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[[WMG: FridgeBrilliance]]
* Terry and his little brother's black hair? [[spoiler: Despite neither of their parents having black hair, Terry's father's reproductive data was overwritten by Bruce's in the hopes of creating a new Batman]].
* We already know that Terry and Bruce aren't at all enthusiastic about Max joining in on their crime-fighting, even after [[SecretKeeper she gets in on Terry's secret identity]]. We know Terry's reason--he simply doesn't want her to get hurt--but Bruce's reason only makes a whole lot more sense after watching ''Return of the Joker'' [[spoiler:and seeing, in flashback, [[BrainwashedAndCrazy what the Joker did to Tim]]. Simply put, Bruce doesn't want any more sidekicks getting the same kind of treatment; and it's also what led to his past sidekicks leaving him]].
* "Lost Soul". [[ItMakesSenseInContext When the Batsuit is taken over by an evil AI]], Terry makes do with Bruce's old belt and '''Nightwing's mask'''. In every version, Dick Grayson was the closest thing Bruce ever had to a son, other than Damien Wayne. [[spoiler: Then, in JLU, what do we find out Terry is?]]
* Bruce's loyal guard dog is named "Ace". In JLU Bruce stayed with Ace until she died. Now "Ace" is serving as the only companion that the former Dark Knight has during his darkest hour.
* May be an unintentional example but the Terrific Trio's name. At first, it just appears to be an AlliterativeName based on the Fantastic Four but then take note of how in the past, the word "terrific" [[HaveAGayOldTime used to have a much different connotation]], one signifying something bad or horrible the same way that the words "terror" and "terrifying" continue to do. In this sense, the name "Terrific Trio" has a harsher and more disturbing DoubleMeaning given their eventual tragic breakdown and demise.
* In "Hooked Up", when Donnie is first taken out of [[LotusEaterMachine his VR simulator]] by Spellbinder, he's told "It's time to pay the piper," not just referring to the saying "He who pays the piper calls the tune," but to Literature/ThePiedPiperOfHamelin, who also stole children like Spellbinder did in this episode.
* In "Once Burned", King and Queen of the Royal Flush Gang are held hostage by the Jokerz and Melanie/Ten has to rob a gangsters' poker tournament as part of their ransom. But when you think about it, that ransom seems too specific and unlike how the Jokerz operate. [[spoiler: It makes much more sense when it's revealed that the whole thing was a loyalty test by King and Queen. Their task is not only hard, but it fits with the RFG's M.O.: The targets fit into the card theme (as it's a card game being robbed), and the RFG is demonstrating their superiority over "commoner" criminals by treating them as pawns and targets.]]
* In "Shriek" Powers turns down legitimate use of Shreeve's tech saying that dynamite's cheaper. Even if it is cheaper, dynamite requires a full crew to plan and place and other equipment such as detonators, wiring, and a plunger to set it off. There could be other costs or a longer schedule depending on the project, such as safety harnesses. Not to mention that Shreeve takes down the old GCPD in minutes, ''while fighting Batman''. The suit is cheaper, Powers just tricked Shreeve because the latter was naive and because Powers was ticked that Shreeve scared him with his opening demonstration.

[[WMG: FridgeHorror]]

* Ian Peak's ultimate fate. See AndIMustScream on the main page.
* We know that Terry's parents broke up prior to the start of the series, [[spoiler: but it's possible that the fact that neither Terry nor his brother resemble EITHER of his parents could have led to suspicions of cheating on Mary's part, which itself could have been a major factor leading to the divorce.]] And anyone who's seen ''Epilogue'' knows that [[spoiler: neither parent was at all unfaithful. It was just that since the [=McGinnises=] were similar to Bruce's parents, they were chosen to have his reproductive data overwritten by Bruce's in an attempt to create a new Batman.]] In other words, simple bad luck could have caused this divorce.
** In the end, [[NotSoDifferent they destroyed a happy family to make Batman, just like Joe Chill]].
* [[spoiler: Amanda Waller planned to have Terry's parents assassinated when Terry was just 8 years old, hoping that Terry would become new Batman]]. However, who's to say that [[spoiler: killing Terry's parents would have same effect on Terry as it did on Bruce]]? The whole thing might have turned out the other way and [[spoiler: Terry might have possibly turned out to be incredibly malicious supervillain, instead of the new hero Amanda Waller wanted]]. At the first sign of trouble in Terry's happy family life (his parents' divorce), what does he do? He runs with a bad crowd, ultimately ending in a three month stint in juvie. What would have happened if [[spoiler: his parents ''had'' died?]] At best he would have become an anti-hero on the level of Jason Todd. At worst...
* The device Ian Peak used made him intangible by ''vibrating his molecules''. Meaning [[AndIMustScream what happened to him]] is exactly what would happen to Franchise/TheFlash if he ever lost control of his powers.
* [[spoiler: Inque's daughter]] Deanna never makes an appearance again after "Inqueling". Inque does. And it's a safe bet she wasn't exactly pleased that [[spoiler: her daughter tried to kill her]]. Do the math and you'll probably figure out why we never saw Deanna again...
* Remember when Ra's Al Ghul revealed that he uploaded his brain into Talia's body? We only get ''his'' word that she complied, but who's to say Talia wasn't completely on board with the idea?
* From "The Winning Edge", [[spoiler: Bane's caretaker]] is the only person left to make Venom after Bane went into a vegetative state - with his own brain-dead state, Bane probably doesn't have much time left to live.
* When Max regains consciousness in "Curse of the Kobra Part II" and seems surprised by [[GoGoEnslavement her new outfit]], her "servants" explain it's because "when you arrived here, your clothes were torn." We saw her unconscious in Zander's car after the scuffle in her apartment, and her clothes ''weren't'' torn then, so... how did they get torn between then and now? What did Zander do to her in that time...?
** It's made explicit that [[StalkerWithACrush Zander has an unhealthy attraction to Max]]. Not to mention that as part of the Kobra cult's [[ItMakesSenseInContext crazy plan to turn themselves into dinosaurs and]] {{take over the world}}, they were also planning to [[TransformationHorror forcibly splice her as well to become Zander's dinosaur queen]]. Good thing that Batman arrives before they could do that to her.
* "Rebirth Part I" presumably has Warren killed in a brutal fashion. Terry beats himself up afterwards for not being there and helping his father (having no idea that the Jokerz weren't responsible)... but the fight he later has with Mr. Fixx indicates that if Terry had obeyed his father and stayed home, he would've been killed too.