Examples of FirstNameBasis in ComicBooks.
* In ''ArchieComicsSonicTheHedgehog'', Monkey Khan refers to Sally as [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses Princess]] until she tells him to call her Sally. Khan responds by insisting on his real name, Ken.
* From ''BlackestNight'' #5, of all the things in the world:
-->'''Bart''': ''Wally! Grandpa!''
-->'''Barry''': Call me Barry or Flash, Bart. ''"Grandpa"'' makes me feel old.
** And sure enough, not three sentences later do we see that he's dropped it. Considering that Geoff Johns is also writing the new ''Flash'' ongoing, it'll likely continue there.
* {{Superman}} rarely refers to his archnemesis as anything but Luthor. This is also true for everybody who thinks he's a bad guy. Mercy, who loves him, but is employed by him calls him ''Mr.'' Luthor.
* In ''Comicbook/ClanDestine'', almost all of the Destines address and refer to their father by his first name. The exact reasons are never spelled out, but given that he only seems to have raised few of his children, looks ''[[AbsurdlyYouthfulMother younger]]'' than most of them, and that some of them have quarreled with him, it's not that surprising. Not to mention that most of them have established false identities complete with histories that include fictional parents, and might not want to break their cover by calling Adam their dad when someone might hear... The only exceptions are Albert and the twelve-year-old twins.
* Almost everybody refers to [[ComicBook/{{X-Men}} Dr. Charles Xavier]] as "Dr. Xavier" or "Professor." Notable exceptions are his love interests and Magneto.[[note]][[HoYay But I repeat myself.]][[/note]] Similarly, the Professor is one of the only ones who may refer to Magneto as "Magnus" (or "Erik" in the films).
** The other notable exception is Wolverine, who refers to him as "Charley" until the Professor finally begs him to call him, "Professor, Professor X, Xavier, or even ''Charles,'' if you must." Wolverine replies, "Sure, Chuck."
* The list of people on a first-name basis with Wolverine ("James") starts with SquirrelGirl, and ends ''very'' shortly thereafter. Even his ''wives'' tend to call him "Logan".


* A somewhat common trope in superhero comics as a tool to show intimacy between characters. This is less about being ''permitted'' to use someone's real name as knowing what it is to begin with.
* In fact, it was a long-running subplot in ''Comicbook/YoungJustice'' that Robin couldn't give his real name to his friends, because knowing who Robin is might lead to finding out who Batman is.
** When Tim Drake, the third Robin, first started dating Stephanie Brown (AKA Spoiler), he wouldn't give her his real name for the same reasons. When she complained about having to use a codename for her boyfriend, Tim noted that at least Robin was an ''actual'' name, instead of something like GreenArrow or Superboy.
* {{Nightwing}}'s most recent civilian girlfriend presented a semi-aversion, which was mildly off-putting for some readers. She insisted on referring to him as "Richard," when he had spent his entire life (that's more or less constant monthly publishing since ''1940'') going by "Dick." To no one's surprise, she didn't last long.
* [==]Actually impossible for Apollo and Midnighter from ''ComicBook/TheAuthority'', because they don't ''have'' real names - we see their identities being erased during a FlashBack in their first appearance.
* [[TheScrappy Among]] [[CanonSue other]] [[JerkAss reasons]], [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Damian Wayne]] is disliked because he refers to beloved family butler Alfred as "Pennyworth."