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->''"I'll have what she's having."''

A 1989 RomanticComedy directed by Creator/RobReiner, written by Creator/NoraEphron, and starring Billy Crystal and Creator/MegRyan.

DeadpanSnarker Harry Burns (Crystal) and WideEyedIdealist Sally Albright (Ryan) first meet in 1977, when they share a drive from college in Chicago to UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity. He's seeing her friend Amanda and comes on to her; she turns him down but says they can be friends. He points out that the guy friend will always be attracted to the female friend and want to sleep with her, thus they decide not to be friends. They revisit the question five years later when they happen to find themselves sharing an airline flight, once again resolving that no, they cannot.

Five years after ''that'', they re-meet after having been dumped by their other halves, and become friends. They resolve to [[JustFriends just be friends]]... for most of the movie they ''succeed'' in this. Their relationship has little sexual tension, and is punctuated by extended conversations where they discuss love, friendship, scatological humor and ''Film/{{Casablanca}}''. The {{Aesop}} seems to be that people really [[ThePowerOfFriendship need friendships]]- the nonsexual comfort zone Harry and Sally establish with each other is what allows them to move on from their failed relationships. To each other, in case you haven't [[ForegoneConclusion figured that out yet]].

In terms of the RomanticComedy genre, this movie's main contribution was its popularization of ContemplateOurNavels as a form of CharacterDevelopment and emotional connection -- Harry and Sally are defined almost entirely by their interactions with each other. What external factors do exist they usually discuss with each other directly and personally.

Viewers familiar with the modern RomCom may be caught off-guard, as this movie lacks the HighConcept and HotterAndSexier tropes the genre is famous for. There's almost no sex or even provocative clothing. There's vastly more scenes of people in bed, alone, wearing pyjamas and talking on the phone than getting their sex on. The "R" rating was likely due to the famed restaurant scene and couple of swearwords.

Billy Crystal and Rob Reiner recently appeared in a [[RealTrailerFakeMovie spoof trailer]] on [=FunnyOrDie=].com for ''[[http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/0247468f28/when-harry-met-sally-2-with-billy-crystal-helen-mirren When Harry Met Sally 2]]'', where ExecutiveMeddling has turned a continuation of the original film into a shameless cashing in on the vampire craze.

!!I'd like some Trope on the side:

* SeventiesHair: Sally is sporting Farrah hair in college.
* AintTooProudToBeg: Harry offers to do the "traditional Christmas grovel" in apology.
* AlliterativeName: Harry's ex, Helen Hillson. However, there's a bit of ValuesDissonance here because Harry mentions that she's keeping her maiden name (presumably for business purposes) during his engagement. This is clearly meant as foreshadowing since Helen's not that into Harry and will ditch him at the first opportunity. Twenty-five years later, a woman keeping her own name still isn't that common, but it's not a red flag.
* AnalogyBackfire: Harry articulating why enough time has passed that he can ignore having sex with Sally that one time. Also a hint that he's sliding back into his old, insufferable self.
-->'''Harry:''' You know how a year to a person is like seven years to a dog?
-->'''Sally:''' [{{beat}}] Is one of us supposed to be a '''dog''' in this scenario?
* ArmorPiercingSlap: Sally cracks her hand on Harry's face at Jess and Marie's wedding. Ooph.
* ArcWords: "Men and women can never be friends."
* BackhandedApology: A famous one delivered by Harry at the end.
* BackhandedCompliment: Lampshaded by Sally when Harry compliments her on being less "uptight" than she used to be.
-->'''Harry:''' Alright, you're ''still'' as tough as nails.
* BadDate: Harry and Sally spend a good deal of time talking about these. Mostly played for comedy, but can get dramatic, too.
* BadNewsInAGoodWay: Helen, true to her profession, suggests a 'trial separation' from Harry. They can still date each other. ("Like ''this'' is supposed to cushion the blow.")
* BeardOfSorrow: Harry has had a few weeks' growth by the time of his divorce.
* BetaCouple: Jess and Marie.
* BigApplesauce
* BlindDate: Harry and Sally set one up for each other with their respective best friends. Jess and Marie wind up falling for each other instead.
* BreakUpMakeUpScenario
* BriarPatching: Harry is the undisputed master.
* TheCameo: The director's mother Estelle Reiner as the "I'll have what she's having" lady.
* {{Catchphrase}}: "You're right. You're right. I know you're right," for Marie.
* ChekhovsGun: Harry roping Sally into singing a show tune duet. He apparently bought the karaoke machine, because he uses it to serenade Sally in apology later.
* ChekhovsLecture: Harry's hypothesis on why men and women can't be platonic.
* ChildHater: Harry getting into a spat with a kid at the ballfield.
-->'''Kid:''' (Big jerk.)\\
'''Harry:''' (Little creep.)
* ComicallyMissingThePoint:
** Sally loudly fakes an orgasm in the middle of a restaurant, and a patron thinks something Sally ate was just that good.
** Earlier, when Sally tells Alice and Marie that she and Joe have broken up, Marie's response is, "You mean Joe's available?"
* DamnedByFaintPraise: What Jess mistakenly thinks applies when Harry mentions that the girl he wants to set him up with Jess on a blind date (i. e. Sally) has "a good personality".
* DangerTakesABackSeat: PlayedForLaughs on the plane, when Sally fails to escape Harry's recognition.
* DeadpanSnarker: Harry more than Sally, but she has her moments too.
* DuckSeasonRabbitSeason: Arguments with Harry usually devolve into this.
* EveryoneCanSeeIt: Most notably mentioned in the post-sex phone call scene.
* EyeTake: During a montage, there is a quick scene of a Chinese restaurant. Sally gesticulates wildly as she's describing her order, and the waiter shares one of these with Harry.
* FanMyopia: In-universe. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Breslin Jimmy Breslin]] is pretty much the reason why Jess became a writer, but never mind.
* FateDrivesUsTogether: "Someone is staring at you in Personal Growth."
** Not just the title couple, but one of the old couples.
** Couple #4 is an inversion; they were born in the same building, worked in the same office, and never met once (until a fateful elevator ride in another city).
* FauxDocumentary: The interviews with elderly married couples that are sprinkled throughout the movie. The stories were based on real-life couples, but portrayed by actors.
* FinishingEachOthersSentences: Couple #3 engage in this.
* {{Foreshadowing}}:
** Helen opting to keep her surname. (It should be noted that plenty of happily-married women keep their surname, but it's definitely meant to be ominous here.)
** Harry's confession that his dates always end with him desperate to put his clothes on and flee out the door.
* FreakOut: Harry has a meltdown after bumping into his ex and her new boyfriend at The Sharper Image. Sally seems to be showing more maturity than he -- that is, until she hears about Joe's engagement.
* TheFreelanceShameSquad: "It just so happens that I have had '''plenty of good sex!'''" [cricket chirp]
* FunnyAnsweringMachine:
** In reverse. Harry fills up Sally's machine with profuse apologies.
---> *beep* "Hi, it's me! It is the holiday season and I thought I'd just remind you that this is the season for charity and forgiveness. And although it's not widely known, it is also [[AintTooProudToBeg the season of groveling]]. So if you felt like calling me back, I'd be more than happy to do the traditional Christmas grovel."
** And in the next scene:
--->"The fact that you're not answering leads me to believe you're either [[ForInconveniencePressOne (a) not at home, (b) home but don't want to talk to me, or]] [[BreadEggsMilkSquick (c) home, desperately want to talk to me, but trapped under something heavy]]. If it's either (a) or (c), please call me back."
* GallowsHumor: Harry peruses the obituary section when hunting for apartments.
--->"Mr Kline died yesterday, leaving behind a wife, two children, and [[TheTriple a spacious three bedroom apartment with a wood burning fireplace]]."
** Later, he [[DudeNotFunny makes the mistake]] of cracking wise about Ethiopian food in front of his date. "We order two empty plates, and then we can leave."
* GilliganCut: "If she wants to call me, she'll call me. I'm ''through'' making a schmuck out of myself!" [cut to Harry singing karaoke to Sally over the phone]
* GirlOfTheWeek: The other people Harry and Sally briefly date (Julian; "Aunt" Emily in particular)
* HelloAttorney: Helen.
* HypocriticalHumor:
** Sally can't recall the name of her room-mate in college. A scene later, she shames Harry for forgetting her name, too.
--->'''Harry:''' Riiiight, I remember her, Amanda Rice--\\
'''Sally:''' Reese.\\
'''Harry:''' --Amanda Reese, that's what I said. ''(changes subject)''
** Jess and Marie promising not to ditch their respective dates... and then diving head-first into the nearest cab together.
** Jess and Marie being woken up by a pair of desperate phone calls.
--->'''Jess:''' ''(to Marie)'' No one '''I''' know would call at this hour.\\
''(Harry calls, Jess picks up)''\\
'''Jess:''' [[IRejectYourReality NO ONE I KNOW WOULD CALL AT THIS HOUR!]]
* IDontWantToRuinOurFriendship: Ironically, it proves Harry's point that sex ruins friendships. Not that Harry feels very victorious about it.
* TheImmodestOrgasm: Sally fakes one in the middle of a crowded deli to prove a point to Harry. Some consider this [[AllThereIsToKnowAboutTheCryingGame all there is to know about When Harry Met Sally]].
* IncrediblyLameFun:
** Battery-operated [[AdventurerOutfit pith helmet]]! [[AndADietCoke With fan.]]
--->'''Sally:''' [wearing hat] ''Why'' is this necessary in life?\\
'''Harry:''' [[SlicesDicesAndMakesJulienneFries Also makes great fries.]]
** Grieving over his ex, Harry finds himself watching reruns of ''Series/LeaveItToBeaver'' on Telemundo. By his own admission, he's not a well man.
--->"Buenos dias Señor Cleaver. ¿Donde esta Wallace y Theodore?"
* InelegantBlubbering: Sally hearing the news of her ex's engagement.
* InsistentTerminology: The official title of the film is ''When Harry Met Sally...'', including the ellipses.
* JewishComplaining: While it is never explicitly stated that Harry is Jewish, he does find ways to complain about the most inane things, like Auld Lang Syne.
* {{Joisey}}: During his doomed date with Marie, Harry reveals his birthplace: [[Franchise/{{Halloween}} Haddonfield]].
* KavorkaMan:
** Harry must be a walking petri dish of venereal disease by this point. (Sally lampshades)
** Husband #3 cannot keep track of his past conquests when relating his story. [[DeadpanSnarker His wife does, though]].
* LostLoveMontage: Harry flashes back to his times with Sally on New Year's Eve. The montage is ''so'' powerful, it drives him to sprint across the city to reunite with her.
* LoveEpiphany[=/=]RaceForYourLove: Harry's running through the streets on New Year's Eve.
* LovingDetails: During Harry's LoveConfession at the end, he lists several of Sally's small quirks as things he loves about her.
* MarsAndVenusGenderContrast: Played with a little bit, but mostly played straight.
* TheMatchmaker: Jess and Marie.
* MatchmakerCrush: Harry and Sally set each other up with their best same-gender friends. [[BetaCouple Marie and Jess]] hit it off with ''each other'' instead.
* MeaningfulName: Sally [[ThePollyanna Albright]], and Harry ''Burns.''
* ModestyBedsheet: Sally and Harry sport the classic "L"-shaped bedsheet.
* MostWritersAreWriters: After Harry reveals that his wife's been cheating, Jess all but breaks the fourth wall. "I'm a writer, I know dialogue, and that was ''particularly'' harsh!"
* NietzscheWannabe: Harry, especially as a young man.
* NotStayingForBreakfast: Harry's MO.
-->'''Sally:''' You know, I'm so glad I never got involved with you. I just would have ended up being some woman you had to get up out of bed and leave at 3:00 in the morning and go [[IHaveToGoIronMyDog clean your andirons]]...
* OppositesAttract: Sally is perky and obsessive with structure, while Harry is morbid and obnoxious.
* OralFixation: Harry and his grape seeds. [*ptooey*]
* OvercomplicatedMenuOrder: Sally's EstablishingCharacterMoment is this order in a diner:
-->'''Sally''': I'd like the chef salad, please, with the oil and vinegar on the side. And the apple pie a la mode.
-->'''Waitress''' (writing): Chef and apple a la mode...
-->'''Sally''': But I'd like the pie heated, and I don't want the ice cream on top, I want it on the side. And I'd like strawberry instead of vanilla if you have it. If not, then no ice cream, just whipped cream, but only if it's real. If it's out of a can, then nothing.
-->'''Waitress''': Not even the pie?
-->'''Sally''': No, just the pie, but then not heated.
* PrecisionFStrike: It's truly startling when Sally drops an F-bomb.
* TheQuietOne: "I'm Ben Small, [[IAmXSonOfY of the Coney Island Smalls]]."
* RapidFireYes: During the restaurant scene where Sally fakes an orgasm, she repeatedly yells "Yes!" near the end.
-->'''Nearby customer''': I'll have what she's having.
* RealLifeWritesThePlot:
** The movie was based on Director Rob Reiner's own dating experiences and frustrations (he was recovering from a divorce just as Harry was), and, as he was single at the time, originally Harry would not get with Sally at the end. The decision of the happier ending where they get together apparently was a result of Reiner meeting and eventually marrying a woman during the film's production.
** The crowd doing the Wave during an intensely emotional conversation was something that actually happened to Reiner.
** And Sally's habit of ordering belongs to Creator/NoraEphron.
* RealMenHateAffection: Harry confiding about his divorce in the least-intimate setting possible: a football game. The [[EmpathicEnvironment crowd roars each time]] Harry shares a new revelation.
* RecurringRiff: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It_Had_to_Be_You_%28song%29 "It Had To Be You"]] pops up all over the place -- it's practically [[{{Leitmotif}} the theme song]] for Harry and Sally's relationship.
* RuleOfSymbolism: After the falling-out with Harry, we see Sally stumbling around town with a Christmas tree she can't manage. It's tough to go it alone.
* SecondLove: Harry and Sally become friends once their respective relationships have ended.
* SeinfeldianConversation:
** Arguing over whether Creator/IngridBergman should have stayed with Creator/HumphreyBogart in ''Film/{{Casablanca}}''.
** At the very end, Harry questions the message of "Auld Lang Syne".
--->"Does that mean we that should ''forget'' old acquaintances or does it mean that if we ''should happen'' to forget them, we should remember them? -- which is impossible because we ''already forgot them''!"
* SeriousBusiness: Jess gets very competitive when playing Charades.
* SexChangesEverything: Harry's theory that men and women can't be friends because sex always gets in the way.
* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan
* SlapSlapKiss: ...And back to Slap, again.
* SoundtrackDissonance: Harry mistakenly sings a song from ''{{Theatre/Oklahoma}}'' in a department store, summoning his ex-wife and her boyfriend over. "Surry With a Fringe on Top" continues to blare over the awkward silence.
* SplitScreenPhoneCall: Over the closing credits of ''Casablanca''. "[[ItsTheBestWhateverEver Best last line of a movie ever]]!"
** Later used to even better effect with a ''four-way'' (three components, but four people, the middle two sharing a bed) split screen call when Harry and Sally simultaneously call Jess and Marie.
* StatusCellPhone: Harry has a fake plastic car phone, just so he can fake talking on it, to look rich and important when someone else is talking on theirs.
* StepfordSmiler: Throughout the film, Sally claims to be totally over her commitment-phobic boyfriend. That is, until he promptly proposes to somebody else. Cue [[InelegantBlubbering explosion]].
* StunnedSilence:
** After their first meal together, Harry stares at Sally like she's from Mars.
** The entire diner after Sally's 'orgasm'.
* SuperOCD: Sally obsesses over the most bizarre of minutiae, like not having sauces on her food (but on the side) and putting envelopes into the post box one at a time.
* ThereAreTwoKindsOfPeopleInTheWorld: High-maintenance women, and low-maintenance women.
-->'''Sally:''' ...And Ingrid Bergman is ''low''-maintenance?\\
'''Harry:''' An L.M. Definitely
* ThousandYardStare: Post-coital Harry in Sally's bed.
* ToiletSeatDivorce: The wagon wheel coffee table. From '''Hell'''.
** Inverted, with Harry transferring his own pent-up rage toward his ex on Jess and Marie.
** Not one to take chances, though, Jess [[AvertedTrope bins the table]].
** Sally's boyfriend in college broke up with her because she wore panties embroidered with the days of the week. And "Sunday" was missing. [[CrazyJealousGuy J'accuse!]]
--->'''Sally''': They don't make "Sunday".
* TongueTwister: "But I would be proud to partake of your pecan pie."
* UnsatisfiableCustomer: Sally is the Berlin Wall of gourmets. Everything needs to be separate.
-->'''Harry:''' "On the side" is a very big thing with you.
* WeddingDay: Marie and Jess's, where Harry and Sally have a post-sex fight.
* WhyCantIHateYou: Sally's response to Harry's LoveConfession at the end.
* YourApprovalFillsMeWithShame: Harry is a bit too quick in agreeing with Sally that it was a mistake to have sex with her.
* YourCheatingHeart: Marie has a long-term affair with the married Arthur. Sally continually reminds her that Arthur is never going to leave his wife; Marie always agrees, but a few scenes later, she's discussing him yet again...