* Names:
** ''Aunt Nancy'': Anansi I had to face-palm when I figured out who it was - ''duh''! Clever, Gaiman.
** Low-Key Lyesmith. Loki, the liar (ie, a smith of lies)
* Easter resurrecting Shadow. Easter is the goddess of resurrection. The Christian holiday of Easter also celebrates Jesus' resurrection.
* Why would would [[LouisCypher Low Key Lyesmith]], aka the [[Myth/NorseMythology Norse trickster Loki]] be such a fan of Creator/{{Herodotus}}? Due to immense amount of creative license that Herodotus took with his history, he's known ruefully among historians as "the father of lies."
* "Speaking of Bielebog, have you heard anything from him?" Wednesday knows full well, of course, that Czernobog ''hasn't'' heard from him. But it goes further: Recall that [[spoiler:Bielebog only resurfaces when winter/the storm is over. But the storm was from the heightened conflict between the old and new gods coming to a head -- that is, the series of events that Low-Key and Wednesday fabricated. It's Wednesday's fault that Bielebog has been missing, and he's using that knowledge to convince Czernobog to participate in the war.]]
* Why do the Valkyries appear as helicopters? Because the gods are shaped by human belief and ''Music/RideOfTheValkyries'' has become so synonymous [[Film/ApocalypseNow with dramatic scenes involving helicopters]] that, to Americans, Valkyries and helicopters are one and the same.
* Everyone calls Shadow that, even prison officials, but it makes a lot of sense given the [[IKnowYourTrueName established power of names]]. This is also seen with "Fat Charlie" in the "sequel" ''Literature/AnansiBoys''. In both cases, there's something like a PerceptionFilter that affects other people that [[TomatoInTheMirror they aren't initially aware of]], that makes it so that people can't help but think of Shadow as "Shadow", and Fat Charlie as "Fat Charlie" even though he's thin.
* Shadow has a pretty crappy deal. His wife dies, then he finds out she cheated on him, then her mother blames him for the whole thing, then he gets beat up and humiliated by people he doesn't know. Get this: turns out he's [[spoiler:Wednesday's son, and "Wednesday's child is full of woe"]] is a line from a [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monday%27s_Child traditional nursery rhyme]].
* Why does Czernobog like checkers so much? It's an abstract battle between black and white.
* When Czernobog and Anansi are arguing over what to listen to on the radio, it is mentioned that Czernobog prefers classical music, especially gloomy pieces. In the film ''Disney/{{Fantasia}}'', the sequence set to the very gloomy "Night on Bald Mountain" features Czernobog awakening.
* Hinzelmann liked to create artificial "puddles" for trouts, so that they could rest there and he could later fish them. [[spoiler:He created the lake near Lakeside, and once a year he "fishes" a child to keep the city prosperous]].
* Mad Sweeney ''was'' supposed to have given Shadow that special gold coin. Remember how it brought back Laura? [[spoiler: That was to be Shadow's original ticket back from the dead after he did Mr. Wednesday's vigil, before he gave it away, as well as the Sun itself, belonging to Shadow as Balder by right.]] Zorya Polunochnaya explicitly says that her silver Liberty dollar (the Moon) can only give a much smaller protection, and indeed, it never brings anyone back from the dead, only keeps them alive and calls help if applicable.

* Gods are created because people believe in them. So all those horror stories and urban legends that are convincing enough to make people believe in them might become real as well.