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* In the ''Series/{{Charmed}}'' episode "All Halliwell's Eve", Phoebe gets told that her true love's name will start with a C. At the time, Phoebe thinks it refers to Cole. However at the end of the series [[spoiler: Phoebe marries ''Coop'' whose name also starts with a C]]. It could also be a reference to her boyfriend Clay from New York before she became a witch.
** Further. '''C'''lay, '''C'''ole, and [[spoiler:'''C'''oop]] were arguably her most influential romances (Clay before the series, Cole in the middle, [[spoiler:Coop at/after the end]]). There are '''three''' of them. '''C''' is the '''third''' letter of the alphabet. Phoebe is the '''third''' of the Charmed sisters. Is anybody else seeing [[RuleOfThree a pattern here]]?
* Not quite sure if this is best classified as "Fridge Horror", but it certainly gave this troper some: the scene in "The Power of Three Blondes" where the 3 titular blondes magically [[spoiler: usurp the sisters' identities and then start coming on to Chris]]. Towards the end of the episode, one of the [[spoiler: fakes]] asks her sister, the one who's [[spoiler: stolen Phoebe's identity]], if she slept with [[spoiler: Chris]]; he says "yes". This despite the fact that as far as under-the-spell [[spoiler: Chris]] is concerned, the woman in question is [[spoiler: his BIOLOGICAL AUNT WHOSE CARE HE GREW UP UNDER]]. A quite credible argument for the idea that his relationship to the Charmed Ones wasn't conceived by the writers until after the start of the season it happened in.
** Or he was lying- he was trying to create discord at the time, remember.
** Earlier in the episode, Chris acts a little disturbed when Fake!Phoebe is hitting on him, (this is before he figures out that she's an imposter) and even firmly tells her that "I'm really, REALLY not interested." He was almost certainly lying, though. Note that Fake!Phoebe denies sleeping with him, and given that the other Stillman sisters believed Chris without any evidence in spite of their sister's denial, there wasn't really any reason for him to actually sleep with Fake!Phoebe.
* Billie is seen as being some sort of a MarySue because of the show's focus on her story as well as the many feats seen on her part which were never hinted at being feasible at least by any non-Halliwells before. But aside from the side story focus not being terribly much greater with her than it was with the likes of, say, Cole, she and Christy's story has involved a terrible lot of calling out the Charmed Ones over shirking their duties for their personal lives even as far back as that being what convinced them to drop their false faces and lives. Thus, it all makes sense. Aside from Kaley Cuoco portraying her like this was one of her sitcom characters half the time (which she can't really be faulted for as it's the ones behind the scenes who cast her in this role yet didn't write to her strengths), '''everything''' that makes Billie appear Sue-ish, from her outdoing the Charmed ones at demon hunting early on to [[spoiler:her and Christy suddenly being the Ultimate Power and almost matching them]], wasn't because of how she was this great, nigh-unstoppable prodigal super witch. It was her determination to do good and hunt down demons, especially due to [[spoiler:her sister's kidnapping, plus the Triad's [[ManipulativeBastard manipulation]] of everyone involved]], versus the sisters' increasingly single-minded determination to fulfill their dreams getting in the way of their Wiccan call of duty (to the point, as mentioned above, where they changed face hoping to completely skip out on their world-saving job). The Charmed Ones' experience with Billie was a cautionary tale about the consequences of neglecting duty.
** The comics revealed that [[spoiler:Prue's presence was holding the Power of Three back during the Ultimate Power battle as well]]. In other words, [[spoiler:one former GodModeSue practically just helped another ''be'' one]]. Destiny must be an even more powerful force than believed…
* When Wyatt is evil in the original future Chris came from, he speaks with a vaguely British accent that he doesn't use when he is good. Why does he use it? Because he turned evil because [[EvilBrit Gideon]] [[WellIntentionedExtremist kidnapped him as a child.]] He subconsciously absorbed that this was what evil sounds like.
* In 03x01, Cole tells the demonic judge, 'Free Willy' he'll "take it from here" before promptly vanquishing him. Later on, we find out he's here to destroy the Charmed Ones like Free Willy was.
* In the starting scene of "Sympathy for the Demon" Phoebe (now infamously) misspells her own name. That could be now seen as a hint that reality wasn't what it appeared to be.
** Actually, Phoebe misspelled her name on the real divorce documents (which would probably render them null and void) when she signed them at the end of "A Witch's Tale, Part Two". The fact that the divorce papers needed to be signed again was the hint that Cole was hallucinating.
* It seems a bit strange that it took ''so'' long for Paige's HealingHands to kick in, especially since the trigger is [[ThePowerOfLove love]] and it's not like no one she loves was ever seriously wounded, particularly during seasons six or seven, where you would expect her to be far enough along in her power growth to be able to access her last Whitelighter ability. However, when Piper switched powers with Leo in order to heal him during the first Darklighter episode, she is unable to do anything until she admits that she loves him. Paige's healing ability doesn't kick in until Henry is dying in her arms and she has no way to save him. Judging by the look on her face, it seems pretty clear that, if she didn't suspect it before, she knew right then that she loved him. So, basically, it seems that if a person isn't a full Whitelighter, they don't have the same strength of love in them to use the Whitelighter healing power until they've found the love of their life and ''admitted it'', either out loud or just to themselves. (Note that Piper and Leo's son Wyatt, who is a HalfHumanHybrid of the exact same vein as Paige, can use the healing ability at birth, however as he's TheChosenOne and can do a ''lot'' of things that normal witches, hybrid or not, should be unable to do, he's not really a fair factor.)


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* ''Charmed'' has a particularly dark case involving Penny (the Charmed Ones' grandmother) dying. Before she died, she had made a potion to strip the sisters of their powers permanently. It was quite lucky she died before she gave it to them, wasn't it? Almost as if some higher power had a hand in her death such as the Elders maybe? Given that Penny was going to de-power the most powerful good witches in the world, it's almost definite the Elders stepped in and killed her before she got there.
* Speaking of the Elders, after Gideon's assistant found out about Gideon's evil plan, Gideon blasted him into a pile of ashes to keep him from talking. Bad enough on its own, right? But this happened at Magic School, which is magically enchanted so that nobody can die there. Even if you're beheaded, you still remain conscious and aware as long as any part of your body remains on the school's grounds. So as long as even one speck of that guy remains embedded in the carpet... [[AndIMustScream yikes]].
** Then again it's ''Charmed'', one of the greatest violators of the LawOfConservationOfDetail
** And Gideon may be exempt because ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem
* An in-universe example in "Be Careful What You Witch For". Piper and Phoebe recall a story in which an abusive boyfriend attacked Prue and how the situation enraged Grams. Piper notes the boyfriend disappeared not too long afterwards. In the spirit of the trope, something that she didn't know then but now does (Grams being a witch) makes Piper consider there was a supernatural reason for his disappearance.
* In Season 5's "Sense and Sense Ability," the Crone foresees Wyatt's future and is downright terrified by it. ("I've seen everything!") It seems like it's just because Wyatt is a Halliwell - a de-facto force for good and a powerful one at that. But then Season 6 reveals that (before Future Chris' time-travel trip) Wyatt grows up to be a GodModeSue that [[BadFuture ruins the world]].
* In the Book of Shadows, Shax is described as the Source's personal assassin and is assigned only for the top assignments. I highly doubt killing a mortal paragon of good counts as a top priority and sending Shax could be considered over kill. Now killing the Charmed Ones is a different matter. The Source's real goal was to send Shax after the doctor and, knowing the Charmed Ones, have them go to rescue him and get them killed in the cross fire. He could have even have manipulated Phoebe's vision (that she mentioned early in the episode) to ensure they would be involved.
** FridgeBrilliance: The Seer has shown she's able to manipulate Phoebe's premonitions. Perhaps she had a hand in it?
* For anyone who's also an anime fan. Compare the [[NightmareFuel hideously]] [[BodyHorror creepy]] season 1 MonsterOfTheWeek Masselin to the PhilosophersStone as presented in ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist''. Good God, we are so lucky Masselin was ''not'' a BigBad.


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* The Book of Shadows contains descriptions of many unique demons and warlocks, often together with a spell and/or potion to vanquish them. Which raises the questions:
-->a) Why they haven't been vanquished by previous Halliwell witches?\\
b) How do they know that said spell/potion will actually work?
** Probably the biggest excuse through the course of the show: The Power of Three. The spells worked to wound or weaken the demon, but the Power of Three worked as something of an amplifier to push the power of the spell or potion over the top. Many spells were described as a "Power of Three Spell," which makes them sound like only a trio of witches could do them effectively.
** Also, perhaps one of their ancestors looked into the future and took notes?
** Key word here is "vanquish", which mean "To defeat or conquer in battle; subjugate." Not to outright destroy them, but simply to defeat them. Some of the so called vanquished demons return frequently (Cole, Barbas). And at least one of them is explicitly said that has not recovered from the last vanquish he suffered (Tempus, in the Season 3 finale).
* Is it just me, or does Piper seem to forget that she has the power to freeze after she fully develops her exploding power? I understand that it's easier to just blow up a weak demon on the spot, but from season 4 onwards, she hardly ever freezes anything, even when it would be extremely useful. I remember several occasions when she was fighting demons/other creatures strong enough that her power of combustion couldn't fully blow them up, only annoy them or slow them down, and she just continues throwing small explosions at them to slow them down instead of freezing them, which would be much easier and smarter. Could be justified if they were also strong enough to resist her freezing power (as several strong demons have been known to do) but she doesn't even try it. ForgottenPhlebotinum perhaps?
** ForgottenPhlebotinum annoyed me in nearly every single episode of Charmed. How many times they could have defeated the Demon / MonsterOfTheWeek within minutes...
** [[ForgotAboutHisPowers Forgot About His (actually Her) Powers]] is what you're looking for here…
** Upper level demons were more resistant to her freezing power. There were some demons it didn't work on at all. However they can't be immune to her explosion power. It was a better strategy trying an offensive attack that had more of a chance of working than trying a power that they might be resistant to.
* A minor quibble with "Centennial Charmed". If Cole lost his Avatar powers when he created the alternate reality, when he was vanquished and his spell was reversed, shouldn't he have immediately regained his Avatar powers once more, thus been able to reassemble himself from nothing?
** He shouldn't have even lost his Avatar powers in the first place. If he was limited to just Belthazor's powers in the alternate timeline, he wouldn't have had anywhere near the power to maintain such a powerful spell, and reality should have snapped back to normal immediately.
* During Leo's [[DrunkOnTheDarkSide crusade]] [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge against evil]] during Season 7 at no point does it occur to anyone to point out that Wyatt seeing his severely pissed off father solve problems by simple blasting them with lightning, might be the very thing that caused him to turn to evil in the first place. After all, they only ''assume'' that Gideon's betrayal was the sole event that turned him to evil and made him a sociopath.
** Furthermore, we later see even minor events such as his teddy bear being cursed are capable of shifting his morality, to the point where even Vicus lampshades how quickly he fell to evil. As demonstrated several times over the course of the series, the future tends to ''always'' be in flux, so why do they continually assume that Good Wyatt is permanently here to stay?
** The long-term thing is key here. Wyatt turned evil because he was forced to defend himself against Gideon's attacks for months. It's likely he was forced to kill Gideon himself too. In the new timeline he may have seen Leo kill Gideon but he was still surrounded by a loving family almost immediately after. And they could have removed his memories of seeing the event if they were that worried. For the teddy bear, the thing here was that the demon slowly corrupted him. Future Wyatt turned evil because the future had been changed to if he had grown up with the demon in the toy whispering in his ear.