[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* In ''Series/BeingHuman'', one episode introduces us to the werewolf Tully, and has Annie warm up to him quickly. She starts showing signs of being attracted to him, and at one point asks to watch him eat breakfast, which she confesses was something she also did with her fiance, Owen. She quickly breaks off any affection when Tully starts grabbing her and making lewd advances towards her. When he grabs her arm, she says "Owen - I mean Tully, stop that!" [[spoiler: At the end of the season, we find out why she would connect Tully's actions to Owen. Her fiance was abusive and ultimately murdered her.]]
* George's choice for his daughter's name [[spoiler: Eve. She is the first of her kind as was Eve from the Bible.]]
** Bounces back to FridgeLogic when you remember George is Jewish. In Jewish mythology, Lilith preceded Eve.
** She is also seen as an evil, demonic figure, possibly the closest thing Judaism has to a "devil" who is actually antagonistic to God (the Jewish Satan is one of God's servants, tasked with pointing out the flaws in creation). Symbolism is nice and all but no Christian is going to want to name their son Lucifer, isn't it?
* Annie in general. Her failure to learn from mistakes, her failure to substantially "grow" as a person, and the way she's locked into particular modes of behaviour. Annoying, perhaps, but this is actually genius - as a ghost she can't really learn or improve because she's just a reflection of herself when she died.
* When trying to emphasis how old he is, Mr Snow mentions witnessing [[AncientEgypt Pharaohs]] and "[[JesusChrist the son of a carpenter]]". Why does he choose these two examples specifically? Both of them are human beings who were or still are [[PhysicalGod thought to be gods]]. What Mr Snow is trying to say is that [[BlasphemousBoast he is older than]] ''{{GOD}}''.
* Vampires can 'sense' Werewolves and find them disgusting. Vampires can also sense a Human blood supply, so it's possible that the reason they find Werewolves so disgusting is because they can smell their Toxic blood.
** Also, werewolves are shown to be one of the few things that can kill a vampire. Another reason to hate Werewolves is that they're recognized as a threat (once a month at least).