''Womb'' is a 2010 ScienceFiction film by Benedek Fliegauf starring Creator/MattSmith and Creator/EvaGreen. The premise is that in the near future cloning is common, and the plot is that Rebecca (Eva Green) deals with the consequences of being pregnant with the clone of her dead boyfriend Tommy (Matt Smith).

* CloningBlues
* HowWeGotHere
* TheJailBaitWait: Even creepier than usual.
* MindScrew
* NoEnding
* ParentalIncest: Sort of. Rebecca isn't genetically related to Tommy, but she does give birth to him and raise him as her son.
* SingleTear: Rebecca is prone to this.
* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture
* WasItReallyWorthIt: Losing a loved one is painful indeed - but is it easier to bring him back as an 'abomination' which creeps his own parents out and causes him to be ostracized, and to stay single for a generation...only for him to not remember you, be unhappy about what he is, hate you for it then leave you? Or is it better to mourn him then move on?