''Waxwork'' is a horror-comedy released in 1988.

A mysterious wax museum shows up in a suburban neighborhood one night. Mark and his friends are naturally curious about it, but they soon find out the owner's true intentions. It turns out anyone who enters the museum dies after being sucked into one of the displays [[spoiler: (unless they can convince themselves that [[YourMindMakesItReal it's not real]])]]. When the right amount of people die in the museum, all of the waxworks will come to life and help the owner take over the world.

Thankfully, Mark's grandfather and his friends have been on the owner's tail for decades and are ready to help Mark and his girlfriend, Sarah, fight against the waxworks.

A sequel, ''Waxwork II: Lost in Time'', was released in 1992. It takes place immediately after the first film, with Sarah's father being murdered by a wax hand that escaped destruction hours before. Sarah's case for her innocence looks bad, thanks to no one believing her and Mark's claims about the wax museum. When they go to Mark's grandfather's mansion, they find a magic compass that allows them to travel through time. Believing it can be used to get evidence for the trial, the two of them start going through time and space while ending up in sci-fi and horror film parodies along the way.

Despite its name and setting, the video game ''VideoGame/WaxWorks'' has nothing to do with the films.
!!This contains examples of:

* AbusiveParents: Sarah's dad despises her because she reminds him of her mother, so he's constantly screaming at and hitting her.
* ActorAllusion: [[{{Gremlins}} "What the hell am I gonna feed him at this hour?"]]
* AncientTomb: The cop investigating the wax museum ends up in the {{Mummy}}'s tomb exhibit.
* BigBad: David Lincoln in the first film.
* BondageIsBad: Sarah is forced into a bondage act in the first film, but she actually enjoys it.
* CleverCrows: Mark's grandfather appears as a raven to him in his times of need in the sequel.
* TheDanza: Creator/DavidWarner as David Lincoln
* DealWithTheDevil
* DepravedDwarf: The miniature butler who works for the BigBad.
* DistressedDamsel: Sarah is one at first, but gradually becomes an ActionGirl.
* EverythingsDeaderWithZombies: Zombies are included in the exhibits of the first movie. Zombies appear again in the second movie in one of the alternate timelines reminiscient of ''Film/DawnOfTheDead''.
* FaceHeelTurn / TranshumanTreachery: All of the victims that are killed in the exhibit and brought back to life once the number reaches high enough. Most notable being China, one of Mark and Sarah's friends, who died in the Dracula exhibit, and now an evil vampire herself, nearly sinks her fangs into Mark.
* FaceRevealingTurn: In the Dracula exhibit when China finishes staking the last of Dracula's brides to save her character's lover. However, because she knocked one of the girls onto him, when China pulls her off. The bride has finished draining the lover's blood and the previously helpeful lover bears his fangs and hisses at her.
* {{Gorn}}: In both movies.
* HelpingHands: The wax hand that kills Sarah's dad, of course!
* HistoricalVillainUpgrade: Marquis de Sade, who is now one of the most evil men ever existed.
** Could be FridgeBrilliance, as the waxworks represent fictional villains, possibly including a ''fictionalized'' version of de Sade.
* IncongruouslyDressedZombie: The disco undead from one of the second film's alternate worlds.
* MonsterMash
* MustHaveCaffeine: Mark's need for caffeine is introduced early in the first film, then it's promptly dropped.
* PopCulturalOsmosisFailure: "They made a ''movie'' about the Phantom of the Opera?"
* SequelHook: The wax hand that survived the destruction of the museum in the first film.
* SwordFight: Mark duels Scarabis [[InterestingSituationDuel through alternative time periods]] in the climactic fight of the second film.
* YourMindMakesItReal: How the wax exhibit traps work. The exhibit makes the victim believe the whole thing is real to trap them there until the monsters within can kill them. However if the victim can convince themselves it's not real, the monsters can't touch them and they can escape.
** Mark thinks this rule is in effect in the sequel and gets clobbered in the face. Turns out he's not in the Kansas wax museum anymore.