[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* In Chapter 5, [[spoiler: you take various steps in the medical deck to hold off the necromorphs. One example is when you barricade the medical deck's lobby after a tentacle bursts out of the wall and attacks your crew. In ''Dead Space'', upon arriving to the medical deck, you find the barricade up against the very same door, and when you destroy it, you find ''the hole in the wall made by the tentacle, exactly where it was in Extraction!!!'' This trend occurs a lot before this encounter. Basically, whatever state in which you leave a room in Chapter 5, Isaac Clarke finds it in the exact same state in Dead Space.]]
* When Lexine becomes seperated from the rest of the party, you immediately hallucinate a Lurker attacking you. [[spoiler: Lexine's ability to NoSell the Marker's [[MindScrew Mindfuckery]] is removed, making you vulnerable to getting mindfucked]].