''Manga/AkameGaKill'' has its three main protagonists:
* Id: Mine, the haughty {{Tsundere}} [[InsufferableGenius who loves flaunting her skills]].
* Superego: Akame, who was trained from childhood to be the perfect assassin, and as a result shows [[TheStoic little emotion]] while killing with ruthless efficiency.
* Ego: Tatsumi, the NaiveNewcomer who turns Mine and Akame into {{Defrosting Ice Queen}}s at the cost of his own {{innocence|lost}} and [[TookALevelInCynic idealism]].

''Manga/AlienNine'' has the Alien Party:
* Id: Kasumi Tomine -- Joined because she likes catching/fighting aliens. Also contrasts with Yuri in that she is [[BornWinner a prodigy]] and a xenophile. Also serves as the [[RedOniBlueOni red oni to Kumi's blue]].
* Ego: Yuri Otani -- Railroaded by her classmates since no one else wanted to be stuck wearing the UglyCute alien. The opposite of Kasumi in that she is a crybaby moeblob who despises all things alien.
* Superego: Kumi Kawamura -- Chose to be an Alien Fighter rather than be saddled with the higher pressure and responsiblity of Class President (little did ''she'' know...) but is also the thinker and TheStoic of the group. Also serves as the [[RedOniBlueOni blue oni to Kasumi's red]].

''Manga/AttackOnTitan'' has this in the main trio:
* Id: Eren Yeager (TheMcCoy) -- the brashest, most easily affected by emotions, and most eager to fight.
* Superego: Mikasa Ackerman (TheSpock) -- a ruthless fighter, the calmest and most emotionally distant, able to be decisive where other would hesitate. Subverted, since this goes right out the window whenever [[LivingEmotionalCrutch Eren]] is concerned.
* Ego: Armin Arlert (TheKirk) -- ChildhoodFriends with Eren and Mikasa; hence he is able to calm Eren down and rationalize with Mikasa.

There's also Levi, Erwin, and Hanji later on:
* Id: Hanji -- emotional to the point of being ''creepy'' at times
* Superego: Levi -- cold and ruthless pragmatist, looks at things logically to the point of being a borderline SociopathicHero
* Ego: Erwin -- considers both emotions and doing what needs done to be equally important.

Finally, the Titan Shifter Trio
* Id: [[spoiler:Reiner]] who blows the cover of the Shifters due to emotional stress and develops a split personality due to said emotional problems.
* Superego: [[spoiler:Annie]] who is the coldest member of the group who hunts their enemies down with frightening persistence.
* Ego: [[spoiler:Bertolt]] who shows far more emotion than [[spoiler:Annie]], but is able to cope with the stress far better than [[spoiler:Reiner]].

''LightNovel/AmagiBrilliantPark'' has the three main mascots:
* Superego: Moffle -- more mature but can get carried away
* Ego: Macaron -- nice, but short-tempered and silly
* Id: Tiramie -- perverted and eccentric

''Manga/AxisPowersHetalia'' has the Axis Forces:
* Superego: Ludwig/Germany -- Rational, workaholic, duty-bound
* Id: Feliciano/Italy -- Child-like, naive, ditzy
* Ego: Kiku/Japan -- in the middle

''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}!'' has a set in the Gandor brothers:
* Superego: Keith Gandor -- Oldest brother. TheQuietOne and flat-out [[TheVoiceless voiceless]] in the anime. Conservative thinking and adherent to ethics and tradition.
* Id: Berga Gandor -- The middle brother. Huge, emotional, and intimidating. [[DumbMuscle Not very bright]].
* Ego: Luck Gandor -- The youngest. The calm, collected "brains" of the group. Usually at the head in most of their dealings and serves as the mediator.

''Manga/{{Berserk}}'': It's downplayed, but this definatley applies to the main protagonists in the golden age arc.
* Id: Guts -- Impulsive, driven mainly by his emotions and will to survive, BookDumb, tends to act first and think later.
* Superego: Griffith -- Intelligent, calculating, ambitious, rational and somewhat emotionally detatched.
* Ego: Casca -- Somewhere between the above two in personality terms.

''LightNovel/BlackBullet'': Tendo Civil Security Company prior to [[FriendlySniper Tina]] [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Sprout]] joining the team.
* Id: Enju -- A [[NiceGirl kind-hearted]], [[AllLovingHero all-loving]], [[GenkiGirl energetic]] loli who happen to be one of the most [[FragileFlower emotionally fragile]] characters in the series.
* Ego: Rentaro -- Enju's partner who happens to be the balancer between Enju and Kisara. He is a NiceGuy [[ForHappiness utilitarian]] who is willing to help others in need and make everyone in his life happy. At the same time, most of his decision-making is very [[PragmaticHero pragmatic]].
* Superego: Kisara -- A cold AntiHero who wants revenge against her own family bloodline for being responsible for the deaths of her parents and [[NecessarilyEvil willing to commit acts of evil to defeat a greater evil]]. After Tina Sprout joins, she fits into between the Id-Ego category.

''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' features the rare instance where the power trio are also the villains:
* Ego: Aizen -- The serene, soft-spoken yet supremely arrogant leader. The other two are completely loyal to him, so he has no trouble keeping them in line
* Id: Gin -- Constantly grinning, utterly without empathy, and more than happy to start trouble. Had a reputation for recklessness and scheming even before Soul Society found out he was Aizen's minion.
* Superego: Tousen -- Calm and stoic, Tousen is a {{Knight Templar}} who believes following Aizen is the least violent way to bring order to the world. He prioritizes his personal code above all else, even if it means harming former friends.
* Technically any of the Vizards can be considered this if the Interactions within Ichigo's mental world are/were the same for them. With the main Identity being the ego, the hollow being the Id and the Zanpakuto being the superego.
* The Freudian Trio/Platonic Tripartite Soul also applies to the first three members of the {{Five Man Band}} and love triangle:
** Superego: Rukia -- Rational, calm, contemplative, self-possessed, driven by duty, conscientious to the point of [[spoiler:being suicidal over something that wasn't her fault]], and is the damsel in distress in the rules-obsessed Soul Society
** Ego: Ichigo -- The spirited protagonist and, as mentioned, is a tripartite soul himself with Ichigo proper, Zangetsu and Hollow Ichigo -- lampshaded by the in-story "king and his horse" analogy which is similar to the charioteer analogy in Plato's Republic.
** Id: Orihime -- Appetitive, acts on her gut feelings and emotions, her unusual tastes in food are a running joke, and is the damsel in distress in Hueco Mundo where the inhabitants are driven to eat each other.
** The rest of the Five Man Band and Sixth Ranger: Ishida the Rational (Superego), Renji the Spirited (Ego), and Chad the Appetitive (Id). The two fighting formations toward the end of Hueco Mundo work this way [[spoiler:with Rukia and Ishida trading places]].
** Also, Ichigo's closest three normal human friends: straight man Mizuiro -- Rational (Superego), hot-blooded Tatsuki -- Spirited (Ego), and goofy Keigo -- Appetitive (Id).
* The three main groups of supernatural beings: WordOfGod has the cold-blooded and logical Quincies (Superego) are meant to contrast the hot-blooded and passionate Arrancar (Id), with Soul Reapers in the middle (Ego).

''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'', the three main protagonists:
* Id: Misaka -- [[HotBlooded brash, and aggressive]] {{Tsundere}} with [[ShockAndAwe the power of lightning]]
* Ego: Touma -- more compassionate than Accelerator but his [[{{HotBlooded}} Hot Bloodiness]] is more laid back than Misaka, with a [[AntiMagic power]] that is [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway less impressive]] than the others, but slightly more [[BoringButPractical practical]] and down to earth
* Superego: Accelerator -- AntiHero with [[SuperpowerLottery powerful]] [[MindOverMatter telekinetic powers]] and [[TheSociopath a cold, cynical personality]] who kills those who stand in his way or villains [[AssholeVictim who are much worse than him]] [[HeWhoFightsMonsters without showing any signs of remorse]]

''Anime/CodeGeass'' has many variants.
* The Black Knights Trio
** Id: Kallen -- Passionate freedom fighter and crusader against tyranny.
** Superego: Lelouch -- TheChessmaster, hyper-pragmatic, lives by the BatmanGambit.
** Ego: C.C. -- [[SugarAndIcePersonality Acts cynical and cold, but really just wants to be loved]].

* The main three leads
** Lelouch (Ego), Suzaku (Superego), and C.C. (Id).

''Anime/CowboyBebop'' has this though it can get blurry
* Id: Vicious was arguably a superego, but either has become (or always was) the id, driven by an extreme lust for power and control. When interacting with others, he puts on the cold facade of a superego, but when he fights, he is animalistic and instinctual, though he favors a weapon of serenity and discipline.
* Superego: Spike started as an id, but arguably was shifted to being a superego by Julia's influence and now more less abides by the law, remaining calm and never letting his emotions show. He has the tendency to lapse back into a more id like state when angered, but mostly is calm and content, exemplified by his combat style of non-aggressive redirection.
* Ego: almost certainly Julia -- while not as animalistic as Vicious and definitely in more control of her lust, she is still able to readily show emotions, unlike Spike

''Anime/DaiGuard'', the three pilots:
* Id: Akagi is a HotBlooded AscendedFanboy whose constant use of the IndyPloy consistently infuriates his teammates
* Ego: Ibuki is closer to Earth than Akagi, but is not always perfectly calm (manually activating Dai-Guard's Net Cannon by climbing out on the mecha's arm being one example)
* Superego: Aoyama is (at first, at least) [[PunchClockHero just doing his job]] and refers to himself as the OnlySaneMan

''Anime/DarkerThanBlack'' has a few of these.
* Id: Huang -- hot-tempered NobleBigotWithABadge, prone to BullyingADragon
* Superego: Hei -- TheStoic who suppresses his emotions
* Ego: Mao -- Keeps the above two from killing each other and [[TinMan despite his claims of being unemotional and pragmatic]] is pretty nice.

* Id: April -- a HardDrinkingPartyGirl
* Superego: July -- An [[EmotionlessGirl Emotionless Guy]]
* Ego: November 11 -- Cunning and kind of a jerk but cares for his teammates and has a nice side

* Id: Genma -- a DepravedBisexual
* Superego: Mina -- A stoic who rarely conveys any emotional response
* Ego: Yoko -- TheTeamNormal, [[MadScientist a brilliant scientist]] but also very personable

* Superego: Light Yagami -- Zealous KnightTemplar bent on creating "a perfect world."
* Id: Misa Amane -- Amoral pleasure seeker/{{yandere}}
* Ego: Ryuk -- Finds the others to be "so interesting."

* The detectives
** Superego: Near -- Calm, cerebral and stoic
** Id: Mello -- Volatile, ambitious and passionate
** Ego: L -- The (im)perfect balance between the two

* Put both groups together for the main three leads:
** Light Yagami (Superego), L (Ego), and Misa Amane (Id).

''Anime/DigimonAdventure'' and ''Anime/DigimonAdventure02''
* Id: Taichi (Tai) -- Impulsive, outspoken, active
* Superego: Koushirou (Izzy) -- Logical INTP-type computer whiz
* Ego: Yamato (Matt) -- Cautious and sensitive, aggressive when provoked (shifts between Id and Superego, with a tendency towards Superego)
** Arguably a subversion, though; after CharacterDevelopment, Taichi matures into the Ego, as is more fitting for a leader, whilst Yamato is revealed to frequently be a lot less cool-headed than he'd like or tries to be, becoming more of an Id, particularly when Takeru (T.K.) is involved.
*** At the same time, Yamato tends to be more thoughtful and less ready to jump the gun than Taichi is, so the above example still fits.

* Played more straight, however, in [[Anime/DigimonAdventure02 02]], which has not one but two examples of this:
** Id: Daisuke (Davis), -- shares Taichi's hot-headed Id qualities.
** Ego: Takeru (T.K.), very much -- far more cool-headed than Daisuke, but nonetheless appalled by all the evil the villains are committing. Helps that he's been to the Digital World before.
** Superego: [[spoiler:definitely Ken, post-HeelFaceTurn]] -- the Superego to Daisuke's Id, [[spoiler:to the point where the other Chosen Children thought at first he was still a monster for destroying the Digimon created from the Control Spires, before the method of their creation was revealed]].

** Id: Miyako (Yolei) -- the team's resident GenkiGirl.
** Superego: Iori (Cody) -- Koushiro's successor in spirit, if not in abilities (since Miyako, unusually for an Id, is the tech girl for 02). He consciously tries to be as stoic and cool-headed as possible.
** Ego: Hikari (Kari) -- emphasised as the character of the purest heart in the series but also able to apply reason to her actions (it helps that like Takeru she's not new to this).
*** It's arguable that characters like Daisuke and Mimi have equally pure hearts, actually, since they tend to be optimistic and believe the best of people no matter what.

* Id: Masaru (Marcus) -- Brash street fighter, AllLovingHero, DumbIsGood
* Superego: Touma (Thomas) -- Calm, cool, logical
* Ego: Yoshino (Yoshi) -- Four years older, usually thinks with one and acts with the other (shifts from favoring Superego to favoring Id)

''Anime/{{Digimon Tamers}}'':
* Ego: Takato -- AscendedFanboy, normal, friendly, definitely the least HotBlooded [[strike:goggle-boy]] leader (darn you, Masaru!) this franchise has to offer.
* Id: Ruki (Rika) -- IneffectualLoner, angry, definitely the most [[LittleMissBadass badass girl]] this franchise has to offer.
* Superego: Jenrya (Henry) -- TechnicalPacifist, thoughtful, Zen-like, definitely the hardest-to-classify character this franchise has to offer.

* The three main leads:
** Vegeta is proud, easily angered, and has a strong bloodlust (id)
** Son Goku is laid back and friendly, but enjoys training and fighting powerful opponents (ego)
** Son Gohan is serious, does not like combat and prefers to study (superego)
* The three Androids
** Android 17 (Id), Android 18 (Ego), and Android 16 (Superego).
* The three main villains
** Frieza (ego), Cell (superego), and Majin Buu (id).

''Manga/ElfenLied'' has two:
* The Hotel:
** [[WoobieDestroyerofWorlds Lucy]] (Id), [[TheEveryman Kohta]] (Ego), and [[ControlFreak Yuka]] (Superego).

* The Diclonius Research Centre:
** [[BloodKnight Bando]] (Id), [[BadassAdorable Nana]] (Ego), and [[TheStoic Kurama]] (Superego).

* Id: the [[HardDrinkingPartyGirl Alcoholic]], [[ICallItVera gun-toting]] Benkate (been Ego at times)
* Ego: the [[TheDitz Ditzy]], [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} childish]] Mingchao (been Id at times)
* Superego: [[TheStraightMan Rational]], [[BrokenBird stoic]] Fino

%%* The guys in a Combo Trio:
%%** Id + Ego: [[TagAlongKid Fino's younger brother]] Yaghi
%%** Ego + Superego: [[{{Moe}} Shy, bespectacled]] Alternate
%%** Id + Superego: [[TroubledButCute Revenge-driven]] Baskerville (Superego)

%%* And the trio before Yaghi, Fino, and Alternate joined.
%%** Mingchao (Id + Ego), Baskerville (Ego + Superego), and Benkate (Id + Superego).

* Ojou:
** Id: Ootawara -- Dumb Muscle
** Ego: Sakuraba -- the most normal
** Superego: Shin or Takami -- Takami is more typically intelligent while Shin is the least emotional

* Shinryuuji:
** Id: Agon -- relies on his talent and instinct
** Ego: Ikkyu -- prideful but reasonable
** Superego: Unsui -- the most cautious of the three

* Seibu:
** Id: Riku -- actions based on emotions rather then what's strategic
** Ego: Kid -- intelligent, but insecure
** Superego: Tetsuma -- the one whose emotions are the most controlled

* Taiyou:
** Id: Kasamatsu and Kamagaruma -- former easily enraged and tricked, latter impulsive
** Ego: Harao -- reasonably intelligent, but hampered by insecurity
** Superego: Banba -- the real brains of the team

* Poseidon:
** Id: Mizumachi -- lives for fun
** Ego: Kobanzame
** Superego: Kakei -- thinks the most strategically of the 3

* Bando:
** Id: Kotaro -- values passion most
** Ego: Juri -- OnlySaneMan
** Superego: Akaba -- values intellegence most

* Hakushuu:
** Id: Gao -- animal instincts personified
** Ego: Maria -- desires victory, but not at the expense of others
** Superego: Marco -- goes for the most straight forward path to victory regardless of those he hurts
*** 88 Alternately, one could argue that Kisiragi is the Ego: he's Marco's Left Hand in contrast to Gaou's Right, worships strength every bit as much as Gaou does, but relies on brainpower to use his strength effectively, putting him right between the two of them.

* Teikoku:
** Id: Yamato -- plays for the love of competing
** Ego: Karin -- the peace keeper
** Superego: Taka -- the intellectual

* Team America:
** Panther (Id), Mr. Don (Ego), and Superego (Clifford).

* Id: Bart -- Impulsive, Loud-Mouth, Energetic
* Superego: Lynn -- Sweet-Natured, Gentle, Shy, Empathetic
* Ego: Kenshiro -- Calm, Level-Headed, Comforts Lynn and keeps Bart in Line

* Superego: Sousuke -- [[TheStoic Stoic]], rational, socially inept.
* Id: Kurz Weber -- Impulsive, [[LoveableSexManiac lecherous]].
* Ego: Mao -- Balanced. As commander, must make use of both of her subordinates' talents.

* Id: Edward -- Reckless, impulsive, hot-tempered, [[{{Determinator}} extremely driven]].
* Ego: Alphonse -- [[GentleGiant Gentle]], thoughtful, idealistic, self-sacrificing.
* Superego: Winry -- Sensible, diplomatic, motherly, can be stern.

''Manga/GetterRobo''; they're a bit of a special case, though, as their positions arguably tend to shift depending on whether the current version owes more to the goofy 1970s anime or the dark and violent manga version.
* Id: Ryoma -- Though if they're playing it LighterAndSofter, he could be Ego, as a typical HotBlooded anime hero/team captain. If it's DarkerAndEdgier, he'll be Hot Blooded to the point of being [[BloodKnight psychotically violent]].
* Superego: Hayato - Whether he's a cool-headed foil to Ryo's loud, flashy super robo antics or a cold an calculating sociopath, Hayato almost always fits into the Superego mold. His Getter-2's hit and run fighting style reflects this nicely.
* Ego: Musashi/Benkei -- Could also be Id, depending on the version. While he's generally a bumbling oaf who charges into battle without thinking, in darker Getter stories, while still more violent, he's usually less so than his teammates and has a great deal more empathy.

* Batou (Id), The Major (Superego), and Aramaki (Ego).

* Superego: the calm, tactical Yuuma.
* Id: The hotblooded Sekai.
* Ego: Fumina, who keeps the team together.

* Id: Haruhi -- Impulsive, [[{{tsundere}} prone to extreme mood swings]], [[ComedicSociopathy has little to no concern for the feelings or others]].
* Superego: Yuki -- [[TheQuietOne Quiet]], [[TheSpock supremely rational]], [[EmotionlessGirl unemotive]], [[BadassBookworm highly competent]].
* Ego: Kyon -- Balanced; not as [[TheStoic stoic]] as Yuki, but not as [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} insane as Haruhi]].

''Manga/HekikaiNoAiON'' have:
* The PowerTrio of heroines:
** Superego: Shizuki -- [[TheSmartOne The smart]] and [[ManipulativeBitch manipulative one]]
** Ego: Yuzuki -- [[TheDitz Kind but naive]] and is in middle of Shizuki and Seine
** Id: Seine -- [[YouKilledMyFather Vengeful]] and [[{{Determinator}} very determined to accomplish it]]

* And the main LoveTriangle:
** Superego: Seine -- Rational, snarky and not so interested in love
** Ego: Tatsuya -- [[AllLovingHero Kind]], mediator and in the middle of the two
** Id: Sheila -- FishOutOfWater, [[TheIngenue childlike]] and infatuated with Tatsuya

* Alucard (Id), Seras (Ego), and Integra (Superego).

* Kirby (Id), Bun (Ego), Fumu (Superego).

* Liz (Id), Takishi (Ego), and Amy (Superego).

* Id: Sora -- the [[GenkiGirl perky]] leader, often running on emotion
* Ego: Anna (Id-leaning Ego) -- cool-headed off-stage, but would rather be doing comedy
* Superego: Mia -- the semi-serious and logical one

''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn'' 's two major villains and main protagonist may fit.
* Id: Xanxus -- Passionate, Hair-trigger temper, speech is full of {{Angrish}}.
* Superego: Byakuran -- Seems like a run-of-the-mill PsychopathicManChild but takes a level in psycho as well as TheChessmaster as the Future arc progresses.
* Ego: Tsuna -- Level-headed and kindhearted, practically AllLovingHero, but knows when to be full of asskickery. Eventually defeats the other two.

''Anime/KillLaKill'''s three main characters:
* Id: Ryuko -- HotBlooded, prone to anger, reckless, scrappy, and ''very'' determined.
* Ego: Mako -- Optimistic, supportive, all-loving, and is [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} out there]].
* Superego: Satsuki -- Stoic, cold, ambitious, and cynical, but she also has the same kind of determination Ryuko has.

''Manga/{{Kingdom}}'' 's original three person team.
* Id: Shin -- Instinctual, hotheaded, prone to outbursts, does what he believes is morally right (even if it means striking a friendly soldier)
* Superego: Sei -- Reserved, serious, utilitarian in his view of the world, willing to sacrifice much in order to unify all of China
* Ego: Ten -- A strategist but follows Shin's directive, mediated the hostility between Shin and Sei when they first met

Kuuchuu Buranko AKA ''Trapeze'' has Ichiro Irabu as all three (manifested through his different forms):
* Chid Irabu (Superego), Young adult Irabu (Ego), and Bear Irabu (Id).

''Anime/LegendOfGalacticHeroes'' has this primarily in:
* [[AntiHero Reinhard]] [[ReasonableAuthorityFigure von]] [[TheEmperor Lohengramm]] as the Captain Kirk figure;
* [[TheHeart Siegfried]] [[IncorruptiblePurePureness Kircheis]] for [=McCoy=];
* [[TheSpock Paul]] [[EnigmaticMinion von]] [[NecessarilyEvil Oberstein]] as a Machievellian Spock.

* And as a comedy trio:
** Ego: [[SkilledButNaive Julian]] [[PluckyMiddie Minci]], suprisingly enough.
** Id: [[AcePilot Olivier]] [[EthicalHedonist Poplan]].
** Superego: [[TheQuietOne Louis]] [[DeadpanSnarker Mashengo]].

''Anime/LuckyStar'' fits into this, despite having a FourGirlEnsemble:
* Id: [[{{Moe}} Tsukasa Hiiragi]] -- [[TheDitz ditzy]] {{Cloudcuckoolander}} who spends most of her time [[HeavySleeper sleeping]].
* Ego: [[ProudToBeAGeek Konata]] [[OtakuSurrogate Izumi]] -- balanced, despite being an Otaku girl.
* Superego: [[DeadpanSnarker Kagami]] [[{{Tsundere}} Hiiragi]] -- The rational one who often critize Konata's otaku interests and inability to study hard as well as constantly looking over her twin sister Tsukasa.

* Or if you want to put [[{{Meganekko}} Miyuki-san]] into the picture:
** Tsukasa (Id), Kagami (Ego), and Miyuki (Superego).

* Or
** Konata (Id), Kagami (Ego), and Miyuki (Superego).

* Or
** Konata (Id), Tsukasa (Ego), and Miyuki (Superego).

*** The four main girls go like this: Tsukasa and Konata fits into both Id and Ego (Tsukasa tends to lean more to the Ego while Konata more to the Id), Kagami fits into the Ego and Superego, and Miyuki fits into the Superego.

* For the ''other'' FourGirlEnsemble:
** Id: [[OccidentalOtaku Patricia]] [[GenkiGirl Martin]].
** Ego: [[ShipperOnDeck Hiyori]] [[ShippingGoggles Tamura]] (with some traces of Id due to her tendency to fantasize on [[IllGirl Yuu-chan]] and [[{{Bifauxnen}} Minami]] romantic relationship).
** Superego: [[TheIngenue Yutaka]] [[{{Moe}} Kobayakawa]] (with some ego tendencies).
** [[TheQuietOne And Minami Iwasaki]] fits into all three of them depending on the situation.

* For the Konata household:
** Id: [[DirtyOldMan Soujirou Izumi]]
** Ego: Yutaka Kobayakawa
** Superego: Konata Izumi

* For Kagami and [[ThoseTwoGuys and the other two girls in her class]]:
** Id: [[CuteLittleFangs Misao]] [[EnsembleDarkhorse Kusakabe]]
** Ego: [[SatelliteCharacter Ayano]] [[TheNondescript Minegishi]]
** Superego: Kagami Hiiragi

* Id: Freyja Wion
* Ego: Hayate Immelman
* Superego: Mirage Farina Jenius

''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'', in the dorm.
* Asuna (Id), Konoka (Ego), and Negi (Superego, but leans into Ego on occasion as well).

* Ego: Hikaru -- Determined, enthusiastic, takes point throughout most of the quest.
* Id: Umi -- Loudmouthed, passionate, very protective of her friends.
* Superego: Fuu -- Thoughtful, intelligent, combines logic with caring.

* The three Aces:
** Nanoha (Id, sometimes Ego), Fate (Ego, sometimes Id), and Hayate (Superego).

* The Materials (the {{Evil Twin}}s to the three Aces)
** Stern (Nanoha's EvilTwin) (Superego), Levi (Fate's EvilTwin) (Id), and Dearche (Hayate's EvilTwin (Ego).

* The Wolkenritter:
** Vita (Id), Signum and Zafira (Ego), and Shamal (Superego).

* Ego: Mai -- balance, mediation, self-reliance
* Superego: Natsuki -- reason
* Id: Mikoto -- hunger, instinct, emotion

''Anime/MaiOtome'', especially the manga:
* Id (+ slight Ego): Arika -- perky, [[GenkiGirl hyper]], friendly, [[IdiotHero none-too-bright]]
* Superego (+ slight Id): Nina -- serious, stern, often at odds with Arika
* Ego (+ slight Superego): Erstin -- gentle and shy mediator between the two

''Manga/MaisonIkkoku'', has more than one:
* Superego: Yotsuya -- Despite his highly eccentric actions he has a very calm, deadpan and formal personality
* Id: Akemi -- A very loud and energetic drunk, a bit impulsive and shows off her exhibitionist side on a regular basis
* Ego: Hanae -- Also a rather loud and energetic drunk but also fairly frequently shows off her motherly side

* (As for the LoveTriangle with Godai, Kyoko and Kozue)
** Id: Kozue -- Cheerful, Kind and Caring but also a little ditzy
** Superego: Kyoko -- Tries to be very rational and mature but her temper sometimes gets in the way
** Ego: Godai -- Is often a victim of misunderstandings but normally is the first one to try to understand the situation at hand

* (Now for the LoveTriangle with Mitaka, Godai and Kyoko)
** Superego: Mitaka -- While he genuinely cares for Kyoko he does show off that he is a rich athletic pretty boy on a regular basis
** Id: Godai -- A kind young man but is normally rather tempermental and competitive with Mitaka
** Ego: Kyoko -- Sweet and tries to be understanding to both of these men, does wish that they would stop being so competitive around her

%%* Id + Ego: Lucia -- Leader, but [[WakeUpGoToSchoolSaveTheWorld more concerned with her love life]] than the rules that might prevent it
%%* Id + Superego: Hanon -- Picks fights with Lucia over breaking the rules and usually goes on to do the exact same thing (Superego when others, namely Lucia, are involved; Id otherwise)
%%* Ego + Superego: Rina -- Mediator

* Id: Murrue Ramius -- TheCaptain and TeamMom. Compassionate, humanistic, and [[MilitaryMaverick willing to bend and break rules as necessary]] in order to serve what's best for the individuals involved.
* Superego: Natarle Badgiruel -- SergeantRock. Firmly believes in the importance of discipline and abiding by military regulations.
* Ego: Mu La Flaga -- Veteran AcePilot who serves as a pragmatic midpoint between Murrue and Natarle, respecting military regulations while recognizing that some situations require flexibility. Maintains a balance between his natural inclinations toward being a good soldier and being a good person.

''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny'' has three Power Trios.
* The Main Characters
** Id: Shinn Asuka -- An idealist who doesn't realise he's in a show with GreyAndGrayMorality. [[HotBlooded Impulsive]], hotheaded, and loyal to his friends before all else; has a tendency towards blaming others whenever something goes wrong.
** Superego: Kira Yamato -- TechnicalPacifist AllLovingHero who suppresses his own strong feelings in the name of saving the world, putting his own emotions on the backburner in the interest of protecting others. Very, very focused.
** Ego: Athrun Zala (leaning towards Superego) -- A conflicted patriot who wants to believe to the same degree that Shinn does, but is too cynical and bitter after his experiences in the first war to implicity trust those around him. Wavers between following Shinn and Kira for much of the show, eventually settling on the latter.

* The Minerva Trio (actually a great example of a ''failed'' PowerTrio, in which the Ego is unable to successfully balance the other two, leaving the Superego in control, and the Id violent, angry, and on the verge of a confusion-induced nervous breakdown)
** Id: [[TheBerserker Shinn Asuka]] -- JerkassWoobie HeroWithAnFInGood. His heart's in the right place, but his UnstoppableRage gets in the way of his doing the right thing. A wannabe hero who hasn't figured out that BlackAndWhiteMorality just doesn't happen in Gundam. Suffers a mental breakdown over the course of the show as his desires and his gut instincts come more and more into conflict. Has a definite childish streak.
** Superego: [[WellIntentionedExtremist Rey Za Burrel]] -- Cold-blooded ManipulativeBastard who believes that UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans; a calm, focused example of TheQuietOne otherwise. Genuinely seems to like the other two but has no qualms about using them in the name of creating paradise.
** Ego: Lunamaria Hawke -- Reasonable and friendly, she tries to be the mediator, but her lack of a forceful personality repeatedly sidelines her, allowing Rey more and more control over the group. She wants to do the right thing, but really isn't sure how to go about it, and her indicision has less than desireable consequences for Shinn in particular.

* Phantom Pain
** Id: Stella[[SpellMyNameWithAnS /r]] Louisier -- Childish, in both good ''and'' bad ways; suffers from borderline paranoid schizophrenia.
** Superego: Sting Oakley -- Brother figure to his teammates and keeps the other two in control; cold, and the most practical of the three; the only one who knows when to [[KnowWhenToFoldEm call it a day]].
** Ego: [[TheBrute Auel Neider]] (tending toward Id) -- AxCrazy, but more "controllable" than Stella/r; has a brotherly relationship with Sting and is a KnightTemplarBigBrother towards Stella (when he isn't emotionally abusing her).

''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' has ''six'' [[PowerTrio Power Trios]] (it helps all [[CastHerd squads]] are in three and were probably made with this in mind): The squad will ALWAYS consist of TwoGuysAndAGirl , and usually, the two boys are RedOniBlueOni when the girl is the Ego, but not always, like in Team 10, Ino is the Id instead of the Ego.
* Team 7:
** Id: Naruto -- Loud, impulsive, boastful (when Sasuke isn't [[EmbarrassingRescue saving him]]), hyperactive, stubborn, instinctual
** Ego: Sakura -- Compassionate, book smart, intelligent, can be voice of reason sometimes
** Superego: Sasuke -- Both intelligent and intuitive, practical, usually calm in the face of anything, stoic

* Team Yamato:
** Id: Naruto -- Impulsive, emotional, stubborn, chaotic
** Superego: Sai -- Rational, emotionless, effective, lawful
** Ego: Sakura -- Practical, smoothing, balanced, neutral

* Team 8:
** Ego: Hinata -- Extremely quiet FanOfUnderdog, wouldn't disagree with anyone ever
** Id: Kiba -- Hyperactive, brash knucklehead
** Superego: Shino -- Believes he should be leader over Kiba

* Team 10:
** Superego: Shikamaru -- Genius, extremely mellow
** Id: Ino -- Angry, loud, unofficial team leader
** Ego: Chouji -- Mostly concerned with his next meal

* Team Gai:
** Id: Lee -- Burning passion, sometimes uncontrolled emotions
** Ego: Tenten -- According to WordOfGod Tenten is actually the balancing force on Team Gai.
** Superego: Neji -- NietzscheWannabe (tending towards Ego after his defeat at the hands of Naruto)

* The Sand Siblings:
** Superego: Gaara -- AxCrazy, turned almost messiah-like leader
** Ego: Temari -- Intelligent and despite her tough demeanor doesn't seem interested in conflict
** Id: Kankuro -- Obnoxious, talks tough but has a good heart

* There's also the most obvious one of the Sannin:
** Jiraiya (Id), Orochimaru (Superego), and Tsunade (Ego).

* Superego: Rei -- A moral and self-sacrificing EmotionlessGirl
* Ego: Shinji -- Wants to prove himself to his father, discharge his guilt, make himself a hero...
* Id: Asuka -- Can barely control her rage (and, sometimes, lust).
** This triad can also be viewed as the other Freudian triad of Thanatos (Death), Eros (Love/sex) and Mortido (destruction).

* Id: Toji -- A jock who often acts on his impulses, gets very angry at the people he feels crosses him, and enjoys the simpler things in life
* Ego: Kensuke -- A nerdy military otaku who thoroughly investigates his hunches and desperately wants to be considered special
* Superego: Hikari -- The ClassRepresentative who worries about moral behavior and following proper protocol

* Id: Misato -- An emotional MilitaryMaverick. Quite TheHedonist in private and not always in control of her emotions.
* Superego: Ritsuko -- A coldly calculating scientist who prefers pragmatic and logical solutions to problems.
* Ego: Kaji -- A DoubleAgent who has to juggle several different loyalties. He often has to act as stabilizing influence on Misato and he reminds Ritsuko of her more human sides.

* The Magi computers collectively represent Ritsuko's mother and the three aspects to her personality - the scientist (Superego), the woman (Id), and the mother (Ego).

* The Shimabara Sisters:
** Ego: Ushio -- Sense of justice, being more empathetic and sensible
** Superego: Minami -- Cold and aloof, with protective nature and attitude
** Id: Yuuhi -- Selfish, intimidates with elements

* The Monster Trio:
** Id: Sanji -- Cook, Pervert, ruled by emotions
** Superego: Zoro -- Concerned with honor, especially in battle. He also constantly clashes with Sanji
** Ego: Luffy -- The only one who can make them work together, shows both emotion/instinct motivated actions and actions motivated by higher concepts such as TrueCompanions and his own personal idea of justice

* The First Three Crew Members:
** Luffy (Id), Zoro (Superego), and Nami (Ego).

* Also, the Three Admirals:
** Ego: Aokiji -- A slacker, lax with rules but still follows commands
** Id: Kizaru -- A little lax with rules, but is extremely careless and causes wanton destruction without knowing it
** Superego: Akainu -- Extremely law-abiding

* The Three Great Powers in general
** Superego: Marines -- The defining force of law and government control
** Id: The Four Emperors -- The four most powerful pirate captains in the world, exerting their control over the New World
** Ego: The Seven Warlords of the Sea -- Seven pirate crews turned privateers for the World Government

* During Luffys Childhood:
** Ego: Ace -- Acting impulsive if someone threatens him but being calm enough to pull some thefts and stuff
** Superego: Sabo -- Berating Ace not to be to impulsive and sacrificing his freedom to save his brothers
** Id: Luffy -- Not as strong as later, but the same without being very brave

''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' has several easily dividable trios.
* Id: Ash -- Impulsive, reckless
* Ego: Misty -- Fits it to a T
* Superego: Brock -- Aside from his [[ChivalrousPervert forrays in love]]

* In later seasons:
** Ego: Ash -- A slight shift
** Superego: Brock, yet again
** Id: Dawn -- Like May, she is the impulsive rookie

** Id: Ash -- Reverts back to his original series personality
** Ego: Iris -- Drifts back and forth
** Superego: Cilan -- Cool and calm, doesn't show much emotion

%%* Sometimes ''Best Wishes'' plays with the roles:
%%** Id + Superego: Iris -- Hyperactive, immature and condescending (Id), yet often being the most relaxed and reserved when Cilan is getting passionate (Superego).
%%** Ego + Superego: Ash -- Being more relaxed and mature enough to brush off Iris's insults (Superego) or acting as a balance between Iris's WildChild and Cilan's...Cilan-ness (Ego).
%%** Id + Ego: Cilan -- Being the calm but beleaguered balance between Ash and Iris, particularly when they fight (Ego), and when he gets passionate about a subject he specializes in (Id).

* As for Team Rocket:
** Id: Jessie -- Is the most impulsive and violent of the three
** Superego: James -- Easily the most relaxed of the three
** Ego: Meowth -- Can be violent or [[WarriorPoet philosophical]]

* The Starter Pokemon Ash and some of his friends capture:
** Kanto Starters
*** Ash's Bulbasaur (Superego), Ash's Charmander-Charmeleon-Charizard (Id), and Ash's Squirtle (Ego).

** Johto Starters
*** Ash's Chikorita-Bayleef (Id), Ash's Cyndaquil-Quilava (Superego), and Ash's Totodile (Ego).

** Houen Starters
*** May's Torchic-Combusken-Blaziken (Id), Ash's Treecko-Grovyle-Sceptile (Superego), and Brock's Mudkip-Marshtomp (Ego).

** Sinnoh Starters
*** Dawn's Piplup (Id), Ash's Turtwig-Grotle-Torterra (Ego), and Ash's Chimchar-Monferno-Infernape (Superego).

** Unova Starters
*** Ash's Oshawott (Id), Ash's Tepig-Pignite (Ego), and Ash's Snivy (Superego).

** Kalos Starters
*** Clemont's Chespin (Id), Serena's Fennekin-Braixen (Ego), and Ash's Froakie-Frogadier (Superego).

Not to be outdone, ''Manga/PokemonSpecial'' has this with the trios of protagonists from Johto onwards (The four Kanto protagonists are more of a FourTemperamentEnsemble).
* Johto
** Id: Cocky, impulsive, RichIdiotWithNoDayJob [[TheMcCoy Gold]].
** Superego: Serious, aloof, {{Rival}} [[TheSpock Silver]].
** Ego: TeamMom and OnlySaneMan [[TheKirk Crystal]].
* Hoenn
** WildChild [[TheMcCoy Sapphire]] (Id), Snobbish, uptight [[TheSpock Ruby]] (Superego), and Emerald (Ego).
* Sinnoh
** Id: Brash, HotBlooded [[TheMcCoy Pearl]], at first. He and Dia switch places by the end of the saga.
** Superego: Prissy, accomplished LadyOfWar [[TheSpock Platinum]].
** Ego: {{Adorkable}} NiceGuy [[TheKirk Diamond]] -- He and Pearl switch places by the end of the saga.
''Manga/{{The Prince of Tennis}}'': The Three Demons of Rikkai Dai Fuzoku:
* Id: Sanada Genichirou -- Called the "Emperor", he's strong, ruthless, and has a tendencity towards violent reaction.
* Superego: Yanagi Renji -- The "Master", he is the team's data specialist, uses statistics and probabilities during tennis matches to predict the opponent's move, and crafts the team's strategies. Tends to be cool and aloof.
* Ego: Yukimura Seiichi -- Called "Child of God". Although he can be quite ruthless himself, Yukimura is the force uniting his team.

* Ego: [[TheChick Madoka]] -- the series is her being caught between the various things other people want of her. More to the point, she has a lot of cares, but doesn't tend to rush into things like her best friend, Sayaka.
* Id: both [[ActionGirl Sayaka]] and [[SocialDarwinist Kyouko]] -- hot-headed and following their impulses (very different though those impulses may be).
* Superego: both [[CoolBigSis Mami]] and [[TheStoic Homura]] -- calm and rational in all situations. [[spoiler:[[HeroicBSOD Or most, anyway]]]].

''Franchise/SailorMoon'' (pre-Jupiter):
* Ego: Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon -- though ditzy, she is the most normal of the three and the leader
* Superego: Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury -- Level-headed, calculative, genius intellect
* Id: Rei Hino/Sailor Mars -- hot-headed, throws tantrums
** (Usually it's the first role denoted above, but also tends to shift/rotate to the latter)

* "Outers" (pre-Saturn):
** Id: Sailor Uranus -- talkative, flirty, brash
** Superego: Sailor Neptune -- stoic, calm, Uranus' foil
** ego: Sailor Pluto -- ageless, wise, understands the "Inners'" point of view more than the other two

* Id: Mugen (all the way) -- Brash vagabond
* Superego: Jin (all the way) -- Stoic, quiet ronin
* Ego: Fuu -- Balance

* Ego: Speedy Cerviche -- Pretty [[BadAssNormal average]] lad who acts according to the circumstances.
* Superego: Guido Anchovie -- Calm and cool guy who never loses his relaxed stance.
* Id: Polly Esther -- Walking [[BerserkButton Berserk Button]] who often beats the crap out of Speedy or Guido (and Bad Bird to an extent) everytime they say or do something she doesn't agree with.

''Anime/SerialExperimentsLain'' has Lain as all three:
* Superego: Child Lain -- Quiet, emotionless
* Ego: Normal Lain -- Rational, has emotions, only personality Lain is fully conscious of
* Id: Lain of the Wired -- Self-destructive, impulsive, hedonistic

''Anime/SpaceRunawayIdeon'' appears to have this in a less personified form than most:
* Id: The Ideon itself -- powered by the potentially infinite Ide energy (the name sounds like an eloquent enough clue) which is particularly triggered by threats to it and the youngest members of its crew, and sometimes acts on its own in those cases
* Superego: The Solo Ship -- Usually carries the more adult members of the cast, whom try to work toward everyone's best interest, and also the youngest children on board whom further emphasize everyone's resposability to keep everyone safe
* Ego: Whomever's actually piloting the Ideon -- Usually engaged in combat when needed, trying to keep the crew safe, but also needing to attack and thus making use of the Ideon's energy and its destructive power, a fragile balance that's usually hard to maintain

* Id: Ran (Ego at times) -- Outspoken, fun-loving GenkiGirl
* Superego: Miki -- Clam and controlled {{Bokukko}} and smartest of the three
* Ego: Suu (Superego at times) -- Cute and polite girl, who always tries to make others happy
** However, these three characters are a special case, since they all act as the Superego to [[MagicalGirl Amu Hinamori's]] Ego.

* Himeko (Id), Switch (SuperEgo), and Bossun (Ego).

''Manga/SoulEater'' (Although they work separately most of the time)
* Ego: Maka Albarn -- The most equilibrated of the trio, tends to let herself be fueled both by her logic and her emotions.
* Id: Black Star -- Prefers to act before thinking in the results of what he is doing, by far the most impulsive of the trio.
* Superego: Death the Kid -- usually cold, smart and talented enough to face almost anything, however many times he lets his obsessive compulsive tendencies take control of him, this ironically from the fact he wants moral and physical perfection and balance, he is a god after all.

''Manga/{{Spiral}}: Suiri no Kizuna''
* Ego: Eyes -- the leader, hands-off and mysterious
* Id: Kousuke -- brash, violent, intelligent but not a thinker
* Superego: Rio -- Sly, small, LittleMissBadass and uses it her advantage

* Id: Takuto -- Your typical HotBlooded HenshinHero. Completely and entirely driven by his impulses and emotions.
* Superego: Sugata -- Calm and rather closed-off. Reluctantly follows his duties because he has to, even though they're destroying him.
* Ego: Wako -- A direct balance between the two: she definitely has aspirations and desires, but she doesn't let them get in the way of her duty.

''Manga/StrawberryOneHundredPercent'' has the three main love interests:
* Superego: Tojo -- Quiet and thoughtful
* Id: Satsuki -- Aggressive and emotional
* Ego: Tsukasa -- Arguably the most mature of the three, can be emotional or calm

''Anime/StrikeWitches: The Karlsland Witches''
* Erica (Id), Minna (Ego), and Gertrud (Superego).

''Anime/{{Superbook}}'' (first season)
* Id: Christopher Peepers -- Impulsive, hard-headed, yet has great understanding.
* Superego: Joy -- Calm and cool-headed, never one to lose her cool.
* Ego: Gizmo -- Loyal and protective to his two companions without question.

''Manga/TweenyWitches'' AKA ''Magical Girl Squad Alice'':
* Id: Alice -- Redheaded GenkiGirl {{Determinator}}
* Ego: Eva -- A [[BewareTheNiceOnes very nice]] witch with little magical power
* Superego: Sheila -- InsufferableGenius TallDarkAndSnarky

''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'', before it becomes a FiveManBand:
* Id: Kamina -- unstoppable passion
* Superego: Simon -- restrained reason
* Ego: Yoko -- keeps both under control

''Anime/ImGonnaBeAnAngel'', the main Trio:
* Superego: Mikael -- determined and by-the-book
* Id: Silky -- villainous and powerful
* Ego: Noelle -- the one who makes the final choice

''Manga/TokyoMewMew'' (pre-Pudding)
* Id: Ichigo -- wacky, fun-loving
* Superego: Mint -- calm, refined
* Ego: Lettuce -- smart but clumsy

''Anime/TransformersRobotsInDisguise'': The Autobot brothers.
* Id: Side Burn -- Hotheaded and girl-crazy but very sympathetic
* Ego: X-Brawn -- Tough and thrill-seeking but well-behaved
* Superego: Prowl -- Highly disciplined and law-enforcing

* Id: Mon -- NoKillLikeOverkill combined with AnythingThatMoves
* Superego: Toshiya -- Starts out as Mon's bitch and is now a ManipulativeBastard.
** After Mon's encounter with [[AttackOfThe50FootWhatever Hakumadon]] they seem to be switching.
* Ego: Maria -- Shows compassion to anyone, even to the above two.

* Ego: Yugi/Yami Yugi -- mature, heroic, powerful
* Id: Jonouchi -- hot-headed, loud-mouthed, aspiring rookie
* Superego: Kaiba -- stoic, focused, genius-level intellect

''Anime/YuGiOhGX'' Obelisk Blue Three Geniuses Trio, in the flashback:
* Superego: Ryo -- [[TheStoic calm]], collected, and [[AloofBigBrother aloof]]. Also the [[RedOniBlueOni Blue Oni to Fubuki's Red Oni.]]
* Id: Yusuke -- [[EmoTeen angsty]] , and [[TheWoobie sorrow-ridden]]. Also the [[BroodingBoyGentleGirl Brooding Boy to Fubuki's Gentle Guy ]].
* Ego: Fubuki -- Cheerful and very sociable and was the glue keeping the trio together. He is not only the [[RedOniBlueOni Red Oni to Ryo's Blue Oni]], but he is also the [[BroodingBoyGentleGirl Gentle Guy to Yusuke's Brooding Boy]].

''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds'' Combo Trio:
%%* Ego + Superego: Yusei -- Calm in the face of anything, keeps Jack and Crow in line when they argue.
%%* Id + Superego: Jack -- Overly proud, otherwise stoic, gets along with Crow but doesn't.
%%* Id + Ego: Crow -- [[{{HotBlooded}} Loud, impulsive, unable to NOT get excited at anything]], thus grinds on Jack's nerves yet [[AllLovingHero cares for the well-being of others]].
%%** Id: (Pre-Crow) Aki -- Originally thought to be cold-blooded and sadistic, eventually revealed to be extremely passionate about things she cares about and ultimately in search of love.
%%** In the crossover movie, Yusei is the Ego + Superego still, given his attitude; Judai takes up the Id + Ego, since he's the most enthusiastic about their adventure; and Yami/Atem takes up Id + Superego for his KnightTemplar tendencies.

* Id: [[DirtyOldMan Kaoru]] (psychokinesis) -- may have something to do with her mother and older sister's large breasts
* Ego: [[{{Meganekko}} Aoi]] (teleportation) -- the only one with a "normal" upbringing
* Superego: [[CreepyChild Shiho]] (telepathy) -- is a one-girl {{Series/CSI}} for her police chief father

* Superego: Shito -- reserved, usually calm and collected, but easily frustrated by Chika
* Id: Chika -- brash and hot-headed, fights constantly with Shito
* Ego: Michiru -- constantly trying to mediate between Shito and Chika, but usually gets on well with them seperately

* Id: Lupin -- Hedonistic, motivated mainly by greed and lust.
* Ego: Jigen -- Very laid-back. Responsible for reigning Lupin in when he gets out of hand.
* Superego: Goemon -- Straight-laced, stoic, and traditional.