[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* In ''Deus Ex'', what will normally incapacitate a mook will kill JC. At first I thought it was because they are lazy, but I then realized that the UNATCO made it so that if he is incapacitated, he activates a pseudo killswitch which will have himself self terminate if he is involuntarily incapacitated.
** I always thought of it as seeing that if you pass out in enemy territory, it is just shorthand for saying that the enemies would have finished you off when you were out. Although the puddle of blood under you would support your theory...
** Also, his HyperactiveMetabolism means that the bronchitis caused by prolonged exposure to the tear gas manifests much more quickly than was intended, since the nano augs process certain things quicker. This also means it can directly affect JC and prolonged exposure can lead to death.
* In ''Deus Ex'', you always open to a particular section of a book, even when it's closed, and typically to the pages most pressing to current events, or the ones that are most [[ContemplateOurNavels contemplatitively philosophical.]] For example, behind the Clerk's desk in the 'Ton Hotel, there is a copy of G. K. Chesterton's ''Literature/TheManWhoWasThursday'', and you open to a discussion of political and philosophical anarchy. You might think "Well, why do we open to that page instead of any particular other?" Because, being the [[GeniusBruiser erudite]] SuperSoldier that he is, JC opens directly to the section that interests him.
* In the beginning, Paul will scold you if you choose to mainly fight your way through Liberty Island, which makes sense as he's a firm believer in ThouShallNotKill. It later makes even more sense because [[spoiler:those were ''his'' men you killed.]]
** References to Paul's duplicity can be found around this time too, as in Hell's Kitchen he urges JC to use a non-lethal approach, as well as giving UNATCO soldiers, supposedly his own men, non-lethal gas grenades to use agains the NSF.
* Why does Walton Simons's voice always sound like he's five seconds away from falling asleep? As the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, he would of course want to have a reassuring voice, [[FalseReassurance false as that reassurance may be]].
* Tracer Tong. Tracer T. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracert tracert]].
* You may find the fact that the battles between the Triads in Hong Kong are often swordfights somewhat anachronistic and culturally cliched. Then you remember that the Hong Kong Police use highly efficient acoustic sensors on the streets that allow them to quickly detect gunfire, so of course the Triads would look for a quick, cheap alternative that allows them to continue their gang war.

[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* The intro sequence gives us a snapshot of the recent terrorist attack on the Statue of Liberty, where the first level will take place. One of the men gives us this information:
-->'''Walton Simmons:''' The secondary unit [[spoiler:(referring to JC Denton)]]should be online soon. He's currently undergoing preparations and will be operational within six months.
** Why is this Fride Logic? The idea is that six months pass between the intro and the first mission. This is further reinforced by Page mentioning that Simmons' appointment to FEMA will soon be finalised whereas in the game, he is already the head of FEMA.
** Not the original troper, but it doesn't make that much sense because... even if they want the secondary unit to take the Statue for them, why wait 6 months until he's activated? That means 6 months where UNACTO is essentially under siege (and thus [[spoiler: a Majestic 12 base as well]]).
** I believe that the attack referenced in the intro isn't the current attack where the terrorists stole the vaccine but the earlier one mentioned by multiple characters throughout the game namely the bombing of the statue, this can be seen in the first level where the head and torch of the statue have been turned into a kind of memorial and it's even implied that it was the government that bombed the statue so they could use the island as a base for UNATCO