''Legends of Chima'' is a franchise by Franchise/{{LEGO}}. Previews of the TV show began in late 2012, and the show itself debuted in July 2013 on Creator/CartoonNetwork.

Chima is a pristine land filled with many sentient animal tribes. Once at peace and in a state of balance, now they are at war over the Chi, a mystical energy source which gives a boost of energy to the animals and powers to their vehicles. The tribes have formed into two factions who now fight over the Chi. The Lions, Eagles, and Gorillas to protect the Chi. While Ravens, Wolves, and Crocodiles for gain. For Laval, this now involves fighting against his former friend Cragger who has become a leader of the opposing army.

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* AlliterativeFamily: Many of the characters have names that start with the letter of the species they are based on; Lion tribe has L names, Crocodile tribe has C names.
* AlwaysChaoticEvil: Most of the Wolves are nasty jerkasses. Eventually, however, they redeem themselves (or are the lesser threat at most), with the "Dark Tribes" ([[BatOutOfHell Bats]], [[SpidersAreScary Spiders]] and [[ScaryScorpions Scorpions]]) being the primary antagonist races, with no benevolent individuals seen so far.
* AnimalEyes: all the inhabitants of Chima, though it should be noted that some are more obvious than others.
* AnimalStereotypes / GoodAnimalsEvilAnimals: We have virtuous and noble lions and eagles, peace-loving gorillas, aggressive and villainous crocodiles, sinister thieving ravens, and savage, pack-oriented wolves. However, there are exceptions.
** Cragger is prone to bad decisions, but isn't really evil; even when he becomes the main villain he's more BrainwashedAndCrazy thanks to Crooler's Persuader Plants.
** Cragger's parents seemed more interested in his safety and welfare than anything else. Crominius even helped out the wolves by unifying them together when they were in a state of civil war in an act of kindness.
** Wanald is just a naive little Wolf kid.
** Played with in season 2, as all the previous enemies (Croc, Wolves and Ravens) are now allied with the more noble tribes. We also now have new animals (Bats, Spiders, and Scorpions) that are living up to negative stereotypes.
* AppropriateAnimalAttire: When Worriz of the Wolf tribe gets his pants and fur ripped by a thorn plant, he covers himself with a [[HandOrObjectUnderwear giant leaf]].
* ArcVillain:
** Team of Cragger and Crooler while Crooler is manipulating Cragger with the Persuader Plants
** Worriz after Crooler breaks the Crocs' pact with the Wolves, with Crooler trying to regain lost footing
** Cragger after he's corrupted by the Fog of Destiny and has Crooler imprisoned
** Team of Scorm and Spinlyn
%%* AttackTheTail
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: The Raven tribe's call for "[[OnlyInItForTheMoney Trinkets and Treasure!!]]"
* BadMoonRising: The Wolves as they go on a berserk rampage during the time of a certain moon but inverted with the Skunks, who spray sweet smells during that time.
* BalanceOfPower: Not one single tribe can have too much chi for utilization, otherwise, Chima suffers earthquakes and enormous dust storms.
* BareYourMidriff: Eris and Crooler.
* BerserkButton:
** ''Never'' steal the Wolves' "Mother Tooth".
** Same goes for Gorillas if they're on the verge of enlightenment.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Do ''not'' cut down the Gorillas' sacred tree, especially when they're on the verge of enlightenment.
* BigBadDuumvirate: Cragger and Crooler. Later, it's just Cragger.
* BigBadFriend: Cragger to Laval, after a sinkhole buried Cragger's parents. He feels it is Laval's fault.
* BigCreepyCrawlies: The Scorpion and Spider Tribes of the 2014 line.
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Several tribes are portrayed as having this.
** The Beavers consider work ''fun'' and being given a break is a ''punishment''..
** It was revealed in Ravens vs Eagles that that the Eagle have a What's Mine Is Yours And Yours Is Mine mentality. Razor and the others ravens saw it as a chance to take everything. The Eagle realize that if the raven are manipulating there tribe morality, they should manipulate the ravens (Making them think they don't do shopping, using the raven track for free etc.) all raven except for Razor gave up quickly.
* BloodKnight: The Rhino tribe equates fighting to happiness. This is also one of the effects of the Fog of Destiny.
* BreatherEpisode: Episode 13, "Crocodile Tears". Taking place after the Crocs are captured by the Wolves, one would expect a suspenseful story of getting them out of the Wolves' camp. Instead, we get a pretty lighthearted story, with Laval thinking that Furtivo is [=ShadoWind=], and the Crocs humorously treating the wolves like servants, to the point where the wolves willingly let the Crocs go, and then celebrate about it the next day. It's ultimately downplayed as Cragger ends up having a dream where his parents warn him about Crooler.
* BrutalHonesty: Razor show this as he see the dark tribe bit with the bear and eagle eggs birlliant. They can't move the bear or the eggs go SMASH and if they move the eggs te bear fall to a bloody death. Right in front of Eris who is freaking out at the way he describe it.
* ContinuityNod: G'Loona fully remembers it was Crooler that had a hand in leaving her outside during the hundred year moon.
* {{Cool Bike}}s: The Speedorz.
* {{Cool Sword}}s: Laval uses one that glows blue.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Happens during The beginning "The Biggest Race Of All" during the creation of a strong golden chi
-->Ewald: Oh no!
-->Eagle2: What is it?
-->Ewald: I just finished my favorite book! (Both scream despite seemingly not realizing an earthquake happening.
* CompanionCube: While in exile, Laval befriends a rock that he names Chip.
* TheCorrupter: Crooler after she uses the root of the Persuader Plant to create the Fog of Destiny.
* DiscOneFinalBoss: Cragger and Crooler, with Worriz and the Wolves taking their place in episode 11. Cragger pulls a HeelFaceTurn in 14 after Crooler runs out of Persuader Plants to control Cragger. After Episode 16 though, Cragger is once again corrupted by Crooler, though not under her control, resulting in her being locked up. After Episode 20 though, Cragger permanently shakes off the Fog of Destiny. Then we learn from [[spoiler: Crunket, Cragger's mother, that the Outlands are filled with Dark Tribes that seek to gain the Chi, causing everyone to rally up in order to fight them.]]
* DisneyDeath: [[spoiler:Laval in episode 20. He's okay, though... it was faked.]]
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: The plot is very reminiscent of the Core War from ''Franchise/{{BIONICLE}}'' with an empowering energy source sought out by many tribes who are willing to fight a war over it. It remains to been seen if the planet will explode or not due to said energy.
* DownerEnding:
** Episode 10 ends with almost every tribe turned against each other due to Furtivo (A fox hired to spread misgivings among the tribes by Crooler), and a large portion of Chi is now with the Wolves and Crocs. Not only that, but the wolf pact that Crominius made with the Wolves is disposed of, meaning that the Wolves no longer have any need to assist the Crocs, and Crooler has effectively betrayed her brother (Who avoided an additional layer of MindControl during the ordeal).
** Episode 12 inverts this by ending with [[spoiler: the Wolves' stolen chi being spent on a battle with the Crocs.]]
* DreamWalker: Apparently the Bear tribe and even there legend beast are this.
* DumbMuscle[=/=]BloodKnight: The Rhino tribe's main traits. They equate fighting to happiness.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Worriz acts like this towards Windra.
* EveryoneHasStandards:
** In "Attack on Eagle Spire", while Ripnik is indifferent to the fact that hundreds of Lion, Eagle, and Wolf lives will be lost if the Crocs succeed in pulling Eagle Spire down, Razar is against it because those lives are potential customers.
** In Episode 10, Crooler feels some remorse for causing the above DownerEnding, hesitating to get rid of the Wolf Pact and thinking about her actions, while the entire Wolf tribe is celebrating their victory, though in silence.
* EvilFormerFriend: Cragger to Laval because of the incident with the former's parents. In Episode 14 they've finally made up. [[spoiler:Then Episode 16 comes along and Cragger goes into a semi-premanent BloodKnight state.]]
%%* ExposedAnimalBellybutton: Again, Eris and Crooler.
* {{Fangirl}}:
** Eris was this to Dom De la Whoosh.
** Laval admires Shadowind.
* ForbiddenZone
* {{Foreshadowing}}: The black cloud in episode 18 is made of bats, a new tribe for 2014.
%%* FunnyAnimal: The citizens of Chima.
* FurryConfusion: Legend Beasts are animals that were not turned into humanoids by the chi water. Laval meets a lion Legend Beast in the pilot episode.
* FloatingContinent: Mount Cavora because it is the soure of Chi.
* GaiasVengeance: If Chi isn't distributed properly, the land and weather get... unpleasant.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar:
** In "Market Day", Laval makes fun of Cragger by saying he has a small... tail.
** In "The Biggest Race Ever" When Eris is working on her Speedor, her entire waist area is white, ''implying that her armor only covers her front, and that her backside is completley naked.''
** In Episode 12, Eris comments on how she can't see anything, which lead Laval to exclaim "I can!" Considering how he was above and behind her...
** In "Eagle vs. Ravens", "He's so big" is a very obvious double entrende.
** Episode 16 has the Fog of Destiny, which acts a whole lot like LSD.
* GodSaveUsFromTheQueen: Spinlyn.
* GoneHorriblyRight: In episode 16 Crooler uses the Fog of Destiny to make Cragger realize his destiny as conqueror of Chima, and one of his first acts is to imprison her.
* HistoryRepeats: [[spoiler:The Dark Tribes were born when Laval threw chi into the Gorge of Eternal Death. After they're defeated, Scorm throws the last bit of chi he has into a gorge in a fit of rage (blaming it for giving the Dark Tribes sapience in the first place). This ends up inadvertently awakening the [[SealedEvilInACan Ice Tribe]].]]
* HookHand: Razar has this, as do some other Ravens.
* IronicEcho: Laval (While trying to get out of the Gorge of eternal depth) accidentally said the same words Cragger used on the day his own parents fell in.
* InSeriesNickname: Ploval's fondness for the royal children, Craggy-waggy and Crool-laloo.
* LadyMacbeth: Crooler goads her brother into taking revenge and taking over and uses Persuader Plants to further her influence.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Crooler invokes this trope in episode 3 when she and her brainwashed brother try to provoke Laval in the hope that Laval would accidentally say (in front of a crowd of angry Crocs) that they would never get any Chi. Unfortunately, she wasn't disappointed, and Laval throws the Crocs' chi down the Gorge of Eternal Depth, causing GaiasVengeance as stated above.
** Then it's reveal that the lost Chi had a hand in creating three new tribes, who not only had captured the Legend Beasts but stole almost all the Chi from Chima.
** Cragger had one as well, thinking if he could reveal who was the real creator of the Dark Tribes they would be in shock (since they thought they were created by either a spider or scorpion in the sky). Unfortunately, not only did the Dark Tribes dismiss this revelation as baloney, it made the others a tad angry that Laval kept such a important piece of info from them.
* NonhumanHumanoidHybrid: Reegull, a MadScientist with an Eagle father and a Raven mother.
* MacGuffinGuardian: The Lions guard the pool of Chi that falls from Mount Cavora, and unlike most [=MacGuffin=] Guardians they are willing to share what they're guarding. It's their duty as lions.
* [[TheManBehindTheMan The Woman Behind the Man]]: Crooler to Cragger; all the crocs' plans are orchestrated by her.
* ManEatingPlant: One of the things that exist in the outland (Which was big enough to swallow both Crug and Crawley).
* MassOhCrap: The tribes' response to Mount Cavora drying up.
* MeaningfulName:
** Crooler is definitely crueler than Cragger.
** Reegull's name rhymes with eagle, and his father was from the Eagle tribe.
%%* MerchandiseDriven
* MindControlDevice: Crooler's Persuader Plants on her brother. She grows them in a secret garden away from the Crocs, though as it turns out they can be eaten as snacks, though whomever eats them breathes the spores for a short amount of time. Episode 12 reveals that the spores are more like BloodKnight spores, as revealed when Cragger accidentally inhales some Crooler left behind, and that they merely make one more susceptible to violent acts and suggestions. Episode 14 then reveals that they have become very rare, with the plants that Crooler was growing were the last ones left.
** It's revealed that [[spoiler:their father was the one who planted them.]]
%%* MixedAncestry: Reegull.
* MrFixit[=/=]{{Workaholic}}: The Beaver tribe's main traits. To the point that they issue vacations as punishment.
* ObfuscatingInsanity: It hard to tell if the crazy lion is this or not, especially since he seem to have fun messing with Cragger with this trope.
* OminousFog: The Fog of Destiny forces those who get sucked into it to see their true destiny (Whether they want to or not.)
* OurCentaursAreDifferent: Both the Spider and Scorpion tribes have shown this trope. A well known example is Spinlyn.
* PaperThinDisguise: The fake [=ShadoWind=] (Furtivo). With Eris pointing it out to Laval it can't be him due to too many obvious clues.
* ParentalFavoritism[=/=]TheUnfavourite: Despite Cragger and Crooler being twins and Crooler hatching first, their parents prefer the former and made him prince of the Croc tribe even though the position is to be assigned to the firstborn child. Whenever Crooler achieved something in life their parents would be too impressed with something Cragger was also doing to notice and completely ignored her, which led to her taking advantage of Cragger after he became king to make up for years of neglect.
* PleaseKillMeIfItSatisfiesYou: Cragger to Laval, however, Laval did not follow this request and strikes a rock behind Cragger, displaying MartialPacifist traits.
* PowerGlows: Chi is glowing blue power in solid form. When any citizen of Chima plugs in Chi, their body is encased in a blue or red BattleAura.
* PowerOfLove: Rogon will do anything to protect Eris (Especially since he thinks Eris has a crush on him [[spoiler: which she does]].)
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%%* SceneryPorn
* SideEffectsInclude: Fake chi may look green but it works just as good (Till it fades away and leaves you acting like a bird (Specifically a chicken.)
* ReptilesAreAbhorrent: The usual foes are the crocs but there are exceptions. Crominius kindly helped unify the wolf tribe, and was friends with Laval's father, Lagravis. Cragger is just BrainwashedAndCrazy. In addition, Wanald of the Wolf tribe isn't really evil, he's just a young, innocent kid.
* SealedEvilInACan: [[spoiler:The Ice Tribe, who were frozen in ice a thousand years ago. The king of the Scorpion Tribe throws a chi orb into a gorge underground, accidentally reawakening them to be the season 3 villains.]]
* SuddenlyVoiced: In "For Chima!", the ordinarily mute [=ShadoWind=] utters just two words through his helmet's respirator. Guess what they are.
* SuperDrowningSkills: Laval. As Cragger puts it "You always were a lousy swimmer." [[spoiler:He overcomes in the season 2 finale to save the Lion Legend Beast.]]
* SuperMode: Basically what Chi allows the characters to do.
* SwordFight: Happens a lot here. It's why Laval has a training dummy in his room.
* Technobabble: Smart!Rogon does this.
* TokenGoodTeammate: Wanald is this to the Wolf tribe because he mainly eats fruit and doesn't seem very interested in attacking the other tribes. Even during the BadMoonRising event, he mainly just eats more fruit than normal, not really attacking anyone else.
* WasItReallyWorthIt: Crooler asks herself this in episode 10, after betraying her own brother and her father's legacy to succeed in her goals.
* WhamEpisode:
** Episode 10, as stated above, and also episode 11 takes the cake; episode 10's DownerEnding has ended the Speedor Races for good, and that the wolves are going on a rampage across Chima, taking almost all of the available Chi, leaving Chima in a state of imbalance represented by an increasing number of earthquakes, and we see that Crooler is locked up for betraying Cragger, who has started to get over her mind control.
** Just when you think everything will be solved, episode 16 happens, [[spoiler: turning Cragger permanently into an antagonist, with episode 17 having Laval willingly enter exile for stealing an Orb of Golden Chi, he's later allowed out of it due to necessity but episode 18 ends with the falls on Mount Cavora beginning to dry up (Later revealed that they were actually blocked up with spider webs), which only Crug notices before he dismisses it.]]
** Episode 26: [[spoiler:The Dark Tribes are defeated and the chi is restored, but the Scorpion King throws his last chi orb into an abyss to be rid of it, accidentally unleashing something slumbering deep beneath the ground.]]
* WildCard: The Ravens will work for whoever pays them; this includes working for two or more sides of a conflict simultaneously. They'll play all the tribes if it means more treasure for themselves.
* WouldHurtAChild: The dark tribe capture the eagle legend beast egg and put them in a situation where they would get smash.