[[folder:Web Animation]]
* Strong Bad: Leader (Id, tending toward Ego)
* Strong Mad: Big guy (Id)
* Strong Sad: Smart guy (Superego)


[[folder: Web Serial Novel]]
* Kelly Norris: Id. Loudmouth EruditeStoner, attempts to stir things up with conspiracy theories, seemingly just for fun.
* Kate Allegheny: Ego. Not much self-confidence or social ease, often indecisive about exactly where she stands.
* Bridgit Berks: Superego. Skeptical, practical, and more than a little bit moralizing.


[[folder:Web Original]]
* Himei / Sailor Nothing: Superego (TheQuietOne)
* Shin / Sailor Truth: Id (stubborn, obnoxious, in-your-face PluckyGirl)
* Aki / Sailor Beauty: Ego (relatively normal -- emphasis on ''relatively'')

The Escapist recently started a new column, Extra Consideration. The three contributors are Yahtzee (Id), Moviebob (Ego), and James (Superego)

There are three ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' "skewer" bloggers on tumblr who for some reason match this pattern:
* [[http://fyeahbadfanvoices.tumblr.com/ The "Homestuck Fan Voices" blog]] is apparently the id, due to frequently lacing perfectly good criticism with personal attacks.
* [[http://fyeahbadhsrp.tumblr.com/ The "Bad Homestuck RP" blog]] seems to be the superego, for an emerging habit of actually trying to be helpful and above-board despite being, as with the other two bloggers, completely anonymous.
* [[http://radiofreeinternet.com The "Slum Troller" blog]] thus must be the ego, for representing the middle ground between the other two blogs and trying to laugh at everything that comes his way.

* Tom: TheLeader (Id)
* Zack: ButtMonkey (Ego)
* Dana: The Middlewoman (Superego)

The LetsPlay/Yogscast - ''The Blackrock Chronicle''
* LetsPlay/{{Rythian}}: Smart and logical, the leader. However, his mood can swing either way. (Ego)
* LetsPlay/ZoeyProasheck: Strange, silly, and unpredictable. (Id)
* Teep: Stoic and obedient. (Superego)

* LetsPlay/SimonLane: Resident pyromaniac; willing to do much more in the name of fun (Id)
* LetsPlay/LewisBrindley: More careful but more willing to get [[RailRoading railroaded]] (Superego)
* Any NPC travelling/playing with them: Forces the plot along, but goes along with whatever the other two do (Ego)

The three members of the The Game Station Podcast could be considered this.
* [[OMFGCata Jesse Cox]] bases his opinions on his gut feelings or emotions, often to the frustration of his co-hosts and viewers. (Id)
* [[Creator/TheCynicalBrit TotalBiscuit]] goes into a rage now and again, and has a few pet hates that get to him, but is usually rational. (Superego)
* [[WebVideo/PressHeartToContinue Dodger]] seems almost as insane as Jesse most of the time, but when the podcast moves to a serious discussion she often proves to be the most calm and objective of the three. (Ego)
* During the ''VideoGame/{{Magicka}}'' playthrough where [=TotalBiscuit=] teamed up with the Yogscast, he played the Ego to Simon's Id and Lewis's Superego.

Old Spice's ad campaigns
* Isiah Mustafa, Advertising/TheManYourManCouldSmellLike - superhumanly charismatic and romantic (Superego)
* Terry Crews - a very loud man with a thirst for POWERRRRRRRRR (Id)
* Dikembe Mutombo - the protagonist with [[VideoGame/DikembeMutombosFourAndAHalfWeeksToSaveTheWorld 4 1/2 weeks to save the world]] (Ego)

* Tacoma, smart and sensible and starts off thinking he's above it all. (Superego)
* Rebecca, slightly insane girl who deals with people thinking she's a bimbo by ObfuscatingStupidity. (Id)
* Donnie, who tries to act like everything's okay and that he's just an egotistical leech, but is really broken up by his failures and [[MissingMom losses]]. (Ego)

* Season 5
** Arbiter = Intelligent, Open-minded, mostly Level-headed, but short of patience (Superego)
** Master Chief = Moronic, Childish, Provocative, and VERY Close-minded (Id)
** Greg = Friendly, Social, and Considerate towards the right person (Ego)

* Eugene's Troll Clan (Season 7)
** Eugene = Cruel but persuasive (Ego)
** Tyler = Maniacally, Sadistic, and Abusive (Id)
** Colin = Intelligent, Advice-giving, but very short of patience (Superego)

As of Season 12 of ''WebOriginal/RedVsBlue'', we have Epsilon and his memories of the Alpha Fragments.
* Delta (Superego): analytical and calculating, being the Alpha's logic
* Theta (Id): emotional and childlike, being the Alpha's innocence
* Epsilon (Ego): balances between the two, kind of a jerk. Possesses all of the Alpha's memories, and so is the closest to the original Alpha.


* Cade Masters - the swashbuckling womanizer (Id)
* Vadim Valntipur - the level-headed old dwarf (Ego)
* Melchior - the brainer-than-thou mage (Superego)

''Webcomic/ArthurKingOfTimeAndSpace'', which also contains an explicit lampshading [[http://arthurkingoftimeandspace.com/1743.htm here]]
* Arthur - The laid-back leader who mediates between the other two (Ego)
* Lancelot - ultra-moral and perfectionistic (Superego)
* Guenevere - confident, determined, and potentially a source of friction (Id)
Interestingly, this is almost certainly a homage to ''Franchise/StarTrek'', at least in the space arc, where Guenevere is the ship's doctor and Arthur, as king, is effectively captain of the ''Excalibur''.

* Bob: StraightMan Hamster (Ego, tending toward Superego at times)
* Doug: HollywoodNerd Dog (Superego)
* Bill: BoisterousBruiser Goat (Id)

* Coyote (Ego)
* Reynardine (Superego)
* Ysengrin (Id)

* Nikol Mimagi(Ego)
* Lewk (Id)
* Serra Serif (Superego)

''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' has two:
* The half of it left in Azure City when the Order was split up:
** Celia: StupidGood ActualPacifist, out of place in an adventuring party (superego)
** Belkar: StupidEvil HeroicComedicSociopath, increasingly TheMillstone ([[HesBack until he suddenly wasn't anymore]]) (id)
** Haley: Pragmatic, {{Chaotic Good}}ish, has to deal with the mistakes made by the above two along with everything else (ego)
* The half that escaped with the Azurite Fleet:
** Durkon (Superego; rational, focused on their long term goal.)
** Elan (Ego; listens to everyone's point of view)
** V (Id; focused on his/her own immediate emotional needs [to be the one who saves everyone]. A rare example of a superintelligent id)

In ''Webcomic/PennyArcade'', prior to the series's beginning, there was a third roomate, Jim, who apparently filled this out for the main characters:
* Tycho: Intelligent and snarky (Superego)
* Gabe: Emotional and dimwitted (Id)
* Jim: "Even-handed, and slow to anger" (Ego)

* Problem Sleuth: charismatic, a born leader, balanced (Ego)
* Ace Dick: brash, gluttonous, violent (Id)
* Pickle Inspector: highly intelligent (Superego)

''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' has a PowerTrio plus one, [[http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?32744-Character-Psychology-Development-and-Interaction-Speculation-Thread&p=4226046&viewfull=1#post4226046 complete with psychological reasoning]]:
* John: Ego
* Rose: Id
* Dave: Superego
* Jade: Unconscious Mind

* Aubrey: Brash, impulsive, [[ScrewySquirrel confrontational]], [[ComedicSociopathy slightly sociopathic]] (id).
* Davan: Somewhat of a JerkAss, but much more self-controlled than Aubrey (ego).
* Pee-Jee: Moral (''relatively''), often the voice of reason (superego).

* Kieri is calm and thoughtful most of the time: Superego (but develops tendencies in the other two types)
* Buwaro is naive and impulsive: Id
* Rhea keeps the other two under control: Ego

* Mordred: self-centered, lazy, and generally only moving if there's something in it for him, often amusement (Id)
* Wiglaf: the self described "perfect hero," and the one with an emotional need to help people (Superego)
* Driver: does most of the explanations and lampshading, the laid-back rather than lazy one (Ego)

* Mell: focused on violence and {{BFG}}s (Id)
* Dave: the worker bee who has the tech skills (Superego)
* Helen: the MadScientist who is their boss (Ego)

* UNITY: the violence-oriented zombie (Id)
* Tip: the psychiatrist who tries to talk things out (Superego)
* Sweetheart: the genetically-engineered superdog who is the usual team leader (Ego)

* Hanna: Emotional but smarter than he seems, a leader, practical (Ego)
* ...: Nigh emotionless, always cool, taking necessary action and pointing things out (Superego)
* Conrad: Short-tempered, blustery, often does not think things through (Id)

* Denmark: Fun-loving party boy (Id)
* Sweden: Logically-minded to a fault (Superego)
* Norway: Friendly camping hobbyist (Ego)

* Pants: Excessively vulgar weirdo (Id)
* Spigot: The closest thing to an all-rounder (Ego)
* Rands: Clever and intelligent (Superego)

While this still is in development, ''Webcomic/NerfNow''
* The Artist: A hyperactive tentacle [[strike: monster]] person who enjoys puppets. (Id)
* The Mascot: Calm redhead who manifests as a character in whatever game is played. (Superego)
* Josue Pereira: A Brazilian with bad luck and too many choices. (Ego)
** Argumentatively, since these are not active characters in any storyline (save The Mascot), these three characters could also be heteronyms for the real-life Josue, harkening back to Fernando Pessoa, who developed the concept (and is also Portuguese).

* Sam: (Id)
* Florence: (Superego)
* Helix: (Ego)
** [[FridgeBrilliance In the strictly freudian context]], as Helix is effectively a child and ''both'' Sam and Florence compete for influence above him, [[http://freefall.purrsia.com/ff400/fv00301.htm as seen in this strip]].

* Bruce: (Id)
* Ashley: (Ego)
* Campy: (Superego)
* Kale's MultiplePersonalities form another one:
** "Normal" Kale: (Ego)
** Fox Kale: (Id)
** Mr. White: (Superego)

* Gil (Id)
* Tarvek (Superego)
* Agatha (Ego)

* Lemmy (Id)
* Paul (Ego)
* Sylvia (Superego)

* Max (Id)
* Jamie (Ego)
* Ellen (Superego)
** Lampshaded in the author's commentary on [[http://www.leftoversoup.com/archive.php?num=295 this strip.]]

* Green (Id)
* Red (Ego)
* Blue (Superego)

* Gogo (Id): BoisterousBruiser, irritable/violent, [[MamaBear protective]], BigEater.
* Andy (Ego): {{normal| people}} teenage boy, level-headed, [[BrutalHonesty honest]].
* Didi (Superego): TheSmartGal, scientifically minded, over-achiever, analytical.