[[caption-width-right:211:Nor for cheesy taglines.]]

->''"There is no known cure.....for MURDER."''
->''"So frightening you'll never recover."''

'''''Visiting Hours''''' is a 1982 [[SlasherMovie slasheresque]] horror film. It stars Lee Grant, MichaelIronside, Linda Purl, Lenore Zann and WilliamShatner.

Deborah Ballin (Grant) is a journalist who has set out to prove that a woman accused of killing her husband is actually a case of self-defense, citing her husband's {{domestic abuser}} status. A television program about this case catches the eye of woman-hating psycho Colt Hawker (Ironside), who decides to make Deborah his next victim.

Colt attacks Deborah at her home, but she eludes him and survives. Wounded severely by Colt's assault, she is taken to a hospital to recover. But Colt is determined to finish the job and is planning to pay her a visit...

!!These tropes never recovered:

* AxeBeforeEntering
* CassandraTruth: When Deborah hears Colt's bell ringing nearby, people assume that she is hearing things due to shock.
* CatScare: Deborah's parrot.
* ComfortingComforter
* DestinationDefenestration: Happens to a guard who crosses Colt.
* DomesticAbuser: Colt's father towards his mother.
* FreudianExcuse: Colt's mother attacking his father is what his hatred of women stems from.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard
* HollywoodHeartAttack: Colt causes one in an old woman in the hospital.
* IdiotBall: Despite acquiring evidence against Colt, Lisa doesn't show it to the cops right away. She instead shows them to Sheila and waits to show them to Deborah.
* IHaveYourWife: Colt calls Sheila to let her know that he is in her house and has her children at his mercy.
* KnifeNut: Colt prefers knives.
* LikeFatherLikeSon: Colt got his misogynistic traits from his father.
* LadyDrunk: Colt's landlady.
* MedicalHorror: Main selling point.
* MenacingStroll: Justified, as Ironside [[RealitySubtext broke his ankle]] during the first day of filming. Explained in-movie with Colt swallowing lots of pills before going after Deborah for the last time.
* MirrorScare
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Colt Hawker.
* NotQuiteDead
* {{Novelization}}: [[http://www.amazon.com/Visiting-Hours-Kent-Rembo/dp/0523418442 Yes]], but only available used.
* PetTheDog: Colt still cares for his geriatric father.
* TheQuietOne: Colt doesn't say much.
* RemovedFromThePicture: Colt has a wedding picture of his parents with his mother torn out.
* ScreamingWoman
* SerialKiller: Colt has been killing women for a while before targeting Deborah.
* ShirtlessScene: Colt's initial attack on Deborah.
* StrawMisogynist
* TrophyRoom: Colt keeps pictures of his past and [[StalkerShrine future]] victims in his closet.
* TwoFaced: Colt's father, who got boiling oil thrown on his face by his wife.
* VideoNasty: This film was branded as one. When it was shown on British television, the network which aired it was fined.
* WindowPain