[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* In ''Behind the Mask'', I always figured that the VillainProtagonist lost in the end, only to survive due to DiabolusExMachina, making him a bona fide undead slasher. However, it was only later I realized Leslie probably rigged the apple press he was "killed" in, and with the fire-proof gel, he could survive the fire. Add that to his training in playing dead... Leslie Mancuso you MagnificentBastard
** In a deleted scene on the DVD, Leslie's old mentor goes through how he supposedly "died" several times, including drowning and decapitation and mentioning that he survived using tricks. Its a funny scene, but was probably deleted because it foreshadowed the {{Fridge Brilliance}} too much
** He does put a lot of emphasis on the cider press without ever explaining what it's for.
*** If he did rig it, putting that much emphasis on it ahead of time was a way to make sure she tried to use it to finish him off, rather than some other method involving farm equipment.