[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* How do you think she reacted when [[spoiler: she woke up 9 months pregnant]]? What about one day (everyone one of them), when she wakes up and discovers she's ''old''?
** Or when she woke up and found herself giving birth, or when the baby woke her up in the middle of the night?
** Oh, it's worse than that. Imagine going to bed as a teenager every day then waking up to meet a little girl and middle-aged man that you've never even seen before who claim to be your daughter and husband, respectively. Imagine BEING a child of such a parent. What will happen when the daughter hits puberty? What happens when her daughter invites a friend for a sleepover? What if she goes to one?
*** It is never explicitly stated in the film that Lucy gave birth, but if she ''had'', what she experienced the day her child was born was almost ''certainly'' akin to [[spoiler:the final scene of [[Recap/DoctorWhoS32E6TheAlmostPeople "The Almost People".]]]]
** Not to mention, when her father eventually dies.
** What about when ''Henry'' dies and she's got nobody to explain things to her?
*** Presumably, her kids will be old enough to take care of her by that time.
** What do you think happens when she wakes up before Henry?
*** Presumably he is careful to get up early every day. It's not that hard.
*** Maybe they just don't sleep in the same bed. Keep in mind she's not relying on Henry to explain things--she's relying on the daily videos and diaries that she herself makes.