!! Fridge Brilliance
* Why is Caroline wearing a pink dress as her default outfit when she loves to go sailing and just being outdoors in general, unlike other girls in her series (and time period)? [[http://hueconsulting.blogspot.com/2007/03/why-is-blue-for-boys-and-pink-for-girls.html Pink used to be the default color for boys]]. Aside from her love of sewing/embroidery, Caroline's pink dress could just be a subtle way of showing how Caroline is really more of a tomboy given her interests not being in line with expectations of the time, before PinkGirlBlueBoy became ''de rigueur'' in the 20th century.
!! Fridge Horror
* Why would a man be so interested in buying a nine year old girl who's rather clumsy? Could be he wanted her to do something that wouldn't require a lot of moving anyway....
* Felicity's grandfather could very well have owned Sarah's ancestors.
** Were Sarah's ancestors from Virginia? Because that's where Felicity's family was from.
*** Yes. She introduces herself in ''Addy Learns a Lesson'' saying that she and her family came from Virginia.
* In the books at best it takes over a year, maybe even a year and a half, before Felicity is reunited with Penny after freeing her from Jiggy Nye's abuse. This is not the case with the movie, seeing that the movie compresses all the major plot points in Felicity's books into a span of a calender year (in rough movie order: springtime sees Felicity's birthday, tea lessons, and freeing Penny, summer has Felicity reuniting with Penny, autumn has Penny showing visible signs of pregnancy which doesn't go unnoticed by Felicity and her mother, and winter, when Felicity and Ben return home from a Christmas party and discover Penny in distress during labor). Given that in the movie Felicity witnesses Penny being abused by Jiggy Nye shortly after her birthday and when you take account [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horse_breeding#Breeding_and_gestation horse pregnancies last for about 11 months]] give or take, ''Jiggy Nye was beating Penny while she was pregnant.''
* Uncle Solomon and Auntie Lula treat Ben and Ruth Walker as their children and Sam, Addy, and Ester as grandchildren, respectively. Given Solomon and Lula's elderly ages, it's possible they could have witnessed their own biological children/grandchildren being sold off in slavery the way Ben and Sam were during the Civil War.