!!Fridge Horror
* Cracked has [[http://www.cracked.com/article_18793_5-reasons-big-had-most-depressing-happy-ending-ever.html a whole list]].
** From that article:
-->The fact that Josh Baskin as an adult has disappeared from the fast-and-furious corporate world that defines all life in New York City is frankly not that big a deal except when it connected to the up-to-now missing child Josh Baskin in which case, as the article suggests, some creepy kidnapper had taken Josh and stolen his identity in attempt to con a toy company into making him vice-president.\\
Obviously, due to her connection to the adult Baskin, Susan would be fingered for conspiracy should the authorities deem her missing lover a child abductor. But that all hinges on young Josh confirming their wild theories. Josh is the keystone by which all of this potential ruin is held together and without his corroboration, there is no case to be made.\\
As for the Zoltar machine, one could argue it could be the type of wish-granting device that twists your words in order to give you a semblance of what you want while simultaneously teaching you a lesson.\\
While all child stars of the world seem to experience life-ruining jaded outlooks (except for Creator/ShirleyTemple), Josh was hardly a world-impacting celebrity. He may understand that he can make it in the world, but he returned to his family for a reason: He missed them. He is going to enjoy his childhood and appreciate all of the stupid little things his family and friends do and the rules he has to abide because he now fully grasps just how little time he has to be a kid.
** Susan technically slept with a 13-year old boy. Yeah, let that sink in. ''Deep''.