[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* It's played for laughs, but Vamist gets turned into a ''7-foot 11-inch blue floating insubstantial winged donkey''. This, a man who probably has no magical friends who would want to help him. Killer's question still stands, after all, even if it no longer applies to him. How is Vamist going to 'eat'?
** They removed the insubstantiality before they transferred the spells-- they just barely got that bit off in time, before they got the notion of moving the spells to Vamist. It was after they tried to get the insubstantiality off and barely succeeded that they realized that removing the rest of the spells would be more work than they thought.
* Mendanbar gets stuck away from his family, his friends, and his life for sixteen-or-so-years, with no idea of whether anyone he loves is still alive, or if the wizards have taken over and killed everyone, or if there is any hope of anyone coming to rescue him. ''Sixteen years''.
* If I remember correctly, kings would hire monsters to ravage their kingdom in order to set up a good marriage for their daughters. What about all the people who live in those unfortunate villages?
** AristocratsAreEvil?
** Let's assume they were sent a note advising them to take a stroll with their valuables and pets.
*** Or maybe the budget for a ravaging includes paying to rebuild the village.
*** Neither of the above would actually help the ''people'' who were attacked.