!! Fridge Brilliance
* Why is Caroline wearing a pink dress as her default outfit when she loves to go sailing and just being outdoors in general, unlike other girls in her series (and time period)? [[http://hueconsulting.blogspot.com/2007/03/why-is-blue-for-boys-and-pink-for-girls.html Pink used to be the default color for boys]]. Aside from her love of sewing/embroidery, Caroline's pink dress could just be a subtle way of showing how Caroline is really more of a tomboy given her interests not being in line with expectations of the time, before PinkGirlBlueBoy became ''de rigueur'' in the 20th century.
!! Fridge Horror
* Why would a man be so interested in buying a nine year old girl who's rather clumsy? Could be he wanted her to do something that wouldn't require a lot of moving anyway....