[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* The Hokuten (Northern Sky) control lands mainly on the left side of the map, and Nanten (Southern Sky) control lands on the right. But remember that old maps had east at the top, and that's where north and south went.
* Cloud's birthday in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' is in August, which should make him a Leo, but in ''Tactics'' his zodiac sign is Aquarius. Who does have the right birthday to be an Aquarius? ''Aerith.''
* Speaking of Cloud, his ability to wear [[GenderRestrictedGear female-exclusive equipment]] like ribbons is probably a ShoutOut to the infamous [[DraggedIntoDrag crossdressing sidequest]] from [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII his home game]]. However, ribbons ''aren't'' gender-restricted in that game (even though some equipment, like the Minerva Guard, is), so it could also be that Cloud doesn't see anything wrong with a man wearing a ribbon [[ValuesDissonance because]] ''[[ValuesDissonance everyone]]'' [[ValuesDissonance could wear them back home]].
** Might also be ProductionForeshadowing, as in the rest of the ''Compilation of Final Fantasy VII'' everyone wears a ribbon in Aerith's memory.
* [[RuleOfThree Also speaking of Cloud]], his Limits can only be used when he's equipped with a Materia Blade. But then you remember that characters in ''VII'' could only cast magic when they were equipped with Materia. Between the Limits using his Magic Attack and several of them being InNameOnly in terms of visuals, they have more in line with his home series' magic than his actual Limit Breaks.
* Argath infamously shows his elitism by claiming that commoners are nothing but animals, and "animals have no God!" However, all Monsters have a Faith value, which means that they certainly at least believe in some sort of higher power. This means that Argath isn't just a classist asshole, but factually ''wrong''.
* Why do the characters with very high Faith leave Ramza? Ramza is a heretic, so ''of course'' those with high Faith won't follow him anymore. Alternatively, it could also mean they became so religious that they don't want to fight anymore.
* Along similar lines, with charge times, most of the casting jobs are less useful later in the game. Most of those jobs are governed by Faith, and given high faith makes you more vulnerable to enemy magic, it's often better to reduce faith. Which means the more Ramza learns about the corruption in the church, and about how the messiah the church is based around was not so holy, the less useful having Faith is (until you unlock Calculator/Arithmatician, who casts spells by the almighty power of ''math'').