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* Mikoto Misaka started out in the ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'' anime getting a bit flustered when around [[UnluckyEverydude Touma]]. Now she gains a LuminescentBlush and flips into a massive {{tsundere}} if she so much as catches his eye.
** [[RetCon Retroactively]] [[AuthorsSavingThrow justified]] in many cases in ''Anime/ACertainScientificRailgun'', which is told from her perspective and gives the context that she's often in sensitive emotional states when she runs into Touma and they tend to get worse over time, from dealing with StageFright to [[spoiler: having recently seen someone brutally murdered but can't tell anyone about it]].
* Belldandy in the original manga ''Manga/AhMyGoddess'' starts as a character who is divine (of course), good-hearted, and a genuinely nice person but who is not above the occasional eye-roll or violent expression of rage (mostly towards Urd). As time went on she became more and more passive and sweet to almost saccharine levels. This is also illustrated by the progression of the different anime (OVA, movie and TV shows) which was made at various points in the manga's history. Best example: in the manga Keiichi works himself almost to death to get a ring for Belldandy and she reacts (at first) with anger at him beating himself up. In the same story adapted for the TV Series, she just cries.
* ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'' has a veritable boatload of flanderization in the manga. The {{Anime}} versions of the characters are the end result.
** Kaorin's crush on Sakaki, though the series is arguably too short and Kaorin's crush simply less-discussed in the early stages for it to be a classic case, but it's still plenty discussed enough to get a shade creepy.
** Osaka starts out as a somewhat [[TheIdiotFromOsaka slow-witted and eccentric]], yet generally still well-adjusted girl, but becomes [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} weirder]] and [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant creepier]] as the episode count goes up. Most people agree this is an improvement.
* Minami in ''LightNovel/BakaAndTestSummonTheBeasts''. In the first season, she's quite jealous and hits the main guy often for looking at other girls, but it's not TOO bad and she has her nice moments. Come the second season, and she's became a mistress of the UnprovokedPervertPayback with a massive case of DisproportionateRetribution. She gets better though, but until then... wow.
** Much more obvious with Mizuki, who had a {{yandere}} gag that was used rarely in the first season coupled with wanting to see the protagonist in drag. The second season has this as her primarily character trait. She also gets better over time.
* Takao/Tyson of the ''Anime/{{Beyblade}}'' anime seemed to have his pride and HotBlooded attitude upped with each season, starting each arc as a narcissistic Jerkass that required his ego getting brought down to earth [[AesopAmnesia over and over]].
** This was only punctuated by most of the other characters acting as an inversion and having their defects and attitude problems nuanced as time passed. Kai became less aloof and callous, Max had his {{Cloudcuckoolander}} tendencies downplayed, while Hilary had her uptight attitude nuanced.
** ''G Revolution'' actually turns this into a plot point for the first half of the season, with Tyson's aforementioned character flaws and repeated tournament victories (which, as [[FaceOfTheBand the most recognizable member of the Bladebreakers]], means he gets the lion's share of the credit) causing the other members of the team to break away and try their luck with other teams (and usually their former ones ''before'' they joined the Bladebreakers), as they want to step out of Tyson's shadow. Of course, [[spoiler:Tyson ''still'' ends up winning the tournament.]]
* Ciel Phantomhive in ''Manga/BlackButler'' season 2. They seem to only focus on his bad parts, making him seem much more evil. They also made him a lot more dependent on Sebastian than in the first season, making him more of a damsel in distress when he could have been capable of handling himself a little easier.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'':
** A minor character, Keigo Asano, falls victim to this. He starts off being a goofy and slightly neurotic kid who hangs around with Ichigo. In his appearances after the Soul Society arc, he freaks out at the drop of anything even resembling a hat. He's even worse in filler.
** Aizen might actually count as an ''InvokedTrope''. He's already close to being the single most powerful, intelligent, omnipotent character in the series... He just wants to be more so.
** While Kon was always a comic relief character, his first appearance showed that he had a great respect for all life, brought on by his fears of almost being destroyed simply for what he was. In subsequent appearances, Kon loses the deeper parts of his character and does nothing but perv on the female cast and be an UngratefulBastard to Ichigo, even though he saved his life and gave him a home. This is one case where the anime actually portrayed a character ''better'' than the manga, as the anime would give Kon a solo episode every once in awhile to remind the viewers of his more noble side. He also plays a major role in the last filler arc, and seems to win the respect of some of the other cast members.
*** Somewhat played with when you consider the fact that he spends his life inside a plush toy. It's been established that a gigai can influence you (like Rukia's gigai that stopped her from regaining her powers); it's possible that not having a proper body has literally turned him into a flat character. When he's inside Ichigo's body, he usually acts much more like his original characterization.
* ''Manga/CardcaptorSakura'':
** The title character went from a [[NaiveEverygirl sweet natured]] [[TheEveryman Everygirl]] to a [[{{Moe}} living embodiment of cute and innocence]]. Her naivete and obliviousness also seemed to be one-upped to borderline-{{Cloudcuckoolander}} scales, albeit both probably because the [[SelectiveObliviousness plot called for it]].
** Shaoran went from a male {{Tsundere}} with comical deredere qualities on occasion to a [[ShrinkingViolet meek]] {{Dogged Nice Guy}} by the end of the anime's run. Granted, this may have been due to the new object of his affections now being the title character, but even when Sakura wasn't present he seemed noticeably more timid and underconfident than before.
** A strange aversion with Kero's big form, that was initially depicted as more serious minded and gallant than his SleepModeSize. He gradually became goofier and more childish as the show progressed making the two forms of the character more interchangeable.
** Kaho Mizuki is presented as a mysterious, sweet and mature lady whose presence flusters Sakura and makes Syaoran suspicious, but in the manga, she is also clumsy, cheerful and as Eriol pointed out, forgets about streets quite often. The anime ditch those personalities in favor of the former making her the very definition of YamatoNadeshiko
** It's worth noting that the ''Cardcaptors'' dub toned down a lot of the exaggerative traits of the characters and made the dialogue and voice acting more 'down to earth', albeit often because they were relevant to [[{{Macekre}} plot points they didn't want to translate]] (especially in the case of Shaoran).
* In ''Manga/{{Claymore}}'', #22 Helen was originally a mature, serious, but lighthearted Claymore, but in later volumes her lightheartedness was exaggerated to PluckyComicRelief proportions and she began acting like something of a child who needed Deneve, her [[RedOniBlueOni Blue Oni]], to keep her in check.
* DGrayMan 's Cross Marian's suffered this treatment. First there was his treatment of Allen. In the manga, Allen received TrainingFromHell from him surely. But, the worst seems to be the debts Cross made him pay. The anime takes it UpToEleven with filler episode 27; My Mentor, general Cross. The episode has Cross selling Allen into slave labor. He's also seen, at one point, asking Allen to bring him man-eating animals, which ends with Allen almost being killed by a lion. In another scene, he has Allen pinned to a wall in an alley, taking his money-the scene giving off pimp vibes, complete with Allen asking Cross how long he was going to be forced to make money for him. None of these things were present in the manga. Canon-wise, he is, at worst a JerkWithAHeartOfGold, it seems. The anime however, seemed to want him in the JerkAss camp.
* ''Franchise/DragonBall'':
** Chi-Chi in ''Anime/DragonBallZ''. Her HairTriggerTemper and EducationMama tendencies are turned UpToEleven to make her an overbearing [[MyBelovedSmother parent]] with severely SkewedPriorities.
** Pan from ''Anime/DragonBallGT'' suffers this as well. In the end of DBZ, she starts out as a well-meaning and sweet toddler. In DBGT, she is then a BrattyHalfPint with bad traits that were cranked UpToEleven.
** ''DBGT'' also made Goku much dumber in comparison. He isn't able to count up to three, even though he could count at least above 10 at the beginning of ''DB''. He could count up to 9,999 in ''DBZ'', but in ''DBGT'', he cannot count to ''3''?!
* The anime to ''Manga/ElfenLied'' flanderized the somewhat ClingyJealousGirl Yuka, in mostly [[DerailingLoveInterests an attempt to make Lucy more sympathetic]] and a better LoveInterest to Kouta.
* ''Manga/FairyTail'':
** Completely rampart in the Edolas (mirror world) versions of the anime characters. They have literaly one trait showing how they're different from their Earthland counterparts, and ''every single thing they say'' shows us this one trait.
** This shows up in filler a lot as well. Gray is all Juvia talks about, and Fried is unable to make a simple decision without wondering how Laxus would handle it.
** Juvia. She fell in love with Gray after they first met. Originally, although it was present, her character was still the same as before joining Fairy Tail, albeit a lot friendlier. Afterwards? Her love for Gray is literally her only characteristic, motive, ideal, belief, everything.
* The characters of [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Fate/stay night]] and VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}} are prone to being flanderized in sequels, such as Kagetsu Tohya really playing up Kohaku's craziness or ''[[VisualNovel/FateHollowAtaraxia Fate/hollow ataraxia]]'' doing similar things to the likes of Saber or Tohsaka. However, ''Anime/CarnivalPhantasm'' has taken these depictions and ramped them up ''even more'' resulting in a near stalker Akiha, a {{moe}} Caster who acts like a schoolgirl and even more exaggeration of Ciel's love for curry. Arcueid and Taiga, on the other hand, act completely like normal while Ilya's sociopathy is greatly downplayed. ''Carnival Phantasm'' was made like that on purpose for comedy, though.
* Due to changes in the primary plot and background made in the [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist 2003 anime adaptation]] of ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'', several characters were modified, but two in particular to stand out.
** In the manga and ''Brotherhood'', Solf J. Kimblee weaves a happy line between monster and MagnificentBastard, managing to pull his fair share of both awesome and horrible moments that leaves the reader/watcher unsure what to really think of him. In the 2003 anime version, much of this background [[OvertookTheManga had yet to be revealed]] so he was reduced to a stereotypical MadBomber obviously meant to be hated.
** Similarly, Basque Grand was originally an unknown due to dying before his introduction. The 2003 anime cast him as a ColonelKilgore character who everyone was happy to see die. The manga later depicted Basque as being one of the more reasonable officers during the Ishvalan Massacre, willing to kill a superior officer in order to avert unnecessary bloodshed.
* Several characters from ''Anime/FutureGPXCyberFormula'' has gone through this, more notably in ''SIN'', where those traits are taken to ridiculous levels. Bleed Kaga suddenly cranks up [[DarkerandEdgier his melodramatic personality]] to [[UpToEleven an unbelievable level]] so that there will be a reason why he holds so much grudge toward the ex-protagonist. Hayato Kazami takes a [[InvincibleHero God Mode]], and their respective love interests do nothing but mope around on an idea that their beloved may get killed in auto racing.
* ''Manga/{{Gintama}}'' provides an in-universe example with Pattsuan, a character from ShowWithinAShow ''Gintaman''. He was reduced to repeating his CatchPhrase over and over.
* Shuichi's [[{{Keet}} hyperness]] and Tohma's obsession with Eiri (which starts out as merely protective and gets creepier over time) in the ''Manga/{{Gravitation}}'' manga. The anime has more stable characterizations, though skipping over most of the character development in the later volumes.
* Takamura's not-so-sudden (de-)evolution from a skilled and respectable boxer into a {{Jerkass}} in ''Manga/HajimeNoIppo.'' He's ''always'' been portrayed as a Jerkass outside of the ring, but there's a limit...
* ''[[VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry Higurashi]]'' makes rather entertaining use of this. When the show takes a break from all the drama and horror, more comedic and lighthearted moments often make characters act in a hilariously different way from their usual selves. Keiichi, usually a positive, optimistic charismatic boy who cares about his friends, becomes either Keiichi the Overreacting Prank Magnet or Keiichi the Brainless Perv. Dutiful, level-headed Mion becomes Mion the Tomboyish Leader. Rena, who is affectionate and friendly if a little... dangerous, gets all obsessed with things she considers cute (and taking them home). Satoko becomes a [[NoblewomansLaugh hyena-like]] [[BrattyHalfPint prankster]] and Rika is just [[{{Moe}} cute]] and helpful.
** Of course, this has somewhat dark twist for some of them. Keiichi acts that way [[spoiler: because he became extremely stressed from taking studying too seriously and takes DumbIsGood to high levels]], Rena [[spoiler: thinks happy days are limited due to her parents' divorce and acts as wacky to make the most out of them]] and Rika is [[spoiler:ReallySevenHundredYearsOld]].
* Jaken, Sesshomaru's henchman from ''Manga/{{InuYasha}}'', started out as a sadistic and very competent evil sidekick who occasionally wound up the butt of humor at his expense, and later on became a goofy weak klutz who often messed up his master's plans.
* Yuuna's jealousy in ''Manga/{{Maburaho}}'' got Flanderized to the point that, though she was originally very bland, she actually became an entertaining character.
* A justified example in ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' with Tsukuyomi. Her first appearance saw her treating Setsuna with [[SempaiKohai a decent amount of respect]] (and had [[SchoolgirlLesbians a healthy crush on her]]), and was more of a PunchClockVillain than anything else. Then a bunch of chapters later, she shows up again, in total StalkerWithACrush PsychoLesbian mode with a [[FoeYay psychotic obsession with Setsuna]] [[spoiler: and later kinda with Fate and Negi too]], essentially moving from a somewhat ditzy minor minion to the ''only character in the series who is obviously and undeniably evil''. It eventually turns out that she picked up an incredibly dangerous EvilWeapon somewhere along the line, and has become so blood crazed because she's letting the sword feed on her soul and body.
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'':
** The anime turned Sakura Haruno into a violent psychopath who's constantly punching Naruto (and sometimes Sai) into the ground for the slightest infraction. While she does hit him a few times in the manga, the anime takes it UpToEleven, and in the manga, it mostly stops after the time skip, while it persists in the anime.
** While Hinata is just shy in the manga, she's much worse in the anime, stalking Naruto from afar and going red and fainting more than once when he makes the slightest amount of contact (physical or otherwise) toward her. [[spoiler:She thankfully loses this tendency during the final battle against Madara, fighting side-by-side with Naruto.]]
** Naruto himself [[TookALevelInDumbass is made to look a lot less intelligent than he actually is in the manga]]. Which seems to be happening in the manga as well, with examples such as Naruto not realizing that the entire island he's on shaking means something's wrong and immediately forgetting something he realized himself. [[spoiler:Thankfully he lost his flanderization entirely after marrying Hinata and becoming Hokage.]]
** [[NoSocialSkills Sai]]. [[note]] He was brought up in a secret black ops organization known as 'root'('foundation' in the english anime), and was taught to not show or have any emotion whatsoever--only care about your mission. When he is put in Team 7 as Sasuke's replacement, he is socially awkward and often unintentionally insults people due to a general lack of social skills.[[/note]] In the manga and anime he starts out pretty bad, angering Naruto in particular by insulting his manliness a couple of times, and [[BrutallyHonest calling Sakura ugly when trying to think of a nickname]]. However after a few missions with the team he begins improving and is seen reading a book on social skills. The anime however takes this to the extreme by having his relationship with Team 7 improve overall, while simultaneously [[UpToEleven increasing his social awkwardness]]. He's now so socially inept that [[MistakenForGay Naruto actually thinks Sai is hitting on him]], when he actually misreads Naruto's actions as a sign of fear and tries to "[[ThatCameOutWrong show him tenderness]]." There's even a scene where he tries to spoon feed Naruto who has a broken arm. Sai's reading habit has also been given a huge upgrade[[note]]in the manga it's like a one time thing meant to show that he's trying to form good relationships with others[[/note]], and he's seen in a library multiple times surrounded by stacks of books. Unlike in the manga, his reading habits tend to make his social interactions worse (99% of his bad interactions happen because he "read it in a book"[[note]]which at one point in the anime is implied to be Make-Out Paradise, Jiraiya's infamous porn novel[[/note]]).
** Ino Yamanka at first started out as a ninja who focus more on her appearance and love than actual fighting. However, she still isn't above giving up those 2 to win (as evident by cutting her hair short to outsmart Sakura). She is also known to have the highest grade out of the Konoha 11. However, when the anime fillers kicks in, she was turned into a character who only cared about her appearance, where she freaks out when a prince chose another girl over her, and majority of the Shippuden's Extra footage containing her is about her complaining or glorifying her bust size.
* ''Manga/OnePiece'':
** It can be hard to believe, but Sanji wasn't always quite such a loser when it comes to romance and women. He was never all that successful in romance (unless you want to count those 20 bounty hunter chicks that were probably just leading him on) and was kind of awkward around Nami from the start, but it wasn't nearly as pronounced as it is now. His attention to the main females more often seemed kind of sweet, and he didn't quite come off as a dorky pervert like he does now. However, Oda gradually turning him into a full blown ChivalrousPervert (coupled with epic ButtMonkey tendencies) was actually a [[TropesAreNotBad really positive change.]] In retrospect, there was a period of time where he seemed a little too perfect compared to other main characters, and was in need of a serious personality flaw in the same vein as Luffy's flakiness and stupidity, Zoro's lack of sense of direction, Usopp's cowardliness, and Nami's greed.
** Amusingly enough, back in the Kuro arc, Zoro and Luffy arrive late to the battle, but it's ''Luffy'' who got lost due to his lacking sense of direction, Zoro simply got stuck in grease.
*** In fact, in episode 2, Zoro gave Luffy directions saying, "the tower's that way."
** Zoro has undergone a good deal of this as well, being both far more intelligent and level-headed in early chapters, but after Loguetown he began the steady descent into the mostly-clueless meathead he is today.
** Nami's a big example. Early on, she was the crew's [[TheSmurfettePrinciple token female]], but her arc was where the series really started hitting its stride with deep characters and strong emotional moments. All of her character development during that arc, however, has pretty much disappeared in favor of her token status being exaggerated into pure {{Fanservice}}. If any other aspect of her character is referenced, like her greed, it goes without acknowledging the [[ShouldntYouStopStealing Fridge Logic]] or [[TearJerker not-so-nice origin]] of any of it, and is often PlayedForLaughs, leading to some major FridgeHorror.
** [[spoiler: And now after being on Okama Island for so long, Sanji's become utterly weak against women. Once again, [[TropesAreNotBad tropes are]] [[CrowningMomentofFunny not bad.]] ]]
** [[spoiler: Though, said über-weakness has been the topic of [[LampshadeHanging Lampshading]] by Chopper, saying that his rocket powered nosebleeds, which require blood transfusions afterwards, are getting annoying and that he needs to be rehabilitated. With pictures first.]] [[spoiler: This has actually become a significant plot-point, as Chopper now needs a donor to conduct a blood transfusion on Sanji after he spurted most of it out when meeting a society of actual, non-{{Gonk}} Mermaids. The Mermaids and Fish-men refuse to provide blood for a human, however. A useful trope indeed.]]
* ''Anime/PaniPoniDash'': Just about everyone ends up having one of their traits exaggerated to extremes (which is typical for its sub-genre). Three obvious examples are Mesousa's uselessness, Himeko's [[GenkiGirl super-high level of hyperactivity]] (maho), and Kurumi's plainness.
* ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' - By mid-Johto many recurring characters are little more than walking collections of running gags, with Brock having his CasanovaWannabe aspect overshadowing his wisecracking and being a BigBrotherMentor to Ash, and the Team Rocket trio's comedy overshadowing their competence.
** Team Rocket finally subverts this in ''Best Wishes'' as they {{Took a Level in Badass}} and lost their comedic quirks, [[BrokenBase breaking the base on yet another issue in the process.]] Though they eventually reverted back to their old selves.
** Ash, the main character, is noteworthy in that he started out as an IdiotHero mainly due to his ''immaturity'' rather than him being an actual idiot. As he's matured throughout the show, but the writers [[NotAllowedToGrowUp still want to keep his idiot traits]], his IdiotHero status is due to him being honestly mentally challenged. His ObliviousToLove trait is one of the most noteworthy: compare his early release of Butterfree because he knew full well it wanted to mate with a female and make babies to a more recent encounter with a Cottonee with the same problem, whom Ash thinks just wants to "get a best buddy".
* ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'':
** This long-running comedy manga contains some of its medium's most pronounced examples of the trope. Kasumi went from a normal YamatoNadeshiko to an [[ThePollyanna unfazeable]] near-parody. (Considering how [[TheGenericGuy comparatively dull]] she was before, it could be considered an improvement.) This is also applied to Nabiki's love of money, which propels over time from a merely opportunistic character to an appallingly two-faced exploiter. The first time Akane cooks in the series, it is merely ''bad'' and she realizes why immediately after tasting it (she made an honest mistake with ingredients, 'sides she's just a beginner); later in the manga, her cooking has become [[LethalChef all but poisonous]], [[CordonBleughChef she doesn't care what she throws into it]], she refuses to taste it or to acknowledge that it tastes bad, and everyone else treats it like toxic waste.
** Genma starts the series genuinely caring about his son (including going out of his way to help Ranma keep his curse hidden), ''despite'' being a selfish idiot who tends to do more harm then good with some very warped ideals and morals. By the end of the series, his already-extreme faults get flanderized to being willing to throw away his son for a knick-knack he already knows has little value.
* Some strange forms of this happen between mediums of ''Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena''; when Kozue is introduced in the manga (which ran side-by-side with the anime during their original release dates, despite technically coming first), her obsession with Miki is remarkable, scary, and more visible than it is in the anime (which is no less disturbing, but the main difference is that she's not clingy). Juri was the AlphaBitch in the manga, smitten with Touga, and was jealous of those who got close to him; while she becomes an IceQueen [[LesYay questioning her sexuality]] in the anime, her manga traits go to Nanami, which get taken UpToEleven.
* In the anime adaptation of ''Manga/RosarioToVampire'', almost every character gets hit with this:
** Most of the [[MonsterOfTheWeek monsters of the week]] suffer from this, [[JerkJock Saizou]] being the best example.
** Ruby and Gin both [[DemotedToExtra receive very little screentime and character development]], becoming little more than gag characters.
** Kokoa becomes a pure {{bratty half pint}} {{jerkass}}.
** Kurumu's gentle side is severely downplayed in favor of a stereotypical flirt.
** Outer Moka is reduced to a SatelliteLoveInterest, complete with an OverusedRunningGag.
** Even Inner Moka isn't immune to this. Last three episodes of season 2, case and point.
** Tsukune himself never [[TookALevelInBadass becomes a powerful fighter]], transforming only once in each finale--and even those are short--and is considerably less [[FirstGirlWins decisive]].
* Minako from ''Anime/SailorMoon'', in order to distinguish her from Usagi (who was actually an {{Expy}} of Minako from ''Manga/CodenameSailorV'' in the manga), was made more ditzy and less mature as the anime went on (compare her introduction in the first season to how she's acting by the last), which is actually a reverse from the [[Manga/SailorMoon manga]], where she became more mature and intelligent as the series progressed.
** Heck in the first series Minako was more the EveryGirl than anything with her only real "ditzy" aspect being she would get her proverbs mixed up.
* The ''VisualNovel/SchoolDays'' anime (though not the original visual novel) is also guilty of this. The {{Protagonist}} Makoto transforms from a merely sex-curious teenager into an uncaring, womanizing bastard. Furthermore, the two main female love interests get reduced to only being known for their obsession with Makoto. However, it's shown in the second to last episode that Makoto is beginning to realize he's become Flanderized and tries to fix things. [[spoiler: Only to mishandle the situation and be brutally murdered.]]
* ''Manga/SgtFrog''
** In the ''manga'' version, Dororo is a TechnicalPacifist who nonetheless has amazing ninja skills and doesn't ever shirk from the cause of justice, often playing the OnlySaneMan to the rest of his squad. The anime exaggerates his pacifism to the point of often making him meek and indifferent to events, his opposition to his squad's schemes manifests itself more in the form of half-assed protests that eventually just alienate him from the others, his maturity is spun into an annoying emo personality, and in general he either plays the ButtMonkey to the other Keronians or isn't even there with them a lot of the time.
** Giroro originally just had a soft spot for Natsumi. By Season 2, he is completely obsessed with her well-being, that he'll go into KnightTemplar mode against his own commanding officer if he should do anything to harm her. This doesn't exactly help take over a planet.
** In the manga, Kululu was more obviously a JerkWithAHeartOfGold who loved mess with his platoon but deep down cared about them. In the anime, he's now a JerkWithAHeartOfJerk who cares about nothing but the suffering of others. His rare moments of caring about others comes up less in the anime than they do in the manga.
* ''Anime/CrayonShinChan'':
** Shinnosuke himself, or rather his butt. He's been {{mooning}} everyone for years, but ever since halfway TheNoughties he suddenly Took A Level In Ass and flashes it ''all'' the time, speaks about it often and is far more proud of it he ever was, and "worse", he can perform amazingly well in pretty much anything that involves a tool if he holds said tool with his buttcheeks.
** Masao is a bigger coward, Tohru's ClosetOtaku tendencies overtook most of his character, Nene can't seem to talk about anything other than playing house, and Boochan only thinks of rocks.
** Shinnosuke's mom Misae used to be mildly reasonable even if strict, but she became much louder and angrier. His dad Hiroshi used to get some respect, but now he's a giant ButtMonkey. Those facts likely have no relation, but who knows.
* Panda in ''Manga/ShirokumaCafe''. In the manga, Panda could be lazy and a bit thoughtless at times. In the anime, Panda has had these traits kicked up to eleven, to the point where it's a mystery how he still has any friends. Not a very gradual case either; right away from episode 1 Panda's situation was changed from already knowing about Shirokuma Cafe and getting a job of his own volition, to being so lazy he apparently had never even ventured across the street, and being forced into getting a job by his mother. For the most part, any scene that features Panda being nice (his Tanabata wish, helping out at the Summer Festival) it's from the manga, and any scene that features Panda being borderline mean (taking away Llama's job out of jealousy, making Handa bike in the rain for his phone) it's anime-only.
* A lot of this happened as adaptations of the ''LightNovel/{{Slayers}}'' light novels were made, namely the anime:
** Lina's sociopathic tendencies were born in the anime and carried to manga adaptations, and her sociopathy (and apathy towards regular people) only gets worse as each season passes. While's she's a bit greedy and can over-react sometimes in the original books, she was not sociopathic ''at all'', and, more importantly, she did not abuse her magical powers (i.e [[FantasticNuke the Dragon Slave]] spell) the way she did in the anime. She is also more abrasive towards her allies as the anime goes on as well.
** Gourry got the worst of it; he goes from merely being a bit tactless to being borderline mentally retarded - his memory is so short-spanned that it's miraculous that he can still get out of bed and function normally. Much like Lina, he was never that much of TheDitz in the books - in fact, while genuinely unaware of some things (such as magical lore), he [[ObfuscatingStupidity acts dumb]] to tease or deceive others. Later manga adaptations, like ''The Hourglass of Falces'', thankfully revive that aspect of him. The Evolution-R anime also managed to give him back shades of his former competency.
** Amelia had a love of [[JusticeWillPrevail justice]] that was both an odd quirk yet an honest belief in the novels; the anime and manga flanderized this to the point that she could see nothing [[GrayAndGreyMorality gray]] about ''anybody;'' she's also significantly dumber to boot, to the point of being TheChewToy. The newer anime actually tones all of these down, but some other stories crank up her [[GenkiGirl enthusiasm and giddiness]] to compensate.
** Zelgadis did not change much initially, save for becoming [[DeadpanSnarker snarky]], but as time passed, he became more of a whiner and, despite, well, whining about his chimeric body so much, he takes joy in InsultBackfire that occasionally happens to him, tends to dismiss his companions (especially when they're trying to be actually nice to him), and in later manga and newer anime seasons, shows signs of being an InsufferableGenius. In the original books, he's a genuinely sad figure that simply wants to [[IJustWantToBeNormal be normal again]] and [[TheAtoner atone]] for working under Rezo, the Red Priest.
** Some of Xellos' more malevolent aspects are turned comedic in the anime (such as his tendency to spook others). Also, Sylphiel is not as demure in the novels as she is in the anime and manga.
* Amy's {{Tsundere}} mood swings in ''SonicX''. Initially Amy was mostly on par with her games counterpart, a bubbly helpful team mate but with [[WellExcuseMePrincess an occasionally bratty attitude]]. By the third season, she becomes more consistently obnoxious and haughty towards anything not related to Sonic, and her occasional psychotic temper used more frequently and disproportionately.
** Chris started off as an unassuming boy who was somewhat lonely but still had a few friends. This gradually escalated until, near the end of Season 2, Chris was so whiny and dependent on Sonic that he [[spoiler:disrupted the animal characters' portal back to their world when only Sonic was left so that Sonic couldn't leave him]].
* Kirito from ''SwordArtOnline''. Although he was never a very deep character to begin with, the second arc of the anime took his redeemable qualities and insecurities and tossed them overboard, leaving only his MartyStu and GodModeSue traits behind.
* Pretty much everyone in ''Anime/TenchiMuyo'', especially Ayeka and Mihoshi. Especially in all the "expansion" series. The characterization gets more and more flanderized the further away from the {{OVA}}s you get. An example of this using Mihoshi: in the {{OVA}}s, she a decent and respective cop, though a bit flighty. In ''Anime/SasamiMagicalGirlsClub'', she so idiotic, one episode had her come to class ''forgetting her skirt''.
* ''Anime/TenchiInTokyo'' cranks certain personality traits to the max, to the point that almost everyone ends up Flanderized. Sasami goes from a YamatoNadeshiko to a jealous {{Yandere}} who tries to kill Tenchi's dad when she learns Tenchi is transferring. Ryoko and Ayeka's quabbles almost cause full-on wars. Washu loses all of the HiddenDepths she had, becoming a ForScience type and little else. Mihoshi is nearly TooDumbToLive, and a graduate of the ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy. Kiyone goes from being TheAce who would be promoted if not for Mihoshi to someone so obsessed with getting promoted that she leaves Earth as soon as the opportunity presents itself while [[EvilLaugh laughing maniacally]]. Even Tenchi's dad goes from a CovertPervert to an outright lech.
* The {{Omake}} for ''Anime/TsukuyomiMoonPhase'' intentionally does this to the whole cast after [[RuleOfFunny dumping them and their house in the middle of the ocean, for the funny]].
* ''Anime/UmiMonogatari'' had everyone's traits exaggerated in the OVA, as there was no evil to fight and nothing big going on.
* In the anime ''Anime/VisionOfEscaflowne'', one of the main villains, Dilandau Albatou, starts off as composed but really mean, obnoxious, and narcissistic, with a murderous streak. But he soon evolves into a full blown AxCrazy psychopath who dreams of nothing but revenge and bloody murder. But this is justified and completely intentional, and the fans LOVE it.
* ''Manga/YakitateJapan'':
** Kawachi. He started out as a talented baker with "real person" problems and a tendency to need to have the hero's eccentricities explained to him (and thus the reader). Over the course of the volumes this degenerated into him becoming a total ButtMonkey, suffering any indignation or humiliation that the other characters were apparently too cool to have happen to them, and a tendency to shout disbelief at any tiny thing, causing others to mock and ridicule him. It finally culminated in even his beloved mother and younger siblings being dismissive of his abilities, and as the series went on he became the equivalent of Krillin hanging out with Goku and Vegeta... only without the abiding affection and/or small amount of respect those two gave Krillin, as Kawachi's "friends" took to using him to literally waste the opposing team's time.
** Also Kuroyanagi. At first, he was shown as a cold hearted judge with very high standard of food, but later is portrayed as a literal bread zombie whose only passion is eating delicious breads.
* Miyu in ''VampirePrincessMiyu''. In the OVA she was secretive, reserved, and hardly opened up to others except her bodyguard, Larva. However, she covered this up well by being charming, charismatic, friendly, and sometimes flirtatious to humans. In fact, it's not until later that you find out she has personal issues. In the television series, however, her former characteristics are taken UpToEleven to the point she almost becomes a ReiAyanamiExpy.
* In ''InazumaEleven'' the character portrayals are consistent for the most part, but with the special movie, Inazuma Eleven Chou Jigen Dream Match, one of the complaints by fans was how the characters are reduced one trait or persona. Gouenji's first line is about him being late, a joke on the show that occured a handful of times. Almost all of Endou and Tenma's lines are them being soccer freaks, Matatagi's introduction shows him as his dark-side even though what he says comes off as randomly jerkish, Kinako uses one pose that she used a few times in Chrono Stone over and over again and Hiroto for no reason whatsoever goes back into his "Gran" persona. This is among others as well.