!! FridgeBrilliance:

* In episode 6 (PsychoExGirlfriend): Oh! The MomentKiller phone call in Episode 5 (UnresolvedSexualTension) was ''Shannon'' calling.
* The Administrator speaks with the VoiceOfTheLegion because he is not merely OneOfUs, he is all of us.
* Mr. Administrator doesn't use his VoiceOfTheLegion in TheStinger of episode ten, instead talking in a normal voice. He also sympathizes with Zack. Mr. Administrator feels he can drop his BadBoss persona around Zack, because they're NotSoDifferent.
** It could also be because he is now just one person. Himself.
* So, in episode 1, Tom was trying to depict "Show Within a Show". It didn't really work. However, in episode 10, there's a scene near the end in which he is watching episode 1 on his laptop. He's watching a show while he's in a show. ''It took ten episodes, but they finally managed to depict "Show Within a Show"!''
** Made better in that episode ten is when he finally gets how to make the show we're seeing.
** There's also how the trope gets protrayed. The entire show is nothing but ShowWithinAShow, so ''of course'' Tom and the others start coming up with blanks.
* In ''NoirEpisode'', Mr. Administrator says he wants "something completely different." Tom asks if he meant [[SomethingCompletelyDifferent the actual trope]]. Since this episode is so far from the show's usual formula, they actually did do SomethingCompletelyDifferent.
* In regards to TheReveal of Zack's dad, Mark being the Other Wiki's Director of Transmedia. The reason why Tom and Dana haven't found out is simple. Tom only knows Mark as Zack's dad and has paused each [citation needed] episode he's watched before the credits. Dana only knows him as the The Other Wiki's Director of Transmedia and almost met him as Zack's dad from behind in TheAce. Zack in this case fails to realise how important this detail is.
* In the {{Pilot}}, Zack says Mr. Administrator seems nice. We all chalked it up as Zack being Zack. ''Mysterious Employer'' ends by revealing Zack is TheMole for Mr. Administrator. Now it seems like {{Foreshadowing}}.

!! FridgeLogic:
* In episode 6, why didn't Tom simply turn off his phone, or at least set it to "silent" while they were filming?
** So that Shannon wouldn't confront him with an angry "''Why don't you have your phone on?!?''"
*** That... doesn't make sense. A phone set to "silent" is not off. And the result from not picking it up would be same.
** Tom was clearly emotionally flustered and not thinking properly. He became really short with Dana and refused to simply say the problem, plus it's clear he's terrified of Shannon.
** ... people ever turn their phones off anymore? Chalk it up to satire of that.
* In episode 2-11, in the scene were Tom and Dana panic over where Zack is, who is handling the camera by which the audience is seeing this scene? [[spoiler:The next episode [[FridgeBrilliance explains this]], sort of.]]
** FridgeBrilliance: This is explained in the next episode. [[spoiler:Sort of. According to Mr. Administrator, as long as [[InUniverseCamera the camera operator]] is established [[OnceAnEpisode at least once]] in the beginning of any episode, the audience will [[WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief suspend disbelief]] as to how they are observing scenes when the camera operator is not present.]] Sinister.