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* Throughout the series Matty Roth increasingly becomes something of a UsefulNotes/CheGuevara parallel. Like Che, Matty starts off as a non-combatant looking to do some good. (Albeit a reporter instead of a doctor). He becomes increasingly stricken by what he sees and and passionate about a cause. (In Matty's case the welfare of the people in the DMZ). Both get taken under the wing of a charismatic, rabble-rouser leader looking to come into power. Both abandon their non-combatant profession to further support the cause. Matty even gets accused by the propaganda network Liberty News of running a "death squad", and at times his hair and beard get increasingly long and ragged, although not quite Che style. Eventually, like Che, Matty commits ruthless acts in pursuit of what he believes at the moment to be the greater good, Matty just doesn't go as far off the slippery slope and remains open to change and changing his mind.