!!''Dragon's Lair 2''
* The question "Wait, is the fluid on the prehistoric level water or lava?" will strike your mind at least twice during the entire game. The second time is the Egyptian level.
** Mordroc specifically calls it mud in the actual game, however.
* Also, how come that the chandelier on the Beethoven level still doesn't fall, despite his cat already panning it in and out while chasing Dirk?

* Eve is depicted as a FatGirl because the Garden of Eden was described as full of food, and there was little need for self awareness or physical activity.
** Also, historically, BigBeautifulWoman was held up as the ideal in historical time, as food was a ''lot'' harder to come by and a well-nourished woman like Eve would clearly be better for bringing children into the world. Thinness as femininely desirable is a fairly modern invention, due to an unprecedented ease for finding food.