Originally a manga started by Creator/KenAkamatsu of ''Manga/LoveHina'' fame, ''Negima'' is an UrbanFantasy series revolving around ten-year old wizard Negi and his budding harem. Known for combining the HaremGenre with fighting {{shonen}} elements, many adaptations and spin-off material have been produced.

!Works in this franchise:

* The original manga, ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima''.
* The first anime, ''Negima!'' (take note of the punctuation; it becomes important), concluded in late 2005 after only 26 episodes. Understandably, the plot was tremendously telescoped -- the anime's first 20 episodes or so paralleled volumes one through six of the manga, and then hurtled into a sudden and somewhat hasty GrandFinale [[StoryArc arc]], in the process skipping over a vast landscape of storyline and character development and abandoning several plot threads just set in motion. It would appear that the studio had planned for more than one season to tell the full manga story, and then were disabused of that notion with less than a third of season left to tie things up. The result is a conclusion that, while dramatic and fulfilling the promise of the show's premise, is [[GeckoEnding abrupt and seems to come out of left field with no warning]] -- especially the shocking event that sets the concluding action in motion. The Creator/FUNimation adaptation took nearly ''all'' of the studio's most frequently-used voice actresses, some of them playing [[TalkingToHimself two or three of the girls at a time]].
* ''Anime/NegimaSecondSeason'', a new series released in the autumn of 2006, was a {{reboot}} of the storyline, with a earlier time slot (leaving the FanService packed off to the {{OVA}}s until later in the story), a more obvious {{shounen}} bent, and a distinct flavor of humor courtesy of Creator/StudioShaft, the production company that made ''Anime/PaniPoniDash''. A manga adaptation loosely based on this reboot, titled ''Manga/NegimaNeo'', began running in late 2006, taking plot points from both the original manga and the ''Anime/NegimaSecondSeason'' anime and running through both in very different ways than its predecessors.
* In October 2007, a LiveActionAdaptation called ''Negima!!'' was aired. Like ''Negima!?'' before it, the plot is a {{Reboot}} of the basic storyline. And like most {{Live Action Adaptation}}s of anime, it tries to pull off the same kind of manic visual humour (and {{Fanservice}}) that its animated counterparts have, which sometimes succeeds but often comes off as awkward.
* Beginning in 2008, a new animated project was released: a three-episode {{OVA}} called ''Mahou Sensei Negima!: White Wing/Ala Alba'', covering the brief [[BreatherEpisode breather arc]] between the Mahora Festival and the trip to the Magic World (chapters 176-183, specifically). These were released alongside limited edition variants of manga volumes 23-25 and, in a refreshing change to the franchise's history of animation, were a faithful adaptation of the chapters it adapted. These were followed up in 2009 by a four-episode (plus one extra) {{OVA}} titled ''Mahou Sensei Negima!: Another World''. These were released in limited edition variants of manga volumes 27-28 and 30-32, and cover the beginning of the Magic World arc. [[Creator/StudioShaft The same studio]] that handled ''Negima!?'' is in charge of this adaptation, but this time it feels like the manga -- only with added sound, color and movement.
* ''Another'' spin-off, titled ''[[NegimaItoBun Negima (Ito) Bun]] (a.k.a.: Negima Little Girls)'', which reversed the age gap: Negi as a young man teaching a kindergarten class.
* An anime movie, entitled ''[[Anime/MahouSenseiNegimaAnimeFinal Mahou Sensei Negima! Anime Final]]'', was released on August 27th, 2011, continuing after the ''Another World'' {{OVA}}s, and having a different ending than the manga.
* ''Manga/UQHolder'', a sequel set decades later.