[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* The ending of the film makes you realise how many people died in the disaster, but unlike the protagonists, we don't know anything about them because they lacked a camera. If Hud had not had the camera, then the protagonists would also be forgotten.
* If that big monster was just a baby, then how big is the mother?
** If [[spoiler:the ending of ''Film/TheCloverfieldParadox'']] is anything to go by, a fully-grown one is tall enough to [[spoiler: ''reach above the clouds'']].
* If the last words in the film are, "It's still alive", then that means they went to the second part of the Hammerdown Protocol, where they destroyed ''the entire city''.
* What must all of the people in Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Queens be thinking of all of this wanton destruction going on nearby? ''Were they also destroyed by the Hammerdown??''
* During the evacuation, it's very possible that [[spoiler:Lily watched her friends' chopper go down]]. And if [[spoiler:she survived and escaped unharmed]], she'll be in for some nasty heartbreak when [[spoiler:she sees the footage of what happened next]]...