians could view, and they couldn't hear the laughter. This would mean they learn English through lip-reading, which if nothing else would explain why Mathesar spoke so bizarrely.
* In the scene where the actors are taking the shuttle down to the alien planet, Fred can be seen eating one of those Kraft cheese and breadstick snack packs. Granted, the Thermians can synthesize human food, but this seems like a rather esoteric choice. Then it hit me: a deleted scene in the movie reveals that Fred is high on marijuana the entire time. So, he probably carries snacks around with him all the time in case he gets the munchies when out and about.
** You see him hit a vending machine moments before they're all beamed to the ship in the first place.
* The Thermians modeled their entire civilization around the television show "Galaxy Quest," including their hero-worship. However, since the crew of the NSEA Protector are humans, the Thermians do not seem to believe that their own species is capable of great acts of courage or heroism, which is why they enlist Nesmith to overlook their negotiations. [[spoiler: By the end, however, not only does Mathesar have Nesmith’s recognition as a great commander, but with new “historical documents” coming out (the show has been revived), the Thermians are finally able to watch and mimic the brave exploits of one of their own - Laliari.]]


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* We sure hope no one was in the parking lot or the part of the building the ship crashed into at the end.
* The Thermians probably thought the ''GilligansIsland'' episodes were ApocalypticLogs, since you'd think they'd have been rescued by the camera crew had they really been lost.
* It's implied the thermians tested the teleporter unsuccessfully, since it appears to only function for the species for which it is programmed (humans). Given what happened to the pig-lizard, there is the distinct possibility that at least one unfortunate thermian [[TeleporterAccident suffered the same fate]].


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* Lt. Madison being the only person the computer will respond too is clearly a security measure given the power of the device. No really, think about it.
** This isn't just security. All kinds of accidents could happen if the computer interpreted anything anyone said that happened to be prefaced with "computer" as a command.