[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* Why the KarmaMeter? [[spoiler: Chaos is taking a look as to whether Leo and his descendants will choose the light, will choose the dark, or will choose their own fate.]]
* During the opening of the second game, you see Weiss holding a sword with someone ominous at the background who is pretty much Chaos. At first since Weiss kills Chaos, you get to assume that it is a set up for an epic rivalry between Chaos and Weiss himself. [[spoiler: Then you get to TheReveal.]]
* Why Fyuria is the {{Canon}} LoveInterest for Leonhardt suddenly holds a lot of water when you learn that Zerva was mostly responsible for Leo's son [[TheStoic Ladius']] upbringing and watching over Leo's descendants for the rest of the game: [[BigBrotherInstinct He's looking after his beloved sister's family and seeing their lives to the end]].