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In a world of endless oceans and exotic islands, a Golden Age of Piracy has arisen following the execution of the infamous "King of Pirates", Gold Roger. With his last words, Roger announced that he had stockpiled every piece of his plunder in a single location, and challenged the world to find and claim his hidden treasury for themselves.

Following this, aspiring pirates and treasure hunters from across the globe set out for the Grand Line, the most dangerous and unpredictable stretch of ocean in the entire world. There, they hope to find Roger's ultimate cache, which would come to be known as the "One Piece".

''One Piece'', a [[CashCowFranchise ridiculously popular]] manga by Creator/EiichiroOda, has also been adapted into an anime, movies, image songs and so on; currently '''''THE''''' most popular manga in Japan, it is also considered one of the most popular manga ever created and translated in history, with over 32,343,809 copies sold in 2010 alone. Over 750 chapters have been published since the series' beginning in 1997, and the anime adaptation, which started in 1999, is reaching 600 episodes and counting.

The works in this franchise so far are:
!Anime and manga
* ''Manga/OnePiece'': what started it all and what you're probably looking for. The still on-going manga and anime series. Here's the [[Recap/OnePiece recap page]].
* Animated movies:
** ''[[Anime/OnePieceTheMovie One Piece: The Movie]]'': First movie that takes place before the crew meet Sanji. Involves the Straw Hat getting involved in a treasure hunt.
** ''Anime/ClockworkIslandAdventure'' : Still set in East Blue, the Straw Hat's ship is stolen and while in pursuit Nami is kidnapped which leads the crew to a island under oppression from her kidnappers, leading the crew to mount a rescue attempt.
** ''[[Anime/ChoppersKingdomOnTheIslandOfStrangeAnimals Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals]]'': Rides on the large popularity of [[KidAppealCharacter Chopper]], and contains many a GreenAesop.
** ''Anime/DeadEndAdventure'': First full length movie in the series. The Straw Hats participate in a race.
** ''Anime/TheCursedHolySword'': Focus heavily on Zoro. The Straw Hats get involved in a mystical quarrel involving a cursed ancient artifact.
** ''Anime/BaronOmatsuriAndTheSecretIsland'': [[DerangedAnimation Differs widely in art style]] from the other movies, [[DarkerAndEdgier is much darker]], and is the only one where Luffy [[spoiler:outright kills the antagonist]].
** ''Anime/TheGiantMechanicalSoldierOfKarakuriCastle'': The crew wind up in yet another treasure hunt on an island governed by an eccentric clockwork inventor. Noticeable for having a different voice for Chopper at the time and gratuitous amounts of {{Gainaxing}}.
** ''[[Anime/TheDesertPrincessAndThePiratesAdventuresInAlabasta The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta]]'': This is the first movie that has been dubbed by [=FUNimation=]; it compresses the Alabasta arc into roughly an hour and a half, starting roughly at the first fight between Luffy and [[BigBad Crocodile]].
** ''[[Anime/EpisodeOfChopperPlusBloomInTheWinterMiracleSakura Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Sakura]]'': Like the last movie, it's a retelling of a story arc; this time, Drum Island. Only it's set in an alternate universe where all subsequent arcs from Alabasta to Post-Enies Lobby have already occured. In other words, Robin and Franky are on the crew instead of Vivi, and they're sailing on the Sunny instead of the Merry.
** ''Anime/OnePieceFilmStrongWorld'': The [[MilestoneCelebration tenth movie]], written by Oda himself. It takes place between the Thriller Bark saga and the Sabaody Archipelago arc. This is the second movie that has been dubbed by [=FUNimation=] and is currently the only movie considered canon.
** ''[[Anime/OnePiece3DStrawHatChase One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase]]'': The first 3D movie, albeit only half an hour long. Tries out some interesting 3D action choreography that would be hard to do in the regular Anime series.
** ''[[Anime/OnePieceFilmZ One Piece Film: Z]]'': Takes place between the Fishman Island arc and Punk Hazard arc, and is the first ''One Piece'' movie to be set after the TimeSkip. Like the tenth, it was written by Oda himself. It was initially planned to be canon, but after too many inconsistencies with the Manga was noted, Oda decided to make it non-canon instead.

!! Crossover and Specials

* ''Manga/CrossEpoch'': A manga crossover with ''Manga/DragonBall''
* ''Anime/Dream9SuperCollaborationSpecial'': Part of a three-way crossover with ''Dragon Ball'' and ''Manga/{{Toriko}}''
* Also has cross done three more crossovers with ''Toriko''. A manga special and two anime episodes.

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!Light novels
* ''[[LightNovel/OnePieceDefeatThePirateGanzak One Piece: Defeat The Pirate Ganzak!]]''
* ''[[LightNovel/OnePieceLogueTownChapter One Piece: Logue Town Chapter]]''
* ''LightNovel/ClockworkIslandAdventure''
* ''[[LightNovel/OnePieceThousandYearDragonLegend One Piece: Thousand-year Dragon Legend]]''
* ''[[LightNovel/ChoppersKingdomOnTheIslandOfStrangeAnimals Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals]]''
* ''LightNovel/DeadEndAdventure''
* ''LightNovel/TheCursedHolySword''
* ''LightNovel/BaronOmatsuriAndTheSecretIsland''
* ''LightNovel/TheGiantMechanicalSoldierOfKarakuriIsland''
* ''[[LightNovel/TheDesertPrincessAndThePiratesAdventuresInAlabasta The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta]]''
* ''[[LightNovel/EpisodeOfChopperPlusBloomInTheWinterMiracleSakura Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Sakura]]''

!Video games
* ''[[VideoGame/OnePieceGrandBattle One Piece: Grand Battle!]]''
* ''[[VideoGame/OnePiece One Piece (video game)]]''
* ''[[VideoGame/OnePiecePiratesCarnival One Piece: Pirates Carnival]]''
* ''[[VideoGame/OnePieceGrandAdventure One Piece: Grand Adventure]]''
* ''[[VideoGame/OnePieceUnlimitedAdventure One Piece: Unlimited Adventure]]''
* ''[[VideoGame/OnePieceUnlimitedCruise One Piece: Unlimited Cruise: Episode 1]]''
* ''[[VideoGame/OnePieceUnlimitedCruise One Piece: Unlimited Cruise: Episode 2]]''
** ''Unlimited Cruise SP'' (a Nintendo3DS port of both Unlimited Cruise Episodes bundled together)
* ''[[VideoGame/OnePiecePirateWarriors One Piece: Pirate Warriors]]''
* ''One Piece: Romance Dawn''
* ''[[VideoGame/OnePieceUnlimitedWorldRed One Piece: Unlimited Word Red]]''
* ''[[VideoGame/OnePieceGigantBattle One Piece: Gigant Battle]]''
* ''[[VideoGame/OnePieceGigantBattle2NewWorld One Piece: Gigant Battle 2: New World]]''


Now with its own [[DrinkingGame/OnePiece drinking game]].

Also, has a [[Podcast/TheUnofficialOnePiecePodcast podcast]]

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