''Muv-Luv'' is a sprawling continuity involving multiple parallel worlds, giant robots and unstoppable aliens. It also begins with an intentionally cliched harem romance with ''VisualNovel/MuvLuvExtra'' before dropping the protagonist, Shirogane Takeru, into the apocalyptic land of ''Unlimited'' and ''Alternative''. It started out as a spinoff of ''VisualNovel/RumblingHearts'', âge's drama {{visual novel}}[=/=]{{anime}}, and has become the company's current flagship franchise.

With the setting of ''Alternative'' encountering unexpected popularity, âge began putting out works which further flesh out that world, starting with ''LightNovel/MuvLuvAlternativeTotalEclipse'' (which got animated in Summer 2012), followed by the various sidestories collectively called ''Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles'', and the light novel ''LightNovel/{{Schwarzesmarken}}'', which finished serialization in 2014. In addition, there is a serial photonovel called ''Tactical Surface Fighter in Action (TSFIA)'', which contains short vignettes from the ''Alternative'' universe, and a chronological sequel of ''Unlimited'', called ''[[VisualNovel/MuvLuvUnlimitedTheDayAfter The Day After]]''.

On September 25th 2015, having gained domestic acclaim and a sizable international fanbase, âge, in collaboration with Degica (a Japan-based e-commerce company and video game publisher), officially launched a [[https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/muvluv/muv-luv-a-pretty-sweet-visual-novel-series Kickstarter campaign]] to fund an ''official English localization'' of the franchise's original trilogy (''Extra'', ''Unlimited'' and ''Alternative''). Within less than a day, âge achieved their funding goal of $US 250,000. The campaign concluded on November 4th, 2015, having exceeded the target amount by more than $US 1,000,000.

!!Works in this franchise:
* ''VisualNovel/MuvLuvExtra''
* ''VisualNovel/MuvLuvUnlimited''
* ''VisualNovel/MuvLuvUnlimitedTheDayAfter''
* ''VisualNovel/MuvLuvAlternative''
* ''LightNovel/MuvLuvAlternativeTotalEclipse''
* ''LightNovel/{{Schwarzesmarken}}''
* ''Muv-Luv Alternative: Strike Frontier''

Below are tropes pertaining to works in the franchise that have not yet had pages made for them or other things that do not fit neatly onto any existing pages.
* ArtEvolution: Due to a change character designers. Take a look at [[http://i.imgur.com/mop4K.jpg a screenshot]] from ''Alternative'' versus [[http://i.imgur.com/gavya.jpg the newer side story]] ''Confession''.[[note]]The man responsible for ''Confession'' was later caught tracing artworks by fans, and the original artist returned to provide artwork for a lot of the localization Kickstarter's bonus content.[[/note]]
* BattleHarem: Yuuya's in ''Total Eclipse'' and Hibiki's in ''The Day After''.
* DeathSeeker: [[spoiler: ''Atonement'' reveals that Marimo, seeking death in the aftermath of those of her squadmates, began to fight like a mad dog, but ironically surviving, all the while losing close friends and subordinates. In ''The Day After'', Hibiki's crew realise that she's getting terminal, and manage to more or less snap her out of it.]]
* FreakyFridayFlip: In the fandisk ''Kimi ga Nozomu Muv-Luv'' ("The Muv-Luv You Wished For"), between Takeru and Takayuki of ''VisualNovel/RumblingHearts''. This results in Takayuki (in Takeru's body) living the carefree life of ''Extra'', while Takeru (in Takayuki's body) is stuck trying to manage the heavy drama of ''Rumbling Hearts''.
* GratuitousGerman: The title of the ''Unlimited[=/=]Alternative'' side story ''Schwarzesmarken''.
* HarderThanHard: In the two turn-based strategy game spinoffs. What is more difficult than Hell Mode (which outright tells you that winning is impossible), you ask? [[spoiler:Why, '''''Real Mode''''', of course! And the second game's Real Mode is even '''harder''' than that of the first!]]
* HeroOfAnotherStory: This is pretty much the whole point of ''Tactical Surface Fighters in Action'', save for the occasional stories about the main casts of ''Alternative'', ''The Euro Front'', ''The Day After'' and ''Total Eclipse''.
* HotterAndSexier: ''Strike Frontier'', a gacha game, has (unvoiced) H-scenes for SR girls, including pre-existing characters such as Yui (in her adult and younger versions), Yuuhi, and various others.
* LighterAndSofter: The main story of ''VisualNovel/MuvLuvExtra'' and all other works that share the same or similar setting, including the main entry in ''Altered Fable'': "Kagayaku Toki ga Kienu Ma ni" ''(Before That Shining Moment Fades)''[[spoiler:, which is the direct sequel of ''Alternative'' from Takeru's point of view.]]
* NintendoHard: The ''Rumbling Angel'' card game included in the ''Muv Luv Supplement'' fandisk (known as "that card game from hell") and the two TurnBasedStrategy games included with the fandisks ''Altered Fable'' and ''Haruko Maniax'' (infamously known as "Get Raped By BETA: The Game" and "Get Raped By BETA: The Game 2".
* NumberOfTheBeast: Two examples in sidestories.
** The number designation of the unit the main cast of the ''Unlimited[=/=]Alternative'' prequel/sidestory ''Schwarzesmarken'' belongs to: the 666th TSF Squadron.
** The standard military code for "impending G-Bomb deployment" is CODE666, which is first seen at the aptly-named Operation Lucifer.
* OldSaveBonus: ''Unlimited'' shows several scenes for certain heroines only when their corresponding routes in ''Extra'' had been cleared. ''Alternative'' does similar things with regards to both ''Extra'' and ''Unlimited''. [[spoiler: In-universe this is a major plot point: see TomatoInTheMirror below.]] There was an issue in the 18+ version of ''Alternative'' where it would not check for applicable event flags taken from the previous two games; this was fixed in the all-ages version.
* {{Omake}}: Several non-canonical, and comedic, "Radio Dramas" set in the world of ''Alternative'', about such things as Mitsuki attempting to find out what exactly the relationship between two of her squadmates is, [[spoiler: the Shogun (or so it seemed)]] showing up in place of Meiya during Squadron 207's breakfast, and Squadron A-01 facing off with a berserk Base Commander.
* RunningGag: Meiya injures her left ankle while in a cave in ''Extra'', prompting Takeru to carry her out on his back. In ''Unlimited'', she injures it again [[spoiler: while rescuing the old women during the Mount Tengen eruption, again prompting Takeru to carry her to safety.]] In ''Altered Fable'', she injures it [[spoiler: in a skiing accident with Takeru. This time, however, he gets knocked unconscious, resulting in her dragging him to safety.]]
* SelfDeprecation: "Chicken Divers", which refer to pilots who have survived a second [[ItsRainingMen orbital drop]], is a GallowsHumor title they applied to themselves, as "cowards" (chickens) who ran away from death twice.
* SomeoneToRememberHimBy: [[spoiler:The True End of each heroine's route in ''Unlimited''. It's actually a subversion, though, since the moment he actually dies the world of ''Unlimited'' resets.]]
* SpiritualSuccessor: The non-''Extra'' ones can be considered a successor to the ''VideoGame/GunparadeMarch'' in many aspects. Alternate history caused by AlienInvasion? Check. Very low draft age? Check. AnyoneCanDie? Check.
* TakingTheBullet: [[spoiler: Marimo's former squad leader shielding her [=TSF=] from a laser-class BETA]] in the side-story ''Atonement''.
* TwoPartTrilogy: The original {{VisualNovel}}s can be considered this both from a narrative and meta standpoint. From a narrative standpoint, ''VisualNovel/MuvLuvExtra'' is, {{Foreshadowing}} aside, a self-contained romance VN that serves to introduce the main cast, and the post-apocalyptic BETA-verse arc doesn't start until ''VisualNovel/MuvLuvUnlimited''. Additionally, from a meta standpoint, ''VisualNovel/MuvLuvAlternative'' is being released and sold separately while ''Extra'' and ''Unlimited'' are packaged together, both in the Japanese and international releases.
* WeAreStrugglingTogether: A key theme and source of drama in the works set in the alternate universe. Even with the BugWar going on, various powers, and factions within those powers, are making plans to come out ahead in a hypothetical postwar period. Said plans involve such things like under-the-table deals, false flag operations, backstabbing "allies", and a TSF which is future-proofed against both [=PvE=] and [=PvP=]. WordOfGod has remarks on the [[TakeThat absurdity of the ]][[RealitySubtext situation]].