''The Dresden Files'' is an urban fantasy franchise based on characters and storylines written by Creator/JimButcher. It is based around the premise that wizards and magical creatures exist in modern-day Chicago (and beyond), fighting to protect or gain supremacy over normal humans. One of these wizards, a wise-cracking private detective named Harry Dresden, is the central character of much of the franchise.

[[folder: Media in ''The Dresden Files'' ]]

* Literature.TheDresdenFiles: An ongoing series of books focusing on the investigations and adventures of the aforementioned Harry Dresden.
* ComicBook.TheDresdenFiles: A prequel miniseries, and adaptations of the first two novels.
* Series.TheDresdenFiles: A short-lived television series.
* TabletopGame.TheDresdenFiles: A tabletop game based around the world of ''The Dresden Files'', with in-universe margin notes attributed to various characters.