[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* Why is the theme of Chaos purple? [[spoiler: Evil is [[RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver associated with the colour Red]] and likewise [[BlueIsHeroic Good with its colour Blue.]] [[AllYourPowersCombined Red and Blue combined]] equals [[PurpleIsPowerful purple]]!]]
* Why did Sepulchure put up with Chuckles' laughter? [[spoiler:Simple -- Chuckles was Gravelyn's first undead minion. "Daddy was so proud!"]]
** Also, why is Artix so afraid of a Fear Feeder even though everyone knows he's afraid of pink? Look at the name of the monster; it feeds on fears! It'll feed on Artix's fear and grow so powerful that not even he, the undead slayer that he is, won't be strong enough to kill it.
** Also, why is Artix undead in the Battleoff universe? This is because this is him if [[spoiler: he gave into his destiny and became the Champion of Darkness instead of the Undead Slayer we know him to be.]]
* The recent Chronospan quests offer an in-universe explanation for the Guardian, Dragonlord and Star-Captain bonus items; [[spoiler: TheHero was [[LegacyCharacter formed out of the merged timelines of ALL the heroes]] from the other games. He had access to bonuses (if the player upgraded in those games) because [[LegacyOfTheChosen all abilities those other heroes possessed was passed-on by the timeline's merge.]]]]