* Ego: Edina--insecure, impetuous, self-conscious uber-consumer looking for the next big thing.
* Superego: Saffron--moralistic, frustrated daughter trying to keep her mother from destroying everything.
* Id: Patsy--ToxicFriendInfluence always pushing Eddie down the destructive path.

* Id: [[FieryRedhead Sparx]]--fiery, energetic, always jumping into action without thinking, cocky
* Ego: [[TheHero Ace Lightning]]--idealistic, naive, courageous, fails to understand [[WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove human emotions]], the leader
** (Except when he ''gets'' human emotions and goes a bit ''Id'' on us).
* Superego: [[CyberneticsEatYourSoul Random]] [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Virus]]--has a SplitPersonality and is constantly struggling between the two.
''Also for the human characters''.
* Ego: [[CantStayNormal Mark Hollander]] -- Main protagonist. Helps the Knights to stay in hiding. [[IJustWantToBeNormal Sometimes really just wants a normal life but works out that ain't gonna happen]]
* Id: [[SecretKeeper Chuck Mugel]] (plus a twist of Superego) -- Eats like ''whoa'', intelligent, later [[JumpedAtTheCall jumps at the call]] and becomes the techno geek of the team.
* Superego: [[NiceGuy Samantha Thompson]] -- Protagonist's girlfriend, kind of ''wants'' the weird life events that are taking place in front of her, but hidden.
** Samantha later [[PutOnABus replaced]] by [[CanonSue Kat Adams]] who's more ''Ego''.

* Ego: Brisco County Jr. -- leader
* Superego: Socrates Poole -- thought
* Id: Lord Bowler -- action

* Id: Howard Stark, preoccupied with women, technology and using his technology to woo women.
* Ego: Edwin Jarvis, does damage control for Howard and maintaining his estates when Howard is away, but assisting Peggy in her missions.
* Superego: Peggy Carter, attempting to rein in Howard's impulses and Jarvis' nerves, while remaining in complete control in the field.

* Id: Archie -- Loud, Brash, JerkWithAHeartOfGold, Will make an arguement any chance he gets especially with intellectuals, BookDumb
* Superego: Michael -- Intellectual, Very Opinionated, Quite Socially Conscious, Very vocal against Conservative views, often snarks against those who antagonize him
* Ego: Edith -- Warm, Motherly, can be a bit ditzy but is not stupid, a very good moral center especially for Archie
And whenever Gloria is involved depending on the episode she has played all of these roles at least once.

''Series/AmericanIdol'' -- Early Seasons
* Ego: Randy Jackson -- provides a balance between the two extremes
* Superego: Simon Cowell -- Critical, finds something bad to say 90% of the time
* Id: Paula Abdul -- Supporting, finds something good to say 90% of the time

''Series/{{Angel}}'' (in the first couple of seasons):
* Superego: Wesley -- Intellectual, ineffectual
* Ego: Angel -- Leader, balanced
* Id: Cordelia -- Insensitive, acquisitive

''Series/BabylonBerlin'' (which, being a [[FilmNoir Neo Noir]], isn't as clear-cut as other examples):
* Superego: Gereon Rath -- Choleric ByTheBookCop with an assortment of inner demons.
* Ego: Bruno Wolter -- Sleazy, scheming, [[DirtyCop dirty]] NobleBigotWithABadge.
* Id: Charlotte Ritter -- Idealistic, spry but talented [[AmateurSleuth policewoman-wannabe]].

* As races
** Id: Shadows-- believe in war and chaos for evolving
** Superego: Vorlons -- believe in discipline and pure order.
** Ego: Younger Races -- have to chose a middle point between them

* As characters
** Id: Garibaldi on the crew and Londo on the ambassadors; both love the good life and often act base on their emotions, love women with passion and have anger issues. No wonder they become friends.
** Ego: Sheridan on the crew and G'Kar on the ambassadors, practical men that are capable of let their feelings behind for taking the right action, not totally emotionless at all, but smart enough to plan in advance (in the case of G'Kar this was more of a character development).
** Superego: Ivanova on the crew and Delenn on the ambassadors; both moral voices and often stick to the rules and bylaws of their respective profession/culture.

* Superego: Apollo -- The most moralizing
* Id: Starbuck -- The most emotional and desire driven
* Ego: Boomer -- Tries to balance out the other two

* Id: Penny
* Ego: Leonard
* Superego: Sheldon

''Series/BigWolfOnCampus'' (from Season 2 on):
* Ego: Tommy
* Id: Merton
* Superego: Lori

''Series/BlakesSeven'' (Series 1 and 2)
* Id: Blake -- idealistic, charismatic, and the leading figure of the Rebellion
* Superego: Avon -- holds self-preservation as the only real value (and wealth the best tool to achieve it)
* Ego: Jenna -- quite possibly as ruthless as Avon, respects Blake for his ideals but won't follow him off the metaphorical cliff
* The three strongest personalities aboard Liberator, and her first crew. Though Jenna drifted {{out of focus}} in later episodes, they're still often called the Power Trio. Exemplified by this quote:
-->'''Blake''': No, not until free men can think and speak! Not until power is back with the honest man.\\
'''Avon''': Have you ever ''met'' an honest man? [...] Listen to me! Wealth is the only reality, and the only way to obtain wealth is to take it away from somebody else. Wake up, Blake! You may not be tranquillised any longer, but you're still dreaming.\\
'''Jenna''': Maybe some dreams are worth having.\\
'''Avon''': You don't really believe that.\\
'''Jenna''': No, but I'd like to.

''Series/BlueBloods'': The surviving Reagan siblings
* Id: Danny, the HotBlooded CowboyCop
* Superego: Erin, the lawyer who always insists on following procedure
* Ego: Jamie, the Harvard-educated beat cop who gets caught in the middle of Danny and Erin's arguments

* Id: Little Joe
* Ego: Hoss
* Superego: Ben and Adam

** Id: Shawn
** Ego: Cory
** Superego: Topanga
* Cory and Topanga sometimes trade places.

* The Trio
** Superego: Jonathan -- generally good and unrelenting
** Ego: Andrew -- easily susceptible to whatever the others demand
** Id: (definitely) Warren -- overpoweringly dominant and evil
* Early Buffy, Willow and Xander
** Superego: Willow -- sensible, calmer under pressure, intelligent
** Ego: Buffy -- needs to balance violent slaying with moral decisions
** Id: Xander -- Constantly thinking about sex, comes up with the so-simple-it's-brilliant ideas
* The three activated Slayers absolutely ''personify'' the Freudian Trio:
** Superego: Kendra -- Buffy's polar opposite, thinks solely about her duty without any time for a social life or even emotional attachment.
** Ego: Buffy -- More or less balances out her slayer duties with her emotions, believes in always doing the right thing (no matter the rules), but is careful to avoid becoming too reckless.
** Id: (definitely) Faith -- Buffy's "road not taken", gets hyped on sex and violence, the instinctual/primal nature of a slayer unleashed.

* Superego: Sam -- Moralizer (well, [[BlackAndGreyMorality relatively]]), ex-Navy SEAL, consistent
* Ego: Michael -- Ex-CIA, mediates between Sam and Fi
* Id: Fiona -- Former IRA Agent, smuggler, on a short fuse


Season 1-3:
* Superego: Prue Halliwell -- protective, (relatively) reasonable
* Ego: Piper Halliwell -- mediating between the other two
* Id: Phoebe Halliwell -- impulsive, emotional

Early Season 4 (Because of the shift in sister status they were learning to develop new roles):

* Superego: Piper Halliwell -- Reserved, critical
* Ego: Phoebe Halliwell -- Mediater between the young Paige and the critical Piper
* Id: Paige Matthews -- Young, impulsive, emotional

Eventually the sisters settled into these roles. Seasons (majority of) 4-8:
* Superego: Piper Halliwell -- reserved, critical
* Id: Phoebe Halliwell -- impulsive, emotional
* Ego: Paige Matthews -- ambitious

In "Which Prue Is It, Anyway?", [[ItMakesSenseInContext Prue uses a spell that create two duplicates]], and to distinguish them, [[ColorCodedForYourConvenience they each wear different colored sweaters]]:
* Superego: Real Prue (black sweater)
* Ego: Prue 1 (pink sweater)
* Id: Prue 2 (blue sweater)

''Series/{{Chickens}}'': While they switch around a bit, generally their roles are...
* Id: Bert -- Driven primarily by his own desires, whether it to bed a woman or to just have fun
* Ego: Cecil -- Mostly sensible, but also driven by a desire to be liked due to his rejection from joining the army
* Superego: George -- The most principled of the three

* ''Series/ChouSeiKantaiSazerX'' (pre-Shark)
** Ego: Takuto Ando
** Superego: Ado
** Id: Kane Lucano
* ''Series/GenSeiShinJustiriser''
** Id: Shouta Date
** Superego: Shinya Hiraga
** Ego: Yuka Sanada

* Superego: Chuck -- Usually the moral voice, the one who wants to help people rather than view everything as a mission.
* Id: Casey -- Violent. Impulsive. Usually angry. Usually at Chuck.
* Ego: Walker -- A professional, less emotionally involved than Chuck and (although capable with the ass-kicking) less violent than Casey. Tends to moderate between their extremes.
* In practice, though, the trio can switch roles as necessary, though Casey is almost always the Id, with Chuck sometimes moderating between Casey and Walker.
** It could be argued that Chuck, while more intelligent than Casey, is the id, as his emotions and especially his feelings for Sarah almost always cause the missions to come dangerously close to failure. Casey, while aggressive, is disciplined and dedicated to national security above all else.

''Series/{{Community}}'' Since they started living together in season 3:
* Id: Annie -- Passionate and emotional. Gets the guys in more shenanigans than even they can handle.
-->'''Troy:''' You moving in was supposed to tone us down!
* Ego: Troy
* Superego: Abed -- Logical and uptight.

* Id: Patrick -- Only cares about sex. Always the last to understand the moralities/neuroses of others, if ever.
* Superego: Jeff/Oliver -- Completely overwhelmed by thoughts about what others think, too concerned about relating to others properly to ever relate to others successfully.
* Ego: Steve -- A balance between the two. Has both of their problems sometimes, but can actually overcome them.
Also the girls:
* Id: Jane -- completely self absorbed and self centered
* Superego: Sally -- constantly worried about how she looks/ how people see her/ what people will think about her
* Ego: Susan -- sensible down-to-earth balance between both.


The Girls:

* Ego: JJ (as Media Liasion, she's the mediator)
* Superego: Prentiss (for her compartmentalization)
* Id: Garcia (pretty obvious)

The Boys (technically, it's a quartet, but it still applies):

* Superego: Reid (The Genius)
* Ego: Hotch/Rossi (the Leaders)
* Id: Morgan (The Action Man, though still smart)

* Id: Geoff -- The Brawniest of the three, most emotionally involved in the carnage
* Superego: Armand -- Cerebral Doctor
* Ego: Max -- Brainy enough to program the computer, but enjoys a good gusher

* Superego: Snake -- Points out when plans will go wrong; most morally conscious.
* Id: Joey -- Immature, comes up with stupid plans, tends to get them in trouble.
* Ego: Wheels -- Goes along with Joey up to a logical point.
** Joey and Wheels often switch roles
* Superego: Clare
* Id: Eli (also been Ego)
* Ego: Adam (also been Id)

''Series/DoctorWho (Season 1 & 2, 1963)'':
* Ego: Barbara -- Neurotic and morally conflicted. Does not act without kindness, but sides with either the Doctor or Ian depending on who seems most pragmatic.
* Superego: Ian Chesterton -- Likes to make decisions based on what is most righteous, ChronicHeroSyndrome, always the first to call out the Doctor for being unreasonable.
** In some stories, this gives him the feeling of passionate and instinctive behaviour to contrast with the Doctor's calculating mind (Id), which causes the Doctor to switch to Superego.
* Id: The Doctor -- Selfish, inflexible, full of emotion and with self-centredness for miles.
** In some stories, his genius causes him to make inflexible moral judgements about things which he holds everyone else to regardless of Ian's emotional appeals (Superego), which causes Ian to switch to Id.

''Series/DoctorWho (Season 6)'':
* Ego: The Second Doctor -- Goofy but intelligent
* Superego: Zoe -- Cold and logical
* Id: Jamie -- Brash and emotional
* These characterizations are also given a strong in-universe reason, as Zoe is from the [[{{Zeerust}} the "future" year 2000]] where she studies astrophysics, and Jamie is a 16th century Highlander who never really had any need for science.

''Series/DoctorWho (The villains in ''The Talons of Weng-Chiang'')''
* Ego: [[spoiler:Magnus Greel]], alias Weng-Chiang -- Makes the decisions.
* Superego: Li H'sen Chang -- A sympathetic AntiVillain. Tries to remind his master that some things are not workable.
* Id: Mr. Sin -- Glories in destruction ForTheEvulz.
* Also a ComicTrio.

''Series/DoctorWho (original series Seasons 16-18)'':
* Id: The Fourth Doctor -- Wild and emotional, often stopping the latest MonsterOfTheWeek for the fun of it rather than a desire to save lives.
* Ego: Romana -- Intensely moral and often critical of the Doctor (and everyone else she meets), as a Superego at first, but loosens up a lot by her second incarnation.
* Superego: K-9: A RobotBuddy allegedly driven by pure logic and incapable of independent thought. Often sided with Romana over the Doctor.
* Also a ComicTrio.

''Series/DoctorWho companions in Season 19'' -- Combo Trio:
* Id and Ego: Tegan -- Driven by love, compassion, anger and occasionally pure whinyness, shes probably not going to listen to logic if there's some impulsive action to be done first.
* Ego and Superego: Nyssa -- A logical scientist from a utopian civilization. Tellingly gets along with both Tegan and Adric.
* Id and Superego: Adric -- When he's not annoying eveybody with his know-it-all math skills, he's annyoing everyone with his seeming inability to sympathize with anyone else. You could call it Inverted Ego.

''Series/DoctorWho (Series 1-4)'':
* Superego: The Ninth and Tenth Doctor -- Cerebral, must unravel the mystery.
* Ego: Rose, Martha or Donna -- Gets distracted by the weird stuff around her, but knows how to pull it together at the appropriate moment.
* Id: Captain Jack Harkness -- Loves the weirdness of it all and spends most of the episode flirting with anything that moves.
* (These characterizations only really apply whenever Jack shows up. The Doctor, Rose, Martha and Donna tend to be all over the place.)

''Series/DoctorWho episodes Human Nature/The Family of Blood''
* Id: John Smith -- Running on love, fear and pain.
* Superego: Martha Jones -- Knows that it's up to the Doctor to set things right and knows she must accomplish her goal at all costs.
* Ego: Nurse Renfrew -- At first skeptical of Martha's claims and in love with John Smith. [[spoiler:She eventually sees what has to be done and convinces John Smith to do it]].

''Series/DoctorWho (Series 5-6)'':
* Id: The Eleventh Doctor -- Footloose and fancy free (unless Amy is in danger). Loves when things are weird and actively goes after unusual stuff.
* Superego: Rory -- Down to earth, cares about Amy's safety above all else and thinks more practically.
* Ego: Amy -- Not so much balancing the two as balanced by them, as without Rory around she and the Doctor are usually pretty lalaland, and without the Doctor she's willing to settle down.

''Series/DoctorWho (The Paternoster Gang)''
* Superego: Madame Vastra -- Calm, collected and logical.
* Id: Nurse Strax -- Runs on instinct and a thirst for war (Id).
* Ego: Jenny Flint -- Skilled at hand-to-hand combat, but also very compassionate.

* Id: Topher -- hedonistic, [[MadScientist ethically questionable]].
* Superego: Boyd -- Moral, compassionate, often surves as {{Foil}} to Topher.
* Ego: Adelle -- [[TheChessmaster Calculating]] and [[MiserAdvisor profit-seeking]], but also [[PetTheDog capable of occasional shows of compassion]].
Also, in the [[ALighterShadeOfGray lighter gray]] corner, we have:
* Id: Caroline -- impulsive and quick-thinking, favors [[IndyPloy Indy Ploys]], and seemingly without self-control, [[WhatAnIdiot even when it would be necessary for survival]].
* Superego: Ballard -- ex-FBI, worries a lot about the current plan. Fond of sentiments like "No, it's not safe."
* Ego: Echo -- The quick thinking of Caroline, the foresight of someone like Ballard, and [[{{Metaphorgotten}} several hundreds of minds in the same skull]].
* Ego: Victor/Anthony -- Soldier pre-Dollhouse, Thinks of plan quickly.
* Id: Sierra/Priya -- wants nothing more than to be safe with Anthony.
* Superego: November/Madeline -- wants the Dollhouse and Rossum Corp. to be responsible for its actions

* The Crawley sisters:
** Superego: Mary understands her duties and will carry them out even though it might cost her personal happiness.
** Ego: Edith was the Id, always hankering to beat Mary as the favorite but she becomes the referee when Sybil becomes more rebellious.
** Id: Sybil started as the Ego but she comes out of her shell and learns to become self-reliant even if it means she disobeys her family in her choice of lifestyle and husband.
* The Crawley matriarchs:
** Superego: The conservative and old-fashioned Dowager Countess.
** Id: Isobel the working-class do-gooder.
** Ego: Lady Cora, the current mistress of Downton.

* The Hill brothers:
** Id: PFC Randy Hill, the wide-eyed, emotional and childish youngest brother.
** Superego: Cpl Derrick Hill, the sarcastic and bitter middle child.
** Ego: Sgt Pete Hill, the oldest and the leader of the platoon all three brothers are in, who's more cynical than Randy but not as jaded as Derrick.
* The female soldiers:
** Id: PFC Cindy "Dark" Park, the cheerful GenkiGirl with a hidden temper and violent streak.
** Superego: Sgt Jill "Lone Wolf" Perez, the straight-laced professional soldier.
** Ego: Pvt Tanisha Robinson, the grounded, "normal" one.

* Id: Debra
* Ego: Ray
* Id + Superego: Frank
* Superego: Marie & Robert

* Id: Rigel, Chiana, or sometimes D'Argo
* Ego: John
* Superego: Aeryn & Zhaan

* Id: Father Jack -- obnoxious JerkAss who only cares about drinking and chasing women
* Ego: Father Ted himself -- Self-centered and money-hungry but also frequently shows signs of being a classic JerkWithaHeartofGold
* Superego: Father Dougal, despite being the resident {{Ditz}}, makes the most effort at being a good person if not a good priest

''Series/{{Firefly}}'' (Landing party)
* Ego: Captain Mal Reynolds
* Superego: Zoe Washburns
* Id: Jayne Cobb

* Id: Sam -- impetuous, frank, frequently concerned with food
* Superego: Milner -- rational, frequently rigid and often plays "bad cop"
* Ego: Foyle -- tolerant, compassionate, leader

''Series/{{Friends}}''-- a guy and a girl each:
* Id: Joey and Phoebe
* Ego: Chandler and Rachel
* Superego: Monica and Ross

* Id: Walter -- Slightly insane, obsessed with food
* Ego: Olivia -- Mediates between father and son, compassionate
* Superego: Peter -- Is different, has his own ideas

* The adults
** Id: Joey and Jesse
** Superego: Danny
** Ego: Becky
* The three girls
** Superego: DJ
** Ego: Stephanie
** Id: Michelle

* The Baratheon brothers: True to the CrapsackWorld, the brothers resent each other and cannot cooperate rather than working together as an effective PowerTrio.
** Id: Robert - The hot-blooded and impulsive warrior.
** Ego: Renly - The affable and easygoing politician.
** Superego: Stannis - A skilled strategist but not at all a people person.
* Renly, Loras and Margaery:
** Id: Loras - Provides emotional support to Renly's ego.
** Ego: Renly - Aforementioned affable and easygoing politician.
** Superego: Margaery - Provides the coldly logical and strategic advice such as the necessity of an heir.
* Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei: They form this dynamic when they have to work together to rule over Meereen in Daenerys' absence.
** Superego: Grey Worm - A stoic and strict military commander of the Unsullied.
** Ego: Missandei - A CunningLinguist who can go from serious-minded to relaxed depending on who she's around.
** Id: Tyrion - A lot snarkier and emotive than either of them will ever be, and after working with them for a while he decides that he wants them to relax and have a glass of wine for once.
* House Baratheon of King's Landing:
** Id: Joffrey, an AxCrazy ruler who does everything that he wants, mostly ForTheEvulz.
** Ego: Myrcella, the most grounded of the siblings.
** Superego: Tommen, a genuinely good person who wants to rule justly, but a very WeakWilled PuppetKing.

''Game Damage''
* Superego: [[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee]]
* Ego: Yug
* Id: Matt

''The Ghost Busters''
* Ego: Kong -- The level-headed leader
* Id: Spenser -- The bumbling comic relief
* Superego: Tracy -- The endearing, long-suffering gorilla

* Id: Skipper
* Ego: Gilligan
* Superego: Professor

* Id: Patti -- pursuing her cause with much energy but relatively little planning
* Ego: Cindy -- in the middle, trying to keep the team together and sometimes hesitant (at least in the beginning) but ultimately willing to do what it takes
* Superego: Jane -- initally trying to play by the rules, once she joins the others she immediately calls out their lack of research

* Ego: Ralph
* Superego: Bill
* Id: Pam

* Id: Todd -- Advertising must appeal to feelings
* Superego: Russel -- You must present cold facts to convince.
* Ego: Will -- Comedic balancing of the two with snarky remarks.

Seasons 1 and 2
* Id: Rikki -- Crass, insensitive, quickest to suggest using powers for amusement.
* Superego: Emma -- Responsible, refined, always has a plan for anything.
* Ego: Cleo -- Middle of the road, always bridging the gap between the above pair.
Season 3
* Superego: Rikki -- Runs her cafe, maintains that their secret is more important than what they want.
* Id: Bella -- Easily swayed by her crush on Will, lets her heart get her into trouble.
* Ego: Cleo -- …still middle of the road trying to keep the other two on speaking terms.

* Id: Cameron Howe -- The idealistic and free-spirited programmer
* Superego: Gordon Clark -- The realist and logical thinking engineer
* Ego: Joe [=MacMillian=] -- The ambitious and charismatic salesman

* The main police officers form a Power Trio whose lineup changes often:
** Id: The village bobby (Rowan, Bradley, Crane, Walker, Mason): Courageous, heroic, known to go against protocol.
** Ego: PC Bellamy (later Wetherby): Friendly, less disciplined than Superego, but doesnât break rules.
** Superego: The sergeant (Blaketon, Craddock, Nokes, Merton, Miller): Their boss who enforces police rules.
* A few seasons in, a second Power Trio formed for the subplots, this one being of the ComicTrio variety:
** Id: Claude Greengrass (later Vernon Scripps, Peggy Armstrong) -- Always making get-rich-quick schemes.
** Ego: David Stockwell -- Warm-hearted, has good morals, but naïve enough to follow Id.
** Superego: Bernie Scripps -- Ego's wise old mentor who sees flaws in Id's schemes.

''Series/HermansHead'' (in this case quite literally)
* Id: Animal
* Ego: Angel
* Superego: Genius

''Series/HoratioHornblower'', Series 2 (Episodes "Mutiny" and "Retribution")
** Ego: Horatio -- well-intentioned, heroic, hesitant to mutiny.
** Id: Archie -- quicker to speak/act, instinctive, emotionally driven.
** Superego: Bush -- calm, rational, observant but not impulsive.

* Id: Wilson -- The one who feels a need to "fix" the vulnerable women he meets
* Ego: Cuddy -- Ever-conscious of the the Rules and Regulations hospital administrator who can stand up to house and understand Wilson
* Superego: House -- The hyper-rational and scientifically-minded one who is an emotionally stunted and impatient DrJerk

* Id: Cameron -- Emotionally oriented, empathetic, often butts heads with Foreman
* Ego: Chase -- Laid-back, balances logical thinking and emotions/spirituality
* Superego: Foreman -- Rational, cerebral (hey, he's not a neurologist for nothing), less emotionally expressive

* Id: Barney -- MagnificentBastard of the boys.
* Superego: Marshall -- The sensitive giant.
* Ego: Ted -- Right between the two.

* Ego: Chance -- Problem-solver, balance between experience & instinct
* Superego: Winston -- The organizer, former cop, link to Law & Order (no, not [[Franchise/LawAndOrder that one]])
* Id: Guerrero -- Unencumbered by morality, says whatever pops into his head, kills without provocation or concern

* The actors have proposed another formulation: Chance is the recovering addict, Winston is his sponsor, and Guerrero is his dealer.

* Ego: Carly is the caring one
* Superego: Freddy is the technical producer
* Id: Sam in is it for herself

* ''Series/KamenRiderDecade''
** Superego: Tsukasa
** Id: Yuusuke
** Ego: Natsumi
* ''Series/KamenRiderDouble''
** Ego: Shotaro
** Superego: Philip
** Id: Akiko
* ''Series/KamenRiderDrive''
** Ego: Shinnosuke
** Id: Go
** Superego: Chase
* ''Series/KamenRiderFaiz''
** Ego: Takumi
** Superego: Masato
** Id: Shuji
* ''Series/KamenRiderHibiki''
** Ego: Hibiki
** Superego: Ibuki
** Id: Todoroki
* ''Series/KamenRiderKiva'' (The Arms Monsters):
** Id: Jiro
** Ego: Ramon
** Superego: Riki

''Series/{{Laredo}}'' (The first season, the three main rangers)
* Id: Reese Bennett
* Ego: Joe Riley
* Superego: Chad Cooper

''Last of the Summer Wine''
* Id: Compo
* Ego: Cleggy
* Superego: Blamire / Foggy

* Id: Jack [=McCoy=] -- Brash, passionate, rule-bending firebrand.
* Ego: Claire/Serena/[[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute all of them]] -- Calmer, less experienced, less cynical lawyer; occasionally TheWatson.
* Superego: Schiff/Branch -- The Boss, serving as the voice of reason from behind a desk.

* Id: Locke -- A reckless, impulsive and emotionally frustrated man who often relies on blind faith in the Island and his belief that he is "special", and is willing to endanger other people's lives with little hesitation.
* Ego: Jack -- A medical professional who tries to act as a strong rational leader but can fall victim to his own insecurities and subsequently let his emotions take over.
* Superego: Sayid -- A calm, intelligent and resourceful ex-soldier whose first reaction to a problem is to figure out a logical solution to solve it.

* Id: Dr. Smith -- selfish, emotional, always searching for his own pleasures, esentially the Freudian description of what the Id is.
* Ego: Will -- compassionate even toward Dr. Smith, yet smart enough to distrust him and many of the enemies they encounter.
* Superego: The Robot -- cold, logical, often the voice of reason, he worries for the crew's well being more than anything else, including himself.

* Id: Kenji/Ryukendo -- naive and innocent, charges into battle.
* Superego: Fudou/Ryugunou -- calculates all his strategies.
* Ego: Koichi/Ryujinou -- acts on motivation, but thinks things through.

* Superego: Timon -- logical, thinks of long-term consequences before acting, tends to hold back from fights [[spoiler:unless he's turning into a mini Nennog, in which case all bets are off]].
* Id: Boomer -- unimaginative, acts almost entirely on instinct.
* Ego: Garland -- plans ahead but can be swayed by her emotions, keeps the peace between the other two.

''Series/{{MASH}}'' (seasons 1-3)
* Hawkeye/Trapper: (Id/Superego), Frank/Houlihan: (Superego/Id), and Henry (Ego).
(seasons 4-5)
* Hawkeye/B.J. (Id/Superego), Frank/Houlihan (Superego/Id), and Potter (Ego).
(seasons 6-11)
* Hawkeye/B.J. (Id), Potter (Superego), and Houlihan/Winchester (Ego).

* Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere:
** Id: Arthur -- Arrogant, aggressive, impulsive, is driven by his emotions, usually puts the individual before the bigger picture.
** Superego: Merlin -- Calm, secretive, has made at least one SadisticChoice in which he sacrificed a dear friend in order to save a greater number of people.
** Ego: Guinevere -- TheHeart, motherly, adored by both men as a LoveInterest/[[LikeBrotherAndSister Sister Figure]].
*** Isn't it more likely that Merlin is the Ego mediating between the magical power respresented by the wise Gaius (Superego) and the human world of the impulsive Arthur (Id)? (With the caveat that, I think, needs to be applied liberally here: if it ACTUALLY IS a freudian power trio...)
* Arthur, Merlin, Gwaine:
** Superego: Arthur -- Stoic, serious, courageous
** Ego: Merlin -- Balance, neutral, the mediator between Arthur and Gwaine
** Id: Gwaine -- Fun-loving, rebellious, daredevil

* The parents:
** Superego: Mike
** Id + Ego: Frankie
* Their kids:
** Id: Axl
** Ego: Sue
** Superego: Brick

* Rudy's [[LiteralSplitPersonality split personalities]]:
** Ego: Rudy One, [[JerkassWoobie The "real" Rudy]] -- the front Rudy puts on to hide his vulnerability
** Superego: Rudy Two -- Calm, sensible, honest, acts as Rudy's conscience
** Id: Rudy Three -- Angry, obsessed with killing

''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'' actually has two:
* Joel or Mike and the robot pals:
** Id: Crow T. Robot -- Silly, child-like, often the butt of jokes and prone to spontaneously making costumes and believing himself to be characters from the movies they watch.
** Superego: Tom Servo -- A commanding presence, often makes the most erudite and literary riffs, frequently manages to put one over on Crow. Once scored higher than an omniscient being on an IQ test.
** Ego: Joel/Mike -- Acts like a father/big brother to the robots, generally mediates between them, and often gets the better of both.
* In the Sci-Fi seasons, the Mads:
** Id: Professor Bobo -- A Gorilla from a world where apes evolved from men. Can lift about ten times his own body weight, obsessed with bananas, parasitic insects and flinging his own filth.
** Superego: "Brain Guy" -- ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin. A SufficientlyAdvancedAlien who carries around his brain in a pan with the body he claims he doesn't have.
** Ego: Pearl Forrester: Relentlessly browbeats and overpowers them, playing off their stupidity for her own purposes.

* Superego: Kermit -- The OnlySaneMan.
* Id: Gonzo -- Daredevil, thrill-seeking, girl-crazy.
* Ego: Fozzie -- Alternately sensible and comical.

* The three main adults:
** Id: Fran Fine: Sexy, unconventional.
** Superego: Maxwell Sheffield: Reserved, sensible.
** Ego: Niles -- ShipperOnDeck between Fran and Maxwell.
* The Sheffield children:
** Ego: Maggie
** Id: Brighton
** Superego: Gracie
* The Broadway adults:
** Ego: Maxwell -- Sensible mediator
** Superego: C.C. Babcock -- Emotionally stunted RichBitch
** Id: Niles -- ServileSnarker always trying to put down C.C. ([[PayEvilUntoEvil not that she doesn't deserve it]])
* The Fine women:
** Ego: Fran -- Mediator between the others
** Id: Sylvia -- Voracious, short-tempered BigEater
** Superego: Grandma Yetta -- Senile CloudCuckoolander
* The men in the Sheffield household:
** Superego: Maxwell
** Id: Brighton
** Ego: Niles
* The women in the Sheffield household:
** Ego: Fran
** Id: Maggie
** Superego: Gracie

* Ego, with a touch of Superego: Ned -- Reasonable and logical for the most part, but will more than occasionally go mad trying to reach his goals.
* Superego, with a touch of Ego: Moze -- Intelligent and friendly. Usually has a logical and effective solution to the others' problems, but can be incredibly unreasonable when it comes to her own.
* Id: Cookie -- [[TheSmartGuy Knows technology]], but is totally socially inept. Immedeatly uses the most complicated and ineffective way of solving problems.

* Id: Sarah
* Ego: Cosima
* Superego: Alison

* Id: Michael -- Childish and impulsive
* Superego: Dwight -- Moralistic (after a fashion) and scheming
* Ego: Jim -- Sensible and balanced; caring yet rational; drives the office forward

* Ego: Parker--the leader
* Superego: Jerry--smart
* Id: Mikey--cool

''Series/PeakyBlinders'': The Shelby brothers:
* Id: Arthur -- very emotional and hot-headed.
* Ego: Tommy -- TheStoic, who plans everything.
* Superego: John -- The middle ground, who treats both his brothers better than either treats the other.

* Superego, later Id: Conner -- TheHero, soccer jock, reluctant red
* Id, later Superego: Ethan -- TheSmartGuy, geek with capital G
* Ego: Kira -- ActionGirl, punk-lite musician, Ego who favors whoever isn't being an idiot

* Superego: Shane -- TheHero, the serious one
* Ego: Tori -- TheChick, the responsible one
* Id: Dustin -- TheBigGuy, the fun one

* Superego: Spence
* Ego: Emily and Aria
* Id: Hanna
** Alison varies between Superego and Id.

* Emerson: Id. Says whatever's on his mind. Appears more concerned about money than morality; seems willing to flex morals when it benefits him. Likes eating and drinking.
* Chuck: Superego. By far the best-read of the trio. Concerned about what's right, fixing things, finding solutions. (Considerable overlap with ego -- she's very compassionate, a quality which the other two often lack, and is much better at relating to people than either abrasive Emerson or aloof Ned.)
* Ned: Ego. Mediates between the two. Takes input from both; but, since the power is his, the final decisions tend to be also. (Considerable overlap with superego -- he often overthinks things, and can be distant.)

* Ego: Rimmer
* Superego: Kryten
* Id: Cat
Lister, the one portrayed as the most 'normal', is a mix of all three. Holly is just bonkers.
** Rimmer is not the ego--he is in no way a moderator. In fact he combines both superego and id qualities (authoritarian and selfish). If there actually is a "power trio" here then Lister must = ego.
*** I agree, therefore, taking the original trio and ignoring Holly and Kryten (who kind of out-superego everyone despite their flaws) the trio works out as:
*** Id: Cat
*** Ego: Lister
*** Superego: Rimmer

* The Second Triiumvirate is a good example of the dysfunctional form of this relationship, with the Superego and Id in constant conflict and the Ego unable to balance them out
** Superego: Octavian, the ascetic, logical, [[AmbiguousDisorder possibly sociopathic]] [[TheChessmaster chessmaster]]
** Id: Mark Anthony, the violent, hard drinking, impulsive creature of the flesh
** Ego: Lepidus, the weak willed moderate traditionalist that the other two ignore and dismiss
* Octavian's inner circle is an example of a dominant Superego
*** Superego: Octavian
*** Id: [[TheHedonist Maecenas]]
*** Ego: [[TokenGoodTeammate Agrippa]]

** Id: Hilda -- The childish, easy-going, outgoing, fun-loving aunt.
** Superego: Zelda -- Scientist and college professor, the rational and level-headed aunt and often the voice of reason when Hilda or Sabrina uses magic irresponsibly.
** Ego: Sabrina -- She has traits of both aunts: responsible and book smart but also bubbly, perky, regularly casting spells that land her in troubles.
* Seasons 5-7:
** Superego: Roxie -- Cynical, anti-social, TheSnarkKnight
** Ego: Sabrina -- The mediator
** Id: Morgan -- Shallow, ditzy, LovableAlphaBitch

* Id: Elliot--over-emotional
* Ego: JD--balanced
* Superego: Turk--most rational
** I thought Elliot would be Superego for being so neurotic and Turk the Id for being the most impulsive?

* Ego: Cassie
* Superego: Diana
* Id: Faye

* Ego: Sherlock -- Genius and self-identified 'high functioning sociopath'. Insists he runs entirely on logic, but this is very obviously not the case. Most of his character development is about learning how to balance his terrifying, amoral intellect with what he knows to be good and right, and he tends to find that what is 'good' is somewhere between 'logical' and 'nice'.
* Id: John -- Smart and well-educated, but no genius. Tends to rely mostly on common-sense, gut instinct and his own innate knowledge of what the nice thing to do would be. Tends to butt heads with Sherlock over this--his natural kindness gets on Sherlock's nerves, but often reveals things Sherlock would otherwise have completely missed, and serves as a good influence on Sherlock's character.
* Superego: Mycroft -- A genius so brilliant that, by his standards, Sherlock is 'thick'. While he comes across as sinister due to being TheStoic, he is nonetheless a force for good, albeit the kind of good that has no room for human emotions or behaviour. He tends to mock his brother for doing such unacceptable things as making friends with people and feeling sexual impulses towards Irene, and constantly urges his brother to use his logical gifts over his stunted feelings.

* Superego: Dr Harry Cunningham -- logical and scientific, generally uncomfortable dealing with emotional family members, and the least likely to be affected emotionally by the case of the week.
* Id: Dr Nikki Alexander -- empathic and emotional, the best candidate for comforting bereaved families, and the team member most likely to become emotionally involved in a case.
* Ego: Professor Leo Dalton -- The team leader, and thus the one who mediates between the two extremes and finds the midpoint when neither approach is being helpful.

** Id: Cook
** Ego: J.J. (occasionally Superego)
** Superego: Freddie (occasionally Ego).
* They also have this with Mini's initial gang in Generation 3:
** Id: Liv
** Ego: Mini
** Superego: Grace

* Ego: John Sheppard
* Superego: Elizabeth Weir
* Id: Rodney [=McKay=]

* Id: Vala
* Ego: Mitchell
* Superego: Daniel

''Franchise/StarTrek'' franchise:

* Ego: [[TheKirk Kirk]] -- Leader
* Superego: [[TheSpock Spock]] -- Reason
* Id: [[TheMcCoy McCoy]] -- Emotion\\
According to [[Creator/WilliamShatner Shatner's]] book ''Get A Life'', he met a woman who had multiple personalities, including the three above. Her psychologist said they performed the exact functions listed above.

* Id: Worf (and before him Tasha Yar) always wanted to attack; sometimes Riker got involved in matters he shouldn't have (usually romantic/groinal in nature) and dragged the crew in after him.
* Superego: Data, usually. (Sometimes it was Laforge saying why something wouldn't work, but he usually {{TechnoBabble}}d himself into a solution involving the Deflector Dish or [[ReverseThePolarity polarity reversal]].)
* Ego: Picard.

* The three main Malcorians from the ''Next Generation'' episode "First Contact" (not to be confused with the film ''Film/StarTrekFirstContact''):
** Superego: Mirasta Yale
** Ego: Chancellor Durken
** Id: Minister Krola

* ''Enterprise'' command trio:
** Ego: Picard
** Id: Riker
** Superego: Data

* In the episode "Loud as a Whisper", Riva the diplomat's psychic chorus.

* In "Frame of Mind", when Riker is undergoing a psychiatric procedure in the mental institution, a hologram of Worf represents his id, Troi represents his superego, and Picard his ego.

* In "Brothers", Brent Spiner gets to play one ''all by himself'', when Dr. Noonian Soong (Ego) summons both Data (Superego) and Lore (Id).

** Superego: Odo, Dax (both Jadzia and Ezri)
** Id: Kira Nerys, Julian Bashir
** Ego: Benjamin Sisko, Miles O'Brien
*** Multiple combinations arise throughout the series, but the most typical combinations are Odo/Kira/Sisko and Dax/Bashir/O'Brien.
* The three Klingon ''Dahar'' Masters from the ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' episode Blood Oath:
** Superego: Koloth
** Id: Kor
** Ego: Kang
*** The three originated as antagonists in ''[[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries The Original Series]]'' with Kor reappearing later in ''Deep Space Nine''. They had this dynamic in this episode.

The three main races of the Dominion:
* Id: The Jem'Hadar, who are bred solely for combat.
* Ego: The Vorta, who are superficially charming but also manipulative and deceitful.
* Superego: The Founders, who consider themselves above the affairs of "Solids" and seek to control everything.

* Command trio
** Superego: Tuvok
** Id: Chakotay
** Ego: Kathryn Janeway
* Junior trio
** Superego: Harry Kim
** Id: B'Elanna Torres
** Ego: Tom Paris
* Exotic trio
** Superego: Doctor (seasons 1-2), Seven of Nine (seasons 3-7)
** Id: Neelix
** Ego: Kes (seasons 1-2), Doctor (seasons 3-7)

* Ego: Archer (sometimes Id)
* Superego: T'Pol
* Id: Tucker (sometimes Ego)

Species in ''Franchise/StarTrek'':
* Ego: Humans -- Well-balanced, diplomatic, [[PlanetOfHats hatless]], [[HumansAreSpecial special]]
* Superego: Vulcans and/or Borg -- Logical, orderly, scientific
* Id: Romulans and/or Klingons -- emotional, [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy militaristic]], [[TheBigGuy brawny]]

The ''Enterprise'' captains:
* Ego: Kirk
* Superego: Picard
* Id: Archer

The 24th century captains:
* Ego: Janeway
* Superego: Picard
* Id: Sisko

* Season 1 to 3:
** Id: Dean Winchester -- TheLeader, BadassNormal, BigBrotherMentor or TheMentor (for Sam), HotBlooded, BoisterousBruiser, LargeHam, GreenEyedMonster, LoveableRogue, TheCharmer, HandsomeLech, [[ReallyGetsAround promiscuous]], [[TheCasanova ladies' man]], StreetSmart, BookDumb, [[MrFixIt mechanically-minded]], [[BigEater gluttonous]], DeadpanSnarker, passionate, hot-headed, extroverted, loud, smart-aleck, rough, rather [[PluckyComicRelief goofy]].
** Superego: Sam Winchester -- TheSmartGuy, TechnoWizard, BadassBookworm, GeniusBruiser, GuileHero, book-smart, [[SuperIntelligence intelligent]], [[HonorBeforeReason logical]], intellectual, [[TheEmpath empathetic]], [[MoralityChain moral]], proud, [[NiceGuy polite]], [[ShrinkingViolet introverted]], [[TheHeart sensitive, compassionate]], [[{{Dandere}} shy]], [[{{Kuudere}} reserved]], and [[TheQuietOne quieter]] than Dean (overlaps with Ego due to conflict between hunting and normal).
** Ego: Bobby Singer -- TheMentor, TheObiWan, TeamDad, PapaWolf, OnlySaneMan, MrExposition, experienced, [[CoolOldGuy mature]], responsible, practical, balanced, much calmer than Sam and Dean, balances [[StreetSmart street smarts]] and [[BadassBookworm book-smarts]], and can get the boys to stop quibbling long enough to figure out a plan of action.
* Season 4 to 6:
** Id: Sam Winchester -- HotBlooded, SociopathicHero, TheDeterminator, HairTriggerTemper, TheCorruptible (to Lucifer, Azazel, Lilith, Ruby, demon blood and demons), AmbiguouslyEvil, ArrogantKungFuGuy, WellIntentionedExtremist, KnightTemplar, [[TheDarkSide dark/evil tendencies]], [[TheBerserker rash]], power hungry, [[RevengeBeforeReason vengeful]], obsessive, [[{{Pride}} proud]], impulsive, [[FunctionalAddict addictive]], [[BloodKnight hell-bent on killing demons and supernatural beings]] (overlaps with Ego in Season Five due to being TheAtoner and overlaps with Superego in Season Six due to being soulless).
** Ego: Dean Winchester -- TheLeader, TheFace, TheHeart, TheConscience, MoralityChain (for Sam and Castiel), ReasonableAuthorityFigure, OnlySaneMan, responsible, confused, conflicted, mediator, peacemaker, well-intentioned, [[TheAtoner penitent]], trying to reach a balance.
** Superego: Castiel -- TheStoic, KnightTemplar, TheQuietOne, {{Kuudere}}, aloof, logical, unemotional, obedient, objective (though doubt makes him overlap with the Ego eventually).
* Season 8 to 10:
** Id: Dean Winchester -- HotBlooded, BloodKnight, TheBerserker, HairTriggerTemper, AxCrazy, KnifeNut, CuteAndPsycho, TheCorruptible (for Crowley, the MOC, and Amara), KnightTemplarBigBrother (to extreme levels towards Sam), CrazyJealousGuy (for Sam), {{Yandere}} tendencies (towards Sam), SociopathicHero, SociopathicSoldier, [[UnstoppableRage angry, aggressive]], forceful, [[TheDeterminator determined]], impulsive, rash, hell bent on killing, [[AmbiguouslyEvil dark or morally corrupt tendencies]], [[InsaneEqualsViolent violent tendencies]]
** Ego: Sam Winchester -- TheHeart; TheChick; AllLovingHero; ThePollyanna; MoralityPet, MoralityChain, LivingEmotionalCrutch and TheConscience (for MOC!Dean); diplomatic; balanced/trying to find a balance (between a normal life and hunting); conflicted (about living or dying); calm; down-to-earth; inferiority-complex; peacemaker; mediator; empathetic; loving; supportive; philosophical; compassionate yet pragmatic; balances between emotions and logic, the most normal and human within the trio (overlaps with Superego)
** Superego: Castiel -- TheStoic, KnightTemplar, TheQuietOne, {{Kuudere}}, intellectual, aloof, obedient, level-headed, logical, practical, reasonable, goal-oriented, detached, reserved
* Season 11 to 12:
** Id: Dean Winchester -- TheLeader, ActionHero, BloodKnight, TheCorruptible (for Amara), GeniusBruiser, dark tendencies, impulsive, morally grey (overlaps with Superego and Ego)
** Ego: Sam Winchester -- ThePollyanna, TheHeart, MoralityPet, LivingEmotionalCrutch and TheConscience (for Dean and Castiel), compassionate, understanding, mediator, peacemaker, supportive, balanced, balances between emotions and pragmatism
** Superego: Castiel -- TheStoic, KnightTemplar, DeadpanSnarker, OnlySaneMan, serious, practical, reserved, sensible (overlaps with Id and Ego)

''Franchise/SuperSentai'': Some series' have done this, usually of the ThreePlusTwo variety.
* ''Series/TaiyouSentaiSunVulcan'' (The only team to compose of 3 members)
** Ego: Ryusuke/Takayuki/Vul Eagle, the leader
** Superego: Kin'ya/Vul Shark, the serious one
** Id: Asao/Vul Panther, a big eater
* ''Series/ChoujuuSentaiLiveman'' (pre-Black Bison and Green Sai)
** Ego: Yuusuke/Red Falcon, the leader
** Id: Jou/Yellow Lion, the hothead
** Superego: Megumi/Blue Dolphin, the smart girl
* ''Series/NinpuuSentaiHurricaneger'' (pre-Gouraigers)
** Id: Yousuke/Hurricane Red, the determined hothead
** Ego: Nanami/Hurricane Blue, the cute one
** Superego: Kouta/Hurricane Yellow, the planner

* ''Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger'' (pre-Black)
** Id: Ryouga/Aba Red -- Bursting energy, the energetic enthusiast
** Superego: Yukito/Abare Blue -- Explode Seriously, the cold stoic
** Ego: Ranru/Abare Yellow -- Dashing with courage, the gutsy cutie

* ''Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger'' (pre-Violet)
** Id Jan/Geki Red -- Unbreakable Body, he is childlike and simple-minded (also the seasons {{Tarzan}} wannabe)
** Ego: Ran/Geki Yellow -- Honest Heart, the positive leader
** Superego: Retsu/Geki Blue -- Fantastic Technique, smart and selfish

* ''Series/EngineSentaiGoOnger'' (pre-Green and Black)
** Id: Ssuke/Go-On Red -- Mach Full Force, the confident one
** Superego: Renn/Go-On Blue -- Just Correct, the smart one
** Ego: Saki/Go-On Yellow -- Smile Blooming, the positive one

* ''Series/TokumeiSentaiGobusters'' (pre-Beet and Stag)
** Superego: Hiromu/Red Buster
** Ego: Ryuji/Blue Buster
** Id: Yoko/Yellow Buster

* Ego: Scott -- TheHeart, BigGood, TheLeader, empathetic, kind, selfless
* Superego: Stiles -- TheSmartGuy, intelligent, DeadpanSnarker, practical, logical
* Id: Derek -- HotBlooded, aggressive, impulsive, violent tendencies, brash, power hungry

* Id: Sarah Connor
* Ego: John Connor
* Superego: Cameron

''Tom Corbett, SpaceCadet'':
* Id: Astro -- Naive, emotional, expressive, and impulsive GeniusBruiser with a [[HotBlooded short fuse]].
* Superego: Roger Manning -- Sarcastic and cynical DeadpanSnarker, [[TheComplainerIsAlwaysWrong the complainer]], and with a super ego to boot. Always the first to say that something won't work
* Ego: Tom Corbett -- The rational and level-headed one, TheSmartGuy, TheHero, the StandardizedLeader

* Superego: James May -- TheSmartGuy and often teasingly referred to as Captain Slow, because he does most things slowly and carefully, and often scolds the other hosts for being careless. Has a tendency towards GoshDangItToHeck and UnusualEuphemism. Also, he plays piano.
* Id: Jeremy Clarkson -- A loud, brash SmugSnake. He's rude, likes explosions and luxury cars, is exceedingly vocal in his dislikes, and let's not get into his politics.
* Ego: Richard Hammond -- A risk-taking adrenaline junkie prone to {{Cluster F Bomb}}s... also most likely the id. But he's somewhat nicer than Clarkson and less pushy, and also seems to have a bit more of a rapport with the other two than they have with each other, so he may narrowly qualify as the Ego.

* Ego: Gwen -- TheEveryman, er, woman...not that anyone on this show cares.
* Superego: Jack -- An immortal, level-headed SufficientlyAdvancedAlien.
* Id: Owen -- When [[spoiler:TheCaptain can turn a stopwatch into a sex toy and]] you're the resident LovableSexManiac, what does that make you?
** Tosh and Ianto alternate between Ego & Superego throughout the series.
* Id: Jake Collins -- Gets thrust into the world of supernatural critter wrangling, and is an avid superhero buff.
* Superego: Felix Garcia -- TheSmartGuy who is somewhat more level-headed, but still acts somewhat spaztastic as Jake does at times.
* Ego: Hayley Steele -- Started out as the AlphaBitch and still acts as such, but her new responsibilties in saving the planet have made her more of the matriarch of the group as well.

* Main Trio (''Elena, Stefan, and Damon'')
** Ego: Elena -- Stable, balanced, TheHeart
** Superego: Stefan -- Serious, stoic, reasonable
** Id: Damon -- Impulsive, dangerous, selfish
* The Girls (''Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline''):
** Ego: Elena -- Stable, balanced, TheHeart
** Superego: Bonnie -- HypercompetentSidekick
** Id: Caroline -- Emotional, talkative, a bit shallow
* The Originals (''Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah'')
** Id: Klaus -- Reckless, impulsive, dangerous, selfish
** Ego: Rebekah -- Balance, sensitive, intuitive, TheHeart
** Superego: Elijah -- Logical, stoic, practical, reasonable

''Series/TheWalkingDead'' uses this trope to great effect to highlight different characters.
* Ego: Rick (S1, S2, & S4A), Deanna, Maggie, Michonne (S4 on)
* Superego: Shane, Rick (S3, S4B-Present), Carol (from S3 on)
* Id: Dale, Glenn, Hershel, Morgan, Daryl, Abe, Michonne (S3)

''Series/{{Warehouse 13}}'':
** Superego: Myka
** Ego: Artie
** Id: Pete
* And also:
** Ego: Leena
** Superego: Mrs. Fredrick
** Id: Claudia

''What's Happening'':
* Id: Rerun
* Superego: Raj
* Ego: Dwayne Wayne

''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway'' (American edition): The three regular players
* Id: Wayne Brady
* Ego: Colin Mochrie
* Superego: Ryan Stiles

* Superego: Justin
* Id: Alex
* Ego: Max and Harper

* Id: Adam
* Ego: Blake
* Superego: Anders
* Although sometimes they might switch around depending on the situtation