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The FiveManBand is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in fanfic.

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''FanFic/ACureForLove'': The [[spoiler:new Kira taskforce]] falls into this, [[DysfunctionJunction though they have yet to get along or get anything done]].
||TheLeader||[[HurtingHero L]]||
||TheLancer||[[OnlySaneMan Aizawa]]||
||TheBigGuy||[[TriggerHappy Mello]]||
||TheSmartGuy||[[CommanderContrarian Near]]||
||TheChick||[[BreakTheCutie Matsuda]]||

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||TheLeader||October Maynard||
||TheLancer||[[NonActionGuy Brandon Freeman]]||
||TheBigGuy||[[TheGunslinger Charlie Duncan]]||
||TheSmartGuy||[[HotScientist Gigi Monroe]]||
||TheChick||[[CuteWitch Aphrodite Adams]]||
||SixthRanger||[[TheIntern Missy]] ([[spoiler:It turns out she's working for the BigBad.]])||

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||TheLeader||Asa/Cure Sunday||
||TheLancer||Yoko/Cure Night||
||TheSmartGuy||Yukari (although her interest in shopping and fashion put her in TheChick slot, too. Before Mia left, she was also the AlphaBitch.)||
||TheChick||Mia (Yukari fits the role, too.)||
||{{Mentor Mascot}}s||Sunbi and Moonla||

||TheLeader||[[JackOfAllStats Vaporeon]]||
||TheBigGuy||[[StoneWall Flareon]]||
||TheSmartGuy||[[SquishyWizard Umbreon]]||
||TheLancer||[[GlassCannon Jolteon]]||
||TheChick||[[FragileSpeedster Espeon]]||

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||TheLeader||Chloe/Cure Rosa||
||TheLancer||Ayameko/Cure Jasmine||
||TheBigGuy||Ikuko/Cure Cardamomo||
||TheSmartGuy||Hanae/Cure Tangerine||
||TheChick||Chiara/Cure Vanilla||
||{{Team Pet}}s[=/=]{{Mentor Mascot}}s||Lavvie and Lotus||
||SixthRanger||Pittan (at least to the mascots)||

''Fanfic/ARoseAndAThorn4'': ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog''
||TheLeader||Project: Mirage||
||TheBigGuy||Project: Midnight (Unusually for a Big Guy, he has the importance of TheLancer, and gets the above heroine.)||
||TheSmartGuy||Ashura (He is the green glitch from Sonic 1, and fills this role despite that fact that he is incredibly evil and the resident villain.)||
||TheLancer||Project: Shadow (Shadow the Hedgehog before the angst-job)||
||TheChick||Project: Sonic Speed (Sonic the Hedgehog before he turned blue)||
||TeamPet||The Gizoid (the one from Sonic Battle)||