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* Fridge/ItsOwnPlace
* Fridge/TheLightInTheDarkness
* Fridge/MyImmortal
* Empatheia uses this to justify her sublime Series/{{House}} / Series/{{Doctor Who}} crossover, ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5064112/1/As_the_Crow_Flies As the Crow Flies]]''. The story asserts that [[spoiler: House is a later incarnation of the Doctor, born after the Doctor died while in human form.]] This is one of those "yeah, sure, I can roll with that'' things, until the fact of [[spoiler: all the impossible things House has done with his brain - he makes impossible leaps of logic on a regular basis, he's communicated directly with his own subconscious, and so on -]] is brought up. - MaxwelEdison
** I've noticed that a lot of Doctor Who fanfics seem to employ this trope in order to deal with the... Inconsistencies in canon. A good example is [[http://trolllogicfics.livejournal.com/25602.html Light Bending Backwards]] in which they theorise that [[spoiler: Jack is the thirteenth, and final, incarnation of the Doctor]]. Seems improbable, but they use this trope to make it work.
* After reading most of Peter Chimeara's works as well ''MyImmortal'', I've come to realize that even horrible fiction can be deep and meaningful upon drunken nights and deep consideration. ''{{Doom Repercussions of Evil}}'', itself a parody of twist-heavy pretentious faux-deep fiction, has deep insight into the motives and drive of the human race. Don't get me started on analogues to racism. Then there's ''Batman: Nemesis Fight'', which if played straight and filmed, would be BY FAR the best batman movie ever made. Why does Robin leave batman? Because, Batman has broke his own rules after losing everything. Robin loses the will to fight. Regarding My Immortal, Tara Gilesbie creates a fictional world so completely bizarre and surreal that it's hard to call it anything but original. Put simply, gay vampire witch goffs go to a magic school, split on West Side Story style grounds.
* After TheReveal in ''FanFic/ToyHammer'', a fic about Warhammer 40,000 factions being transported to Terra in the year 2009 and then shrunk down to FunSize proportions (albeit with functional weapons), we see that [[spoiler: the God-Emperor of Mankind]] is now a cute albeit creepy young girl, who is 10 years old at most. FridgeBrilliance occurs when you realize that ALL characters from the Warhammer 40,000 setting have been shrunken down to FunSize; even the [[spoiler:great Emperor, Lord of Terra (AKA The Emma-peror]].
** A smaller double-dose is taken from [[spoiler: Ishabeth exorcising the Sorcerer]]. Michael is there, with her, when she recites a 'Litany of[[spoiler: Exorcism]]' that resembles a child's rhyming poem. FridgeBrilliance hits you when you realize a possible cause for this: Wouldn't reciting a child's poem invoke memories of one's own childhood? Those times where there were little cares in the world (relatively speaking. This is Warhammer 40k we're talking about here), and from which one could logically draw strength? The second dose is taken when things suddenly cut from Ishabeth back to the in-between Void. Why? Because she just [[spoiler: auto-exorcised]]. That would mean that [[spoiler: EVERY foreign entity would be purged, including Michael]].
** Or because shes immortal she could just be young.
* At first, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c5390IS5Po&feature=channel One Of These Dispensers Is Not Like The Others]], it's just a gag video, which it is, but then, one of the comments points out one thing:
--> [[spoiler: Engineer has a 6th sense when it comes to things he built. After all, he solves practical problems.]]
* Watching AMVHell 5, I was amused by the pairing of {{Gantz}} with the song Singing in the Rain, thinking it a matter of LyricalDissonance of a lighthearted song paired with violence. Then I remembered ''Film/AClockworkOrange''...
* FanFic/{{Embers}} originally had me quite annoyed. It was loaded Fire Nation apologetics, used to paint literally the whole Fire Nation - every single one of them, even Sozin, as innocent victims of a ruthless Avatar Kyoshi off on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge. At the same time, Katara and Aang were [[CharacterDerailment mysteriously transmogrified]] into IdiotBall carriers with one-dimensional, mind-numbingly ridiculous takes on life that were completely contrary to the personalities established over Season One's canon (which the fanfic claimed to be adhering to). Throw in [[spoiler: Dragon!]]Zuko the fire-water dual-wielding [[spoiler: reincarnation of Kuzon]], erase every single bad decision he made in canon and make him a self-flagellating noble hero who can do no wrong, add awesome into everything Zuko does and have the multitudes of Original Characters taking his side, reminding the reader in stylized "monologues" of exactly how fantastic Zuko is, hide behind a variety of excuses ranging from everyone being an UnreliableNarrator to "There are no excuses, only reasons" (suspending this rule if your name is Zuko or Iroh or you're Fire Nation)... [[spoiler: this is officially the most brilliant satire/trollfic of all the hundreds of less well-presented fanfics with similar plotlines.]] Realizing all that, then going back and reading Embers from the start... Vathara is a genius. A '''genius'''..
** Apologetics for the Fire Nation, you say? You're forgetting about the Air Nomads. The latest chapter shows what the Air Nomads were like, and how Xiangchen put together his grand scheme for "world peace" [[spoiler:which included kidnapping the new Avatar, Yangchen, shutting her away from the world, targeting Air Nomads, especially the healers, and folding them into the Temples, thus helping Skylord Subodei conquer, rape and pillage everywhere]]. Aang will have to invent a new religion to justify what his great hero did. Killing may be wrong, but erasing one's individuality should be a violation of human rights. What reason is there for that?
*** "The latest chapter shows what the Air Nomads were like" - in her ''fanfic''. There's nothing in ''canon'' that hints at this, so the OP has a good point about the Fire Nation apologism [[spoiler: and FanFic/{{Embers}} being potential trollfic/satire.]]
*** Except that a recurring theme is that there ARE no excuses for what's been done, and the Fire Nation was ''wrong'' to do what they did, regardless of what may or may not have been done to them. In fact, the basic premise of the fic is more along the lines of "everyone has fucked up royally at some point in the past, and the more powerful you are, the greater your potential for fucking up everyone else's lives along with your own". And that most of the people on both sides are "fucked-up people fucking up in a fucked-up world." (quote from 1632) It's still possible that it's a trollfic or satire (I for one am leaning towards satire of the two), but the claims of rampant apologism are patently spurious.
* After reading Chapter 23 of ''Kyo Kara Maoh'' fanfic ''Whispers from the Rye'', when Wolfram [[spoiler:and Yuuri finally have sex]], Yuuri remarks that Wolfram is "so quiet." At first, I didn't think anything of it, until I realized that Wolfram is afraid that Yuuri will remember he's a boy and be disgusted all over again.
* The Spike/Xander fic "Nothing The Same" features the premise that the change to the series occurs when Xander doesn't handle Jessie's death as well as he did in the series, and everything changes. However, when Spike comes to Sunnydale, Drucilla is already dead. At first, I thought, as the author personally claimed, that Drucilla had just been ruthlessly killed off to better arrange the pairing. Than I read the bits about Drucilla's prophecies about Spike's destiny and the "wounded kitten" he was to care for. Not to mention musings on how Drucilla and a court of other vampires never did mix well, it dawned on me that Dru probably let go of her will to continue so Spike could go be Master of the Hellmouth with Xander at his side!
* According to Nounai Kanojo's Touhou-related doujins, Cirno knows more about sex than Marisa.
** [[FanMyopia Please explain exactly how this is]] FridgeBrilliance.
*** Cirno is over 60 years old compared to Marisa whose in her teens.
* This can occur quite a lot in ''Hetalia Axis Powers'' AU fanfiction. They'll be the obvious relations there, but sometimes you look back at a situation and realise that the author has written the entire base outline of WW2 in the form of a soccer game.
* The FruitsBasket fanfic "Eyes of the Cat" is known for a few things - but two of those things are a lot of filler chapters, and having one of the only likable Original Characters in all of fanfiction - the second is because Kyo and the OC mesh well together (and, thankfully, purely in a platonic sense). Its only if you reread the fanfic from the beginning, and read it all the way through in one sitting that you realize those filler chapters are designed solely to alter Kyo's character in a believable way. Each of those chapters describes events which, on their own, are humorous but plotless; its only when read together that you realize you are actually watching Kyo's character evolve and change in a realistic fashion because of those events while still keeping the main attributes of his original character.
** A possible second fridge brilliance is these chapters in relation to the OC. The OC is a ghost, and in the very early chapters it is stated that she gains power by being around people who acknowledge her existance - specifically, Kyo. As the plot progresses, Eris shows increasingly more and more abilities - and its those abilities that give her the ability to aid in the final fight against Akito, aka the BigBad.
* A Franchise/HarryPotter[=/=]RurouniKenshin crossover fic, [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2737703/1/RuroKen_and_the_Philosophers_Stone RuroKen and the Philosophers Stone]] had Dumbledore talk to Hiko about letting his apprentice Kenshin go to Hogwarts (and that it would be dangerous if he remain untrained in regards to magic). Later, Kenshin (unaware of the 'danger' part) wonders how a headmaster has time to go out of his way to do that, figuring he has to be a busy guy. Then I remembered that not even Harry was personally seen to by Dumbledore before he went off the school, hinting at something a little more worrisome than what's being let on.
* There was a Literature/HarryPotter fanfic (sadly, now deleted) in which the main character used a Time-Turner to go back and change history, sacrificing her life so that another would live. I wasn't happy about this at the time, because in HP canon we are told that Time-Turners cannot be used that way; the version of TimeTravel they use always creates StableTimeLoops and those who tried to alter things often get themselves killed. It wasn't upon re-reading that I recognized the FridgeBrilliance: the character got herself killed when trying to change history. So, yes, it was an actually canon-compliant use of TimeTravel.
* It took me reading [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5169753/21/The_Trouble_with_Weather The Trouble with Weather]] (an [[AlternateUniverse AU]] {{Film/X-Men}} fic) about three times before I had a moment of FridgeBrilliance. In chapter twenty-one, Ororo tells Logan that humans had put her in a cage; Logan then wonders if there was some kind of hidden meaning or test in what she'd said, since her expression to his reaction is described as "disappointment," and "her eyes had been searching" as she'd told him about being in a cage. Here's where the FridgeBrilliance kicks in: in the very next chapter, Logan has a dream/flashback of rescuing an eight-year-old Ororo from a cage, and it's revealed later in the fic that Ororo hadn't forgotten that incident. Ororo was hoping that Logan would've remembered it, too!
* In a ForWantOfANail fanfic of "A Mother's Love" by [=lordofthelandoffire=], Kushina is enraged after awakening from a coma to find that Sarutobi publicly denied Kushina's marriage to Minato feeling it would protect Naruto, thus making her Minato's mistress/whore and making Naruto his bastard son. Some people have wondered why Kushina is so angered by this, deciding it had to do with losing the Namikaze clan compound and money. But if you look at it from a Japanese perspective, where family and heritage are very important, it makes sense. Hell, a major plot point with Chouji involved a flashback of his father telling him about how they could trace their family back 16+ generations, not to mention Sasuke's entire motivation involves avenging the Uchiha clan, including the man who murdered them after finding out he was ordered to. So what Sarutobi essentially did was steal Naruto's Namikaze heritage, which Kushina would see as being especially terrible due to the fact her own clan had been destroyed, and now Naruto was losing his by the order of a man she considered a friend.
* In the ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}''/''VideoGame/{{Pokemon}}'' ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8862808/1/Monsters-In-Paradise Monsters in Paradise]]'', Skarmory is able to NoSell Flandre's attack. The reason: his ability is Sturdy, it negates one-hit [=KOs=].
* All the riders in ''Fanfic/KoihimeMusouTalesOfTheArmoredWarGods'' are named after Japanese warlords. Now, keep in mind that they are all called Armored War Gods by the people of China, AND the series the armor comes from takes elements of the waring states period.
* In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'' fanfic ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9129362/1/Forever-Yours Forever Yours]] Morgan is Robin's illegitimate child fathered by Chrom, who is in the fic married to Sumia. As a result this Morgan is born two years earlier. I didn't see the reason why Morgan had to be born earlier besides for the reasons of drama, when it hit me: Morgan as Chrom's son would inherit the Rightful King skill. Since Ylisse seems to follow a primogeniture line of inheritance Morgan, while illegitimate, has a more rightful claim to the throne than his half-sister and Chrom's legitimate daughter [[spoiler: Lucina.]]
** A smaller element is when Robin gives the toddler Morgan her locket, which was given to her by Chrom, to remember her by in case she doesn't come back when she rejoins the Shepherds. Morgan, unlike the other children, did not have a ring to prove his paternity and since Robin is unmarried he would need another sort of identifier of his parentage.