* At first, Roshi says that Goku isn't powerful enough to defeat Piccolo and Oozaru. Suddenly, in the last battle he ''is'' strong enough. Why? [[spoiler:Because Saiyans get a power boost after they recover from being near death, and that's exactly what happened to Goku in the previous scene.]]
* Ki attacks being referred to as airbending sounds slightly less stupid if you remember that one of the ways to properly harness ki (or chi, in the Chinese vernacular) is proper breathing. Heck, chi literally means breath.
* How did Piccolo escape from the magic pot?
** [[HandWave "...somehow."]]
* The Oozarus could have been two different [[spoiler:Saiyans]]. The first disappeared [[spoiler:(read: returned to human form)]] when Piccolo's controlling power waned; [[spoiler: Goku was merely the newest handy Saiyan.]]
* If Bulma thought that there was only one dragon ball (the "prometheum orb"), and expected it to stay safely in a museum, then why did she make a dragon radar?
** It was never in a museum, it was being studied. She made the radar to find it after it had been ''stolen''.
* If the Kamehameha is an air technique, how can you use it to light torches?
** Though the Kamehameha is stated to be an air technique in a metaphysical sense, it is still made of ki - which is pure spirit energy that can be manipulated to mimic or increase the power of a natural element. Though the Ki effects were nothing like the anime they looked like they were based on actual concepts of Ki. In basic science the only thing you need to fuel a natural fire is oxygen aka air, so Goku manipulated the oxygen and used his Ki as a spark for the oxygen to ignite. That being said Ki can also be manipulated into the other said elements above. Hence How Roshi was able to use the Kamhameha to defibrillate Goku. Not to mention in the animé Roshi used the wave to put out fire as well so causing a fire would be easier.
*** It should still be noted that Roshi using the Kamehameha to extinguish the fire in Ox Mountain was a last resort method; they originally had to lend a feather from Roshi, that was said to blow a powerful wind. Roshi ended up putting the fire off because he disintegrated the whole mountain along with the fire; The Kamehame attack EXPLODES on contact versus everything. A minor consideration: pressurized air can explode in flames since the molecules in the air move faster; it's based on this principle that the combustion engine can work; the fact an electrical spark is used to ignite the air-combustible mix is only to RELIABLY make it explode on a timed schedule; if not enough oxygen is present, even the spark can't ignite the combustible mix, hence, your car's engine can stall sometimes.
* In the end, [[spoiler: why the hell didn't Not!Goku wish everyone was resurrected? He wanted to resurrect Master Roshi, but he (as well as Goku's own grandpa in this film) fell under the "everyone" blanket (and were all dead recently enough to count)]].
** While this is explained in the source material [[spoiler: Grandpa Gohan didn't want to be wished back to life]], the movie doesn't justify this. And the funny thing is, if they had just added one line to the scene where [[spoiler: Not!Goku is in a state between life and death, and sees his Grandpa again]], they could have avoided this[[note]]Just have Granpda Gohan say "My time has passed" or something along those lines[[/note]].
* Why, when "Bulma" came into a random destroyed house, was her first instinct to point a gun at the first person she saw?
** Anyone would have done the same until they learn the truth and the gun or any weapons in general will be lowered.
* When [[FanNickname Kakanot]] first sees Bulma, he asks if she's Piccolo, despite the fact that Grandpa Gohan clearly stated Piccolo is a ''he''.