[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* PJ is portrayed in a significantly more comical fashion in the sequel than he is in the first movie or the show. Is it losing track of one of the characters' narrative purpose? No, it's ''enhancing'' it. Because PJ's first line in the movie is ''winning a game of MiseryPoker'', we know they haven't lost track at all--but he is portrayed more comically because after the first scene (when he leaves home), he's ''free to joke''.
* We see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck during the song "On the Open Road," and Mickey sings the line "California or bust." In a FreezeFrameBonus Mickey can be seen in the crowd during the Powerline concert. Mickey and Donald were simply hitch hiking to get to the concert.
* It seems a bit odd at first that the version of "Stand Out" that Max dances to in the first act seamlessly skips over parts from the version that comes on the movie soundtrack. But then, plenty of pop musicians release one version of a song on their album and a shortened version for the single, usually cutting the intro and sometimes the middle of the song. Max was dancing to the single version, and we get the album version! This also means PJ must have picked up the full album, since he's caught dancing to the second verse that the single version skips over.
* The two nerds in Star Trek uniforms. The lankier one with black hair is wearing a blue shirt, while the more rounded one with brown hair is wearing a gold one. [[http://jenniferlshelton.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/kirk-and-spock.jpg Kirk and Spock?]]


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* If you want to consider the Goofy movies being in the same canon as ''WesternAnimation/GoofTroop'', the absence of Peg and Pistol seems to imply that sometime in that time, one of the following happened:
** Pete got divorced and PJ got separated from his mom and sister. Pretty dark, guys. What's even worse is that if this explanation is true, someone, somewhere, decided that Pete was ''fit to have custody of PJ''. This suggests shenanigans, [[DepartmentOfChildDisservices general incompetence]], or something even worse, such as Peg or PJ not caring if he ended up there.
** Or Peg just died. However, since Pete says he won't have to care for any children anymore when PJ leaves for college, if Peg died, chances are Pistol probably did too.
** Another explanation: we just don't get a look into Pete's own family life, what with the story focus being focused on Goofy and Max's relationship. The fact Pete now works as a child photographer alongside Goofy does imply he lost his car dealership, however.
* In ''AGoofyMovie'', as much of a happy movie as it was, I find myself wondering about the scene where Max makes his big navigator choice. [[spoiler: Would Goofy have really driven them right into the median if Max hadn't chosen a direction?]]
* We never see if the security guard at the concert survived crashing into the screen.
* Both Max and Bobby have girlfriends by the end of ''AGoofyMovie'', itís implied. Usually people in relationships stop hanging out as much with their single friends. There is a single friend with a horrible home life and no ability to make new friends on his own, who is probably being ignored. Poor, poor PJ.
* In the sequel, PJ goes through considerable CharacterDevelopment after being asked out by Beret Girl... but if PJís confidence, self-esteem, and happiness skyrocketed after Beret Girl asked him out, that must mean he puts a lot of stock in her opinion. What's going to happen to him if she ''dumps'' him?
* When Max skateboards in the first movie, he is seen taking a fork from a baby. Said baby was just about to insert the fork into an electric socket before Max intervened.