[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* The game exemplifies the five elements of Japanese philosophy (''Godai'') perfectly. Not only are the four elements of Air/Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth present, the Void could also be considered one, as all four crystals kept the Void in check. This is also consistent with the ArcNumber present in the game, as with the Void considered an element, there ''are'' five elements.
* Ghido's unexpected ''Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'' reference when fighting Exdeath in the GBA version becomes a bit more clever when you remember that at the beginning of the scene, Exdeath was a [[{{Mentor}} splinter]].


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyV Advance'''s BonusDungeon, one of the chambers leads to the game's second most powerful Bonus Boss, Omega MK II, an improved version of Omega, the robotic monstrosity who was the second-most powerful boss in the original. Prior to the room with the boss himself, you go through a room reminiscent of one of the rooms in the Sealed Pyramid, with a bunch of mechs crawling all over a small room. Except instead of the "Mecha Head" enemy, they are perfect replicas of Omega itself. Now, think about what this means. Someone, somewhere took Omega, a mechanical beast too powerful for the 12 Sealed Weapons, a monster capable of incinerating heroes with massive lasers, ruining the best parties in a turn, and temporarily ''erasing people from existence'', and ''mass-produced it''. And ''improved upon its design''. Who is this person? Are they still working on these things? And ''why?''
** It is believed by some people that Omega is self-replicant and self-improving.
*** And in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'', it's ''canon''. Bartz and friends are so goddamned lucky they don't live in Ivalice.
*** It doesn't matter where they live anymore. Omega has started traveling the Rift like Shinryu and Gilgamesh, and can appear anywhere anytime.
* Ghido calls Krile psychically and this gives her a migraine so bad she collapses and has to stay in bed, which is where the party finds her after coming back from Drakenvale. Then they try to visit Ghido, but Exdeath stops that. Then they wind up in a naval attack/submarine infiltration of a Barrier Tower, and ''then'' they finally get to take the submarine to Ghido's newly-underwater home. Now, if you take the time to fly all the way to Bal Castle during this time, Krile is still in bed and mumbling about Ghido. In story time, all of these adventures have to take a while. That means Krile has been suffering from a migraine so hideous she literally can't stand up for ''days''. Poor kid.