[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* In the form of a WhatTheHellHero for Sparda, several fans have wondered why exactly Sparda didn't leave his family with the Vie de Marli for safekeeping considering that he helped them kill an evil demon god (thus meaning that they probably owed him a favor) and that they were more than capable of warding off some measly demons sent by Mundus. The potential problem is never addressed in-game.
** Considering Sparda's age, it's quite possible he helped the Vie de Marli decades before meeting Eva. We also don't know what happened to Sparda, maybe he planned to do it but was killed before he could.


[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* I was going through the Hard difficulty on ''DevilMayCry 4'', and [[ThatOneBoss getting my rear handed to me by Dante]]. On the third try or so, I was getting a bit frustrated with the fact that he kept pulling out all the extra weapons that he didn't have on the Normal playthrough, then I realized: Hey, I'm going through a NewGamePlus, that means all the stuff I've gotten carries over to the new game, and yes, that applies to Dante too, even before I get to play as him! - {{Tropers/Reflextion}}
* In ''DevilMayCry 4'', Nero could (theoretically) use [[RedRightHand Devil Bringer]] to save Kyrie on at least two occasions. However, the only things you use the Devil Bringer for in-game is as a grappling hook against non-corporeal targets or to lay the smackdown on the bad guys, neither of which requires a delicate touch. Perhaps the Devil Bringer is incapable of being used in a gentle manner?
** Also, rewatch the cutscene in which Kyrie first sees the Devil Bringer. Nero tries to ''hide it behind his back'', which would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic. He doesn't even want her looking at the mark of his curse (as he sees it), let alone coming into contact with it. It was no accident that the final cutscene of the game had Kyrie [[IntertwinedFingers interlacing her fingers]] with those of the Devil Bringer - it was the ultimate sign that she had accepted Nero for who he was.
** In the second Nero vs. Dante battle, Nero's final attack is identical to the one Vergil used in ''Devil May Cry 3'' to defeat Dante. However, Dante stops Nero as he has become more skilled. Although it is ridiculous that Nero would know Vergil's attacks, it could have been made to hint that he really is Vergil's son.
* Many people wonder why Cerberus, a [[{{Hellhound}} hellhound]], is an ice elemental in [=DMC3=]. Anybody who has read Dante's Inferno (or at least studied up on it), however, would know that in the ninth circle, Satan was encased in ice. Another nod towards the epic, perhaps?
** The third circle of Hell in Literature/TheDivineComedy where Cerberus is the guardian is mentioned to constantly be rained upon with cold, miserable slush. DMC's Cerberus may be a bigger reference to that.
*** And the level on which the fight against Cerberus takes place? Level number 3.
* A bit of a meta-example, and may also be a bit of a stretch, as it was one of the things responsible for ''DevilMayCry 2'''s [[{{Sequelitis}} much weaker reception]]. Why is this game easier than the others? Because it's the latest in the series' AnachronicOrder, and Dante has [[TookALevelInBadass taken several levels in badass]] by then, making the enemies in [=DMC2=] weaker in comparison. ''The game's easier because Dante is just that powerful now.''
** That also explains ''Dante's Awakening'' and its NintendoHard difficulty (at least its original release); since it was Dante's first major adventure.
* The final boss arena in ''DevilMayCry 3'', where you fight Vergil, was not listed in the map, and therefore, it has no name. However, there is actually a possible name. It is a river that flows in(to) the underworld. What is the name of said river? ''[[spoiler:The River Styx]].''
* One peculiar trait of Nero in [=DMC4=] is that he swings the Red Queen around with just his left hand for a majority of his attacks. It seems like a pretty odd way to make him distinct from Dante. However, it may have served as a subtle connection to another character. Earlier in [=DMC3=], Vergil is shown wielding another BFS of the series, Force Edge, with one hand. Considering that Nero seems very similar to Vergil, perhaps this was done to further establish some relationship between them.
** There's also the fact that his right hand started in a sling and ended up a demonic claw, he might just be using his left hand to swing the Red Queen and fire the Blue Rose since it's still human and easier to use them.
* With all those actions Dante got and Sparda being left in the backstory, it seems that another game that stars Sparda would be fitting, until this troper realized: you don't need Sparda as a main character. ''[[spoiler: Whenever you use Sparda's costume, you're already retelling his tale!]]''
* Whether this was an intentional ShoutOut to ClassicalMythology or not is unknown, but the [[DemonicSpiders Nobodies]] from the first game are among the most difficult and/or annoying enemies to deal with. Does anyone know what alias Odysseus goes by in the Odyssey when he and his crew are up against and stab the Cyclops in the eye? "Nohbdy", which coincidently in English is pronounced and has the same meaning as "Nobody", albeit they differ in that they are brutish rather than clever. {{Tropers/JesseMB27}}
* All bosses in DMC3 possess a LogicalWeakness. Agni and Cerberus are weak against each other, for instance. A notable exception occurs during Dante's campaign, as none of his weapons deal extra damage against Beowulf. Vergil does not have that difficulty, as Yamato's darkness counters Beowulf's light. That explains his quick end by Vergil's hand.
* In the form of an AuthorsSavingThrow. There has been some speculation by fans as to why Dante is [[TheStoic more sober and serious]] in Devil May Cry 2, with one popular theory is that Trish and Lady (though the latter was not conceived yet) were killed or faced some other unfortunate fate and that he blames himself for that tragedy. Actually, if one recalls the events of the Devil May Cry 2 novel, he did experience [[TearJerker a depressing loss]] in that he [[spoiler: killed a Trish from an parallel universe [[TheDragon who served]] and remained loyal to Mundus despite his efforts to convince her to change sides. It was stated the novel that Dante [[AlasPoorVillain lamented having to go through with it]].]] {{Tropers/JesseMB27}}
* At first glance Vergil, who is established as being an honorable AntiVillain, stabbing Dante through his chest would seem as utterly [[ClicheStorm lazy]] if not [[BadWritingIndex terrible writing]] in seeming to inexplicably turn [[ByronicHero Vergil]] [[CharacterDerailment into something of a]] CardCarryingVillain out of nowhere. However when one considers that Vergil and Dante are well aware of their partly Demonic heritage, of which includes the benefit of HealingFactor, it would be obvious that Vergil would know that he wouldn't be able to kill Dante that easily and pierced him just to keep him down so he could leave with Dante's half of the Perfect Amulet and likely wanted to force Dante to awaken his Devil Trigger powers [[WellIntentionedExtremist to help him survive]] [[UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans in the new world]] [[VisionaryVillain he]] wishes to establish (via recreating the Kingdom of Sparda). {{Tropers/JesseMB27}}


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* In ''Devil May Cry 3'' Lady, after being caught by Dante as she was falling from the tower, shoots him in the head. Moments later he leans back, showing no reaction to the damage and she muses that this means Dante's a demon too. She couldn't have had any reason to suspect it before that moment, everything she's seen him do is within her own abilities. What exactly would she have done if he had ''died'' from that, mourned her murder of a human? Does she make a habit of randomly shooting other people who are killing demons to see if they're secretly demons?
** She saw ride a rocket like surfboard earlier. HOW in the hell would you consider Dante human after that?
*** She coulda chalked it up to pure luck. Either that or she [[WrongGenreSavvy thought]] RuleOfCool was in play.