The universe inhabited by [[Series/DoctorWho the Doctor]]. It is a large and unwieldy beast full of internal contradictions. Fortunately, it's a really, ''really'' big universe encompassing, er, the entire universe and a history stretching, oh, from the Big Bang to 100 trillion years in the future (plus an alternate universe or five).

The Whoniverse resides in (or sometimes near) the Softest end of the MohsScaleOfScienceFictionHardness. Sometimes it's [[GenreBusting another genre entirely]], just with AliensAndMonsters.

!!!The main series set in the Whoniverse:

* ''Series/DoctorWho'' (1963-1989; 1996; 2005-present)
* ''Series/K9AndCompany'' (1981): Single-episode pilot special, involving Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 investigating mysteries in the countryside.
* AudioPlay/BigFinishDoctorWho (1999-present)
** ''Franchise/BerniceSummerfield''
** ''AudioPlay/{{Gallifrey}}''
** ''AudioPlay/SarahJaneSmith''
* ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'' (2006-2011?)
** ''Series/TorchwoodChildrenOfEarth'' (third series of ''Torchwood'', 2009)
** ''Series/TorchwoodMiracleDay'' (fourth series of ''Torchwood'', 2011)
* ''Series/TheSarahJaneAdventures'' (2007-2011)
* '' Series/{{K9}}'' (2009-2010)

!!!Behind-the-scenes TV series:

* ''Series/DoctorWhoConfidential'' (2005-2011): A behind the scenes look at the revived series of ''Doctor Who''.
* ''Series/TorchwoodDeclassified'' (2006-2011?): The equivalent to Confidential for ''Torchwood''. Moved to a DVD feature after series 2.
* ''Film/AnAdventureInSpaceAndTime'' (2013): A ninety-minute drama about the show's creation, focusing on Creator/WilliamHartnell's era.

!!!The DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse

A full listing with accompanying tropes, release dates and background information of these stories can be found on the DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse page. Works and media with their own pages on this website include:

* ''Magazine/DoctorWhoMagazine''
** ''Comicbook/HuntersOfTheBurningStone''
* ComicBook/BBCBooksDoctorWhoGraphicNovels
* Literature/DoctorWhoNovelisations
* ''Literature/DoctorWhoNewAdventures ''
** Franchise/BerniceSummerfield
* ''Literature/DoctorWhoMissingAdventures''
* "Literature/ContinuityErrors"
* ''Literature/EighthDoctorAdventures ''
** ''Literature/FactionParadox''
* ''Literature/PastDoctorAdventures''
* ThirdDoctorRadioDramas
* ''WebAnimation/DeathComesToTime''
* ''WebAnimation/ScreamOfTheShalka''
* ''Recap/DoctorWhoTheCurseOfFatalDeath''
* ''ComicBook/StarTrekTheNextGenerationDoctorWhoAssimilation2''
* ''ComicBook/DoctorWhoPrisonersOfTime''
* ''Film/DrWhoAndTheDaleks''
** ''Film/DaleksInvasionEarth2150AD''
* ''Radio/TorchwoodTheLostFiles''
* ''Franchise/IrisWildthyme''
* ''VideoGame/DoctorWhoWorldsInTime''
* ''Pinball/DoctorWho Pinball''
* ''TabletopGame/TimeLord''
!!Common tropes:

* AliensAndMonsters: In about 85% of any television set in the Whoniverse. ''K-9 & Company'', in a [[spoiler:{{subversion}} of viewer's expectations, had a ScoobyDooHoax]]. ''Torchwood'' has humans as the main enemy or a threat alongside alien creatures in several instances, and in one episode had humans as the "monsters" with no known extraterrestrial or supernatural influences.
* AliensInCardiff
* AlienInvasion: A signature trope.
* AliensSpeakingEnglish
** AliensOfLondon
* AllMythsAreTrue: Vampires, werewolves, fairies, Satan and minotaurs have all appeared, more or less as described by mythology. Other variants of the above have also appeared, including minotaurs... again. And let's not forget two different explanations for the Loch Ness Monster!
* AncientAstronauts
* BeethovenWasAnAlienSpy
* BroadStrokes: Continuity tends to operate on this basis in regards to the universe itself, less so for the characters.
* CanonWelding: During the period when ''Magazine/DoctorWhoMagazine'' was owned by Marvel UK, there were some variously subtle hints dropped about links between the Whoniverse and the MarvelUniverse. Michael Moorcock's Eleventh Doctor spin-off novel ''The Coming of the Terraphiles'' is a full-on IntercontinuityCrossover with Moorcock's "Second Ether" novels, which means that the Whoniverse is also part of Moorcock's multiverse. And Chris Boucher's audio spin-off ''Kaldor City'' and Fourth Doctor novel ''Corpse Marker'' both strongly hint that ''Doctor Who'' and ''Series/BlakesSeven'' share a universe.
* DoingInTheWizard: Though ''Series/TheSarahJaneAdventures'' and ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'' in particular allow the wizard to live.
* EarthIsTheCenterOfTheUniverse
* EldritchAbomination: Has its own page.
* FantasyKitchenSink (especially so in the [[DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse Expanded Universe]])
** The show drifted this way over the course of its very long run, starting out as ''relatively'' hard science fiction, with some lapses, such as the Celestial Toymaker and the Land of Fiction. The turning point was possibly the Key to Time StoryArc, which featured two god-like Anthropomorphic Personification of Order and Chaos, respectively, and then did [[HandWave not try too hard]] to call them anything else. Even so, fans complained when ''Silver Nemesis'' depicted Lady Peinforte using magic and ''naming'' it as such, though this was [[{{Handwave}} handwaved]] the next season as not literal magic, as such, but really the work of a CosmicHorror called Fenric.
* HeroesRUs: UNIT, Torchwood, Sarah Jane's bunch...
* InvisibleAliens: (The {{Whoniverse}} also has several species of literally ''invisible'' aliens.)
* MagicFromTechnology
* {{Masquerade}}: Some modern stories set in the Whoniverse have suggested that [[TheUnmasquedWorld ordinary humans have now gotten to accept that aliens exist...]] Took them long enough.
* MrExposition: The Doctor, Captain Jack, Sarah Jane, K-9, Mr Smith...
* OmniscientDatabase: Torchwood and Sarah Jane have the literal kind. The Doctor's (and Captain Jack's) wealth of knowledge and experience serves as the equivalent.
* SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong: More commonly, setting things right before they go wrong, often by means of a StableTimeLoop.
* SufficientlyAdvancedAlien
* SpaceIsMagic
* {{Technobabble}}: The {{Technobabble}} phrase ReverseThePolarity, in fact, originated in ''Series/DoctorWho''.
* ThereAreNoGlobalConsequences: Played straight in earlier years, but mostly averted on ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'' and Creator/RussellTDavies' run of ''Series/DoctorWho''.
* TimeTravel (as you may have gathered already)
* TimeyWimeyBall: With a universe this large and unwieldy, the time-line is so knotted that nobody could ever untangle it.
* WeirdScience
For tropes associated with ''Series/DoctorWho'', specifically, see that article.

Debate on the content of the Whoniverse is the stuff of legends. Countless works of the UniverseConcordance kind (some official, some not) try to keep them straight. Good luck, folks!