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* Yuna's poor performance with her Aeons DOES make a bit of sense considering the fact that she(And Riku) are in their X2 depictions. By that time the [[PoweredByAForsakenChild Fayth had long been deactivated]] and Yuna had to DiscardAndDraw, loosing her ability to summon and learning to use guns to make up for it. Not only is she rusty as a summoner by this point, but her Aeons have very likely [[SoLastSeason fallen VERY far behind in power and potency]] considering the fact that even the basic fiends have grown so much in power that the previously powerful to the point of omnipotence Omega Weapon was not only surpassed, but degraded to the point of being a common and relatively easy to overcome encounter. The fact that each of the DOA ladies alone were able to beat down Yuna means that [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption the Aeons were screwed from the start]] when tasked with [[HopelessBossFight destroying hundreds of them.]]
* When Tifa is absolutely thrashed after her magic heavy combo attacks in the second part, It's Yuna who comes to her aide with potion and either. [[WhiteMage old habits]] [[CombatMedic die hard, 'eh Yuna?]]
* Notice the kneeling pose Tifa is in during Part V, after coming out of the flashback. It is ''the exact same pose'' she has in ''FFVII'' when in critical status - in other words, right before unleashing her Limit.
* Equipping Materia gives you powers, but decreases your total HP. Tifa may have lost her magic when she lost her umpteen bazillion materia, but given how many lethal-looking attacks she tanks after...
* Rewatch ''DF'' I and II again and notice the tactics used. While the ''FF'' girls tend towards teamwork and combination attacks (like the Haste casting), the ''DOA'' girls try to force one on one battles, and only gain an upper hand when the ''FF'' girls are outnumbered (and therefore splitting focus). Since ''DF'' III on has the girls separated, the ''DOA'' girls are showing their superiority. Now comes the real FridgeBrilliance: Think about exactly what kind of games these characters come from. While the ''fighting game characters are more effective in one on one battles'', the ''RPG characters are more powerful as a team''.
** Possibly leading to even more brilliance when you consider just ''when'' the ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' girls start to kick ass. In the first video, Team ''FF'' start getting their act together when Tifa joins Yuna and Rikku and brings their total number to three - the smallest possible "full" party of any ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' game. The team gets to an almost [[GameBreaker game-breaking]] level of power when Rinoa and Kairi appear, bringing their number to five - the ''largest'' party possible in any main-numbered ''Final Fantasy'' game.
* In Dead Fantasy V, when Tifa is hallucinating before her HeroicSpirit moment, it shows her waking up at the tower from Dead Fantasy 1, in the same place she jumped in and saved Yuna and Rikku. A single white feather falls down by her side. Given that Rinoa has the ability to teleport people and that she has white feathers on her wings, could it be that ''she'' was the one who transported Tifa there to help Yuna and Rikku in their hour of need?
* A female warrior appears over a battlefield and whisks the heroines in battle away to do battle elsewhere, in more brutal and savage conditions, apparently in preparation for a greater battle. She comes complete with sword, shield, and wings, completing the classical look associated with a certain Norse god's agents. That's right; ''Rinoa is a freaking [[{{Valkyries}} Valkyrie]]!'' Of course, FridgeHorror might kick in when you remember that the Valkyries were the "Choosers of the ''Slain''"....


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* ''DeadFantasy'' music videos. They say if one should want to maintain their appetite for sausages, they must be careful as to not being present when they are being prepared. The music videos, too, apply: the gentleman responsible for these impressive animations are said to have employed the technique of mocap-ing himself in order to capture the delicate, acclaimed movements. The subtle hip movements near the beginning of "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFrlFeK8guY Obsessed]]" may lose their savour once a viewer learns of this truth.