''Whistle Down the Wind'' is a 1961 British film, directed by Bryan Forbes, produced by Creator/RichardAttenborough and starring Creator/HayleyMills, Bernard Lee and Alan Bates.

Before reading the plot summary, please bear in mind that this is actually a highly moving piece of cinema. It's just that the plot's hilarious.

Three children (the eldest of whom, Kathy, is played by Mills) from OopNorth who live on their widowed dad's (Lee) farm find an escaped murderer in their barn. A combination of a Salvation Army member confusing the children and a misplaced blasphemy by the criminal (Bates) leads the children to believe he is in fact UsefulNotes/{{Jesus}} himself. The word soon gets out to the rest of the children's Sunday school class who resolve not to tell any adults and to keep him safe for the mean time. The criminal (who the police want under the name, "Blakey") asks Kathy to fetch a parcel for him; she obliges, not knowing the parcel contains a revolver, leading to the climax when one of the children reveals the secret.

The film was based on a novel (by Hayley Mills' mother) with the same plot but set in Sussex. Attenborough asked the writers to give it a more realistic feel by setting it in Lancashire. It has since been adapted into a musical by Creator/AndrewLloydWebber, which sets the events in Louisiana, rather than England.

!!This film contains examples of;

* AffablyEvil: Blakey's murdered his wife, but he can still be mistaken for Jesus.
* FreeRangeChildren
* OopNorth
* {{Shout Out}}s to Literature/TheBible throughout the film.
* TheVicar: Appears briefly in a scene where he fails to explain to the children why bad things happen.