* Chronologically speaking, Olive makes her comment about Huckleberry Finn not being applicable to real life ''after'' [[spoiler:Brandon runs away from home with a big hulking black guy. Thus it makes no sense for her to say that that would never happen.]]
* It seems very odd that Olive would be sent to the principal's office (by her favorite teacher, no less) for calling a girl a "twat," when the other girl is not reprimanded for calling her a "skank" or a "tramp." Although "twat" ''is'' a bad word, it is usually not seen as very serious in America, whereas the other two are much more common and would definitely garner a stronger reaction.\\
This caused even more confusion outside of the US, particularly to UK viewers, where "twat" simply refers to a stupid and contemptible person.
** In the original, R-rated draft of the script, Olive calls the other girl a [[CountryMatters c***]]. This was censored and replaced by the most similar four-letter word they could find, so it would be easy for Olive to spell it with her peas later on in the movie.
** For the matter, why isn't the other girl sent to the principal's office? She ''was'' the one who insulted Olive in the first place.

* If it weren't for [[spoiler: Olive's confession to Mr. Griffith, he never would have known that his wife had a painful STI, which she could have easily passed on to him.]] Here's hoping that Olive warned him about this in time.
* Brandon was being bullied for being gay, to such an extent that he had to pretend to have sex with Olive, and eventually [[spoiler: leave town]] to stop the bullying. We only ever see him with a bloody nose, but that amount of caution implies that he's been through a hell of a lot worse.

* The guy Brandon runs off with isn't particularly large - oh, wait, rumors are unreliable.