* ''memories'': When Chihiro gets e-mails from her sister about Kei's own life, Kei writes about events that happen during the summer, when it's winter where Chihiro's side is. [[spoiler: Then comes TheReveal where you find that Chihiro is living on a second Otowa. In Australia. Thus, the seasons are reversed.]]
* In ''melodies'', think back over the course of the entire game, and how each couple slowly got shoved towards figuring things out. Yuuko always brutally exposed the problems everyone had to force them to face up to things, but who gave them the crucial last-second encouragement? ''Mizuki.'' Considering their backstory, this only makes sense.
* What does "Ef" stand for? Apparently, there are plenty of songs that has "Ef" as initial, including in the Visual Novel. Eternal Feather. Emotional Flutter. Ever Forever. Euphoric Field. Ebullient Future. AndNowYouKnow.
* In ''memories'' episode 4, Hiro holds a check belonging to Three Diamonds Bank. The bank's logo resembles the Mitsubishi logo. Mitsubishi in Japanese means "three diamonds".


* The anime scene where [[spoiler: Renji and Chihiro finish their date with TheirFirstTime]] is very cute... And then one realizes that, considering [[spoiler: Chihiro's condition]], it ''could'' have ended up [[spoiler: with Renji taking advantage of Chihiro's amnesia kicking every 13 hours to trick her into believing that it didn't happen, and thus they should have "TheirFirstTime" again. And again.]]. Thank the '''Gods''' that Renji is [[NiceGuy the kind of person]] [[AboveTheInfluence who would NOT do it.]]
** It doesn't make it any less fridge horror, but [[spoiler:if Renji ''had'' done something like that, he would've been caught eventually. Chihiro would've noticed that she suddenly didn't have a hymen for some reason, or her hymen was torn for some reason, or even some physical signs (like pain, maybe slight bleeding) etc., and would've put two and two together. And even if she did ''not'', then a doctor would've probably noticed during a check-up and bring it up to her...]]