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* On a lighter note--[[NeverLiveItDown for a given value of lighter]]--there's the fact that hacking into the D-Reaper's signal televised the final battle to everyone in Japan, including from inside the Tamers' biomerged forms. In other words, potentially millions of people--including friends and relatives--have ''seen our heroes [[OutOfClothesExperience naked]].''
** Further, remember the dub changed their age from 10 to 12.
* How was Guilmon able to digivolve into Growlmon between episode 33 and 34? Neither Takato nor Calumon were around.


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* Digimon Tamers is ''made'' of this trope; but there is a specific comment for episode 44 that stands out [[spoiler:"... T-The way it goes all red here (in the train scene during Takato's confession) I can't stop thinking that this is us seeing the J-Reaper sending a live feed back to the D-Reaper. Fffffuuuuuuuuu D: And now it's listing off chemical compounds the reaper can use to keep Jeri alive while she's in there ... O-oh god I'm creeping myself out."]]
** In Tamers there is something called "matrix evolution". It's either a reference to a sci-fi movie orto the matrixes in mathematics, especially considering that by combining two matrixes one obtains the so called "matrix identity".
*** One use of matrixes is in physics, namely to model electronic clouds (in short, atoms and molecules). To have such a name associated with a process to convert a digital model to a real molecular structure would be quite a coincidence.
* Juri/Jeri's Japanese voice can seem quite fake sometimes and not that fitting a ten year old, being too mature, but at other times it fits her really well... [[spoiler: this is quite the foreshadowing of her being a StepfordSmiler and actually being more mature than it seems at first.]]
* The shows' title as well as the [[ShowWithinAShow show that the children watched]] - for an explanation when the children in this series got their d-arcs they immediately refer to themselves as "Tamers", now as anyone who has actually played the games or owned the V-pets could tell you "Tamer" is the word they use to refer the child who partners with a digimon in the manuals of the V-pets, and what they also refer to the human player character as in the games. Now consider the theme of this series as well as how Jenrya and Ruki met their Digimon.
* Why didn't the kids try the digivolution cards earlier? [[spoiler: Mid way through the series, the kids try slashing "super evolution" cards; they digivolve, but only to adult. It stands to reason that they had tried before but it didn't work; after digivolving a few times, they were pretty confident that it would work; it is heavily implied that the cards work because of the kids slashing them (thus Juri/Jeri not doing anything to Guilmon despite using Takato's D-Arc), and only Takato would still have the cards with him.]]
** Finally, note that the tamers don't have a direct control over digivolution unless they use the cards, unlike the the Digidestined/Chosen Children.
* Why were there some digimon in the city, if the Tamers were killing them? [[spoiler: Before they're deleted by Shaggai/Juggernaut, the Tamers had agreed on fighting those that needed to be fought, rather than because they're sopposed to. So, they spared those that weren´t violent.]]
* In the Tamer's movie Battle of Adventurer's, how could some digimon be so easily defeated? [[spoiler: as our war game showed us, digimon copies are more fragile than real digimon (which is why only the real Diaboromon/Diablomon survived), likely due to lacking something (a digicore?), but still having it's innate abilities.]]
** In the aforementioned movie, Guilmon uses a fireball underwater, this was odd, until I realised that the Tamer's digital world has no atmosphere. Thus, the fireball is not dependent on ''outside air''(there is none). Being a chemical fire, it burns until it consumes itself. This also made me realise that Digimon (at least in this season) don't breathe.
*** Which is shown when Shuichon strangles Terriermon and it doesn't seem to have any effect on him expect being painful at the moment.
*** Guilmon is also a unique case of not-breathing. Guilmon is the chosen name for him in the dub because it preserves the sound of his japanese name, which in romaji is Girumon, but more accurately would be Gilmon. Gil... as in Gila monster or, more likely,''gills''. Check out the fringes on the sides of our favorite Kaiju's face, guys. Guilmon can breathe underwater.
** Also in Battle of Adventurers, there's a FunnyBackgroundEvent when Takato first finds Kai: Takato runs into Kai and the suitcase that has Guilmon in it falls on its side. Second later, it stands up on its own. Just a silly gag, until you remember that the BigBad of the movie is just a few feet away, disguised as a human. [[ForeShadowing Guilmon was reacting to presence of a Digimon, and they hid that fact right in plain sight during a joke scene.]]
* When the Tamers Biomerge, they lose all their clothes, and are... missing something. Sure, probably just BarbieDollAnatomy, right? Then in a later episode, Renamon says that digimon don't have genders. When the Tamers Biomerge, they become digimon themselves. There is no Barbie Doll Anatomy. What you see is exactly how they look throughout the time of the Biomerge. They've lost their genders, so there's no need to censor anything, because there's nothing there.
** Though in the original Renamon actually said something closer to "Digimon aren't ''divided'' by gender", implying that there are male and female digimon, but gender has no bearing on their position in society.
*** Hope no one minds me going Sociological on this topic, but it is worth mentioning that in Sociology there is difference between Biological sex (whether you are born male and female) and gender identity (what one identifies themselves as). Thus it can be said that while Digimon are biologically asexual, but can still have Gender identities as male or female. ~JesseMB27
* Those who want another reference to a certain sci-fi movie, remember that the D-Reaper is an [[strike: antivirus]] data deletion program, and that it attacked humans and digimon; i.e, considered that they were inherently destructive. Now which villain from "The Matrix" said so specifically, like D-Reaper Agent 01? Bonus: Both resemble what they are trying to eliminate.
** Considering that the Matrix was an acknowledged inspiration for one of Konaka's own characters (Trinity for Rika), that's not really stretch. However, I would also think this is more Hilarious in Hindsight considering the whole plot with Smith trying to multiply/expand himself to carrying out an omnicide against humans (much like the D-Reaper seeking to do much the same) didn't occur until the Matrix Reloaded, which came out in 2003 almost two years after Digimon Tamers had aired. ~JesseMB27
* "takatomon"? Guilmon's nickname for Takato early in the dub? extremely subtle foreshadowing for [[spoiler: matrix evolution.]] or maybe I'm reading too far into this. - bobofwoggle
** Its meant to show how Guilmon doesn't know to distinguish between humans and Digimon.
* Culumon is the catalyst of evolution given form in order to be sent to digital world. Of course, it wouldn't make sense for the Digimon to make themselves weaker and send their own power where themselves couldn't reach... unless (and note this is the only logical reason) there was something that would attack the digimon if they got to strong. The fridge hits when you [[JustForPun realize]] that the very first scene of the series {{Foreshadow}}s the [[BigBad D-Reaper's appearence and nature]], solely through Culumon's very existence.
* When one thinks about it, Ryo's presence in Tamers actually makes sense; Both Tamers and the [=WonderSwan=] games make a point of noting how HarmfulToMinors the digital world and it's inhabitants can be. Not only that, but his ability to [[FusionDance Bio-Merge]] without getting the power from the Sovereign makes sense; After everything that happened in the [=WonderSwan=] games, who's to say that Ryo isn't already made of data?
* In Runaway Locomon, Beelzemon shows up on his motorcycle, Behemoth. This would be weird as it was destroyed in the digital world, until you realize that Ai and Mako have a Digivice & Behomoth is an actual card in the card game.
* [[UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom Zhuqiaomon]] wanting to [[ApocalypseHow destroy the humans, thereby destroying the Digital World as well in the long run]] might seem [[TooDumbToLive literally suicidally stupid]], except we know that there are other Digital Worlds out there. Accessing one would hardly be difficult, given how we see them capable of traversing dimensions under their own power both in Tamers and in 02.


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* Mixed with FridgeBrilliance. When they are preparing to go to the Digital World is it presented like they are going to commit [[SuicidePact Group Suicide]]. Like Takato and his classmates writing notes that they are going far away together to their teacher, Ruki finally wearing the dress her mother chose for her, Terriermon suddenly being thankful to Shuichon, Jen being relieved and somewhat happier, Takato's parents different reactions to that he's going, Kenta leacing just a note, Juri not saying anything, etc.
* In ''Digimon Tamers'', D-Reaper is basically a giant recycle bin. So every time you delete something, you're FEEDING AN [[EldritchAbomination ELDRITCH ABOMINATION]]! Now, consider the contents of the average Internet dweller's hard drive. D-Reaper may get the occasional innocent lolcat or text file, to be sure, but by dataweight, you've got to conclude that it's made up mostly of ''discarded porn''. Eldritch indeed.
** This just makes D-Jeri all the more creepier.
** Programs like D-Reaper are called "Garbage Collectors" and are actually quite widespread - nowadays almost any computer has at least one. [[ParanoiaFuel any of them can potentially eat the world!]]
* There is the possibility that the D-Reaper cannot be defeated. It can be reset to a smaller form, but as long as we use data, it will exist to keep it from getting to big, and once ''it'' gets too big for the data, it can escape the digital world and assault the real one. If we stop using data, we have quarantined the digital world to die, and of course cannot use technology ourselves. If we do, we could run into the same problem down the line, without any way to fight it. It's basically Sin from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'', only there ''is no other way''.
** YMMV on how horrifying this really is. The primarily reason the D-Reaper had gotten so powerful was because it had been inactive, and thus no one knew to take steps against it until it was (almost) too late. Now that they know about it, humans and Digimon alike will likely be looking for ways to reset it BEFORE it wakes up again. Within a few years they could very well have the means of doing it on a monthly basis.
* When Takato first had Guilmon digivolve into Wargrowlmon, we find out that his and Guilmon's [[PsychicLink Psychic Link]] has grown to the point where he can feel Guilmon's pain. Near the end of the series, it's established all the other Tamers who can [[spoiler: Matrix Evolve]] can also feel their partner digimon's pain. There has also been several instances with ALL of the Tamers that suggest that they all have some form of [[PsychicLink Psychic Link]] with their partner, only with differing degrees of strength. What do you think that means for Juri [[spoiler: whose partner was killed and [[TheAssimilator absorbed]] by Beelzemon? ]]
** This can actually lead to even worse observation; after watching the scene, one has to conclude that Juri's shock is so great, it even makes the physical feeling [[spoiler: of getting impalled through the stomach]] ''insignificant''.
** The change in the psychic link only occurred after biomerging. Juri never biomerged with Leomon, thus if she had one (and it doesn't look like anyone did before then) it would have been at it's lowest level.
*** Takato was special, since he actually created Guilmon and so their connection was deeper right from the start, to the point where he felt the link right since episode 14 even as guilmon was still a champion. And he isn't the only case; even though his link is stronger, in the fight against Indramon (even before they get to the digital world) the trio get noticeably winded due to their partners, making it obvious that biomerge is a ''result'' of a deep link rather than the other way around. Of course, the argument that Jeri's bond with Leomon simply wasn't deep enough still stands, since she was never specifically shown [[ImHavingSoulPains to share his pain.]]
*** Well, ''thank God'' the strength of the "link" varies, because the second I read that...well, remember that we have three Tamers (Suzi, Ai, Makoto) who are ''little kids.'' Imagine how it'd be for ''them'' if the link was as strong as it was for the main trio, the twins especially!
*** While Juri's link with Leomon must have been strong since they understand and try to help each other in the '''''four months''''' [[HarsherInHindsight they've spent together]], I'm absolutely sure the twins didn't physically feel a thing (although watching beelzebumon on Tv [[NightmareFuel getting shreded]] [[HarmfulToMinors mustn't have been pleasant)]] since they didn't have a digivice yet. On another note, we've also found yet ''another'' reason for antylamon not going to the final battle.
**** A digimon's link strengths as they grow together. Juri didn't develop much, if at all, while with Leomon so their link didn't deepen so she wouldn't have felt anything. Her link wasn't even strong enough to get him to digivolve, her emotional development was stunted due to her trauma from losing her mother.
* Food for thought, Guilmon wasn't originally designed with the digital hazard sign on his chest, but it appeared somehow during the transition from idea into reality. This ties in with him being a virus type, so it's quite possible that Guilmon wasn't intended to be a virus type but ended up becoming one. Now, think back to that dub Digimon movie, where the plotlines were mashed together so that Willis became the "creator" of Diaboromon because he tried to create a digimon, only for it to get infected with a computer virus and mutate. Yes, this plotline didn't exist in the original Japanese, but it does make this troper wonder if whenever someone tries to create a digimon in the real world, because it's not "natural", it leads it to being virus typed. Not necessarily evil, but virus typed. This didn't happen with the original digimon that were programmed because they weren't yet an established species, perhaps not even really sentient.
* How many Digimon did Beelzemon kill before meeting the tamers?
* If you thought Vikaralamon's presence in the real world was destructive, imagine how much damage Majiramon, a freaking dragon Digimon would cause if he entered and what it would cost to bring him down ...
* Why don't we ever see Ruki's father? Her parents might be divorced, but it should be pretty well known by the end of the series that the kids are going to risk their lives to save the city. It's just a little disturbing that he doesn't show up, not even ONCE, to maybe see his daughter off one last time. If I were Ruki I might be slightly traumatized by this. Both parents of every other Tamer (with possible exception of Ryo?) show up except for hers.
* Janyu unleashing the Juggernaut program was just about the worst thing he could've done, as not were the Tamer's Digimon gone, which was the primary line of defense against the D-Reaper, and other digimon-related, but Cyberdramon was affected by it as well, meaning that best-case scenario, he regresses into [[VideoGame/DigimonWonderswanSeries Millenniumon]], which is a ''much'' greater threat to that particular digital world, than the D-Reaper ever was, dwarfing the Sovereign and Deva in power. Far more realistically, he'll be regressed into the evil god [[EldritchAbomination Zeed]][[RealityWarper Mille]][[TimeMaster nniumon]], which is ''much, much worse'', as that way, no Digital or Real world, or anyone in them, are safe. [[NightmareRetardant Fortunately, they did return]].
* It seems that even Runaway Locomon can't avoid some of this: Gallantmon reaches Crimson Mode, yet Grani is dead at the time, so how is it possible? Simple, [[DeaderThanDead Takato and Guilmon unknowingly expended what little of Grani's energy and coding there was left.]]
* Antylamon pulling a HeelFaceTurn, and joining Suzie, might seem a bit out of left field, but take a look at her species description for a moment. "''It likes small things, and because it attends to them with profound tenderness, if anything appears that tries to tread on them then its personality is completely reversed,''". She was merely following her coding: [[BrainwashedAndCrazy ''She didn't have a choice!'']] At least, [[NightmareRetardant until she become a Lopmon]].
* In [[VideoGame/DigimonTamersBraveTamer Brave Tamer]], we see [[BadassAdorable Monodramon]] and [[MultiversalConqueror ZeedMillenniumon]] undergo a [[FusionDance Jogress]], leaving Monodramon as the Rookie-level, and Mille as the Mega. Cyberdramon, the Ultimate-level is a BloodKnight, while Monodramon is much less agressive. [[OhCrap Try not to think about what'll happen, when Cyberdramon reaches Mega.]]
** We do see when Cyberdramon reaches mega... Justimon
*** I defer to the Megidramon[=/=]Gallantmon duality.
* This needs to be said Guilmon's first three forms have no profile until Takato scans him. The two exaptions are Gallantmon and Megidramon. If it was just Gallantmon it would have been a nice bit of foreshadowing that Guilmon might have a bit of backstory as a reborn royal knight but Megidramon also has a profile that shows that A ABOMNATION THAT TORE APART REALITY existed before but it is toned down when you remember Gallantmon is a alternate form
** Perhaps a bit of Brilliance here, since Takato didn't design mega levels for Guilmon he just defaulted into the strongest pre-existing megas.