->''It's the sport of kings\\
Better than diamond rings\\

''Wildcats'' is a 1986 comedy film directed by Michael Ritchie, starring Creator/GoldieHawn and costarring Jan Hooks and Swoosie Kurtz. It also features Music/LLCoolJ and is the film debut of Creator/WesleySnipes and Creator/WoodyHarrelson.

[=Molly McGrath=] (Hawn) is the daughter of a famed football coach who's dying to head her own team. Molly leaves her job coaching girls' track at an affluent high school after she gets passed over for the position of football coach. The reasons being that she is a woman, even though her father taught her his brilliant football tactics and she knows the game far better than the man they hired. In frustration she accepts an offer to take over a football team at Central High School, a Chicago inner-city high school.

At first the new coach’s idealism and optimism are suffocated with racial and gender prejudice, but eventually her overriding spirit begins to whip her unruly team into shape. At the same time, she must also struggle to win a battle for the custody of her two young daughters. The real test for Molly comes when Central High team faces her old school in the city championship.


* BigGame: The climactic city championship between Central and Prescott.
* HandshakeRefusal: Subverted at the end. [[spoiler:After Mollly's team wins the city championship, the opposing coach — enraged at losing to a woman — refuses to come shake her hand. But her players will have none of it; they pick him up, carry him kicking and screaming across the field, and force his hand into hers.]]
* MsFanservice: Goldie's tub scene leaves little to the imagination.
* UseYourHead: One of the students on the football team tries to break into a locker by using his head and ends up getting a concussion.
* TheWildcats: You'd like to know what Central High's mascot is, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you? You'll just have to watch the movie to find out.
* YourMom: Courtesy of the Central High School cheerleaders:
-->You ain't got no alibi
-->You ugly
-->How you think you got that way
-->Yo Mama