1983 film with Robert Forster and Fred Williamson. Eddy Marino (Forster) is just an average, law-abiding citizen in UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity, when suddenly his family is attacked and son murdered by a gang, and only one of the GangBangers gets sentenced - 2 years in prison because of a corrupt judge - and Eddy gets pissed. He joins up with a vigilante squad led by Nick (Williamson)
!!Tropes in this film:
* AssholeVictim: Rapists, drug dealers, murderers, pimps - you name it.
* JackBauerInterrogationTechnique / HighAltitudeInterrogation: Nick and his two pals beat up a drug dealer to find out his source. When he won't squeal, Nick hangs the guy out of a window.
* JudgeJuryAndExecutioner: Nick calls himself a judge and jury. The executioner is implied.
* ObstructiveVigilantism: After a woman is raped in her building, an old woman tells the police that she did not see who did it, despite passing them on the stairs. She then gets into a van with [[VigilanteMan Nick and the gang]], driving around town looking for the guy.
* PimpDuds: Horace the pimp goes around in his pimp car, slappin' ho's who don't make enough.
* PrisonRape / ShowerScene: Eddy is alone in the showers when a few guys try to do this to him, but fortunately the CoolOldGuy gives the lead prisoner a MegatonPunch and saves the day.
* VanInBlack: The vigilantes park their black van in the red light district, wait for Horace to show up and follow him.
* VigilanteMan: Multiple characters form a squad that goes around doing what the cops can't.